Assassin Farmer Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Limited Time Embroidery

Aunt Lao arrived in hurried steps. When she saw that the gates were closed, she understandingly knocked a few times while calling out Su Shuilian’s maiden name* before making her way into the courtyard.

*(Su Shuilian’s maiden name would be Su. Some of you may know that in China, surnames are placed in front.)

Once she entered the courtyard, she was shocked by the mountain of wild animals. In her heart, she shouted: brilliant! When she came here earlier this morning, this was not here. With only a little time in between, he was able to catch so many wild animals! It seemed that Lin Si Yao was indeed an extraordinary person. As she internally praised, Aunt Lao made her way to the kitchen. However, what she didn’t know, was that her praises should be directed at the wolf cub who was napping under the autumn sun.

“Aunt Lao, sit here. Did you eat yet?” Su Shuilian sweetly smiled as she said. She had thought back to when Lin Si Yao had told her that she had visited once before today while she was deep in sleep. This made her a bit ashamed.

Aunt Lao also took notice of Lin Si Yao’s care for Su Shuilian. She could not help but enviously praise him in her heart. No wonder whenever Tian House’s poniang mentioned him, the envy in her words were so clear. She really hoped that her daughter could have a husband that was just as thoughtful.

Which house’s daughter would not want such a husband!? Aunt Lao suppressed her own prayer for her daughter, Xicui, as she smiled and said, “Su girl, I actually came here to discuss with you about something.”

When Su Shuilian heard this, she put down her chopsticks and smiled at Aunt Lao, who displayed a complicated face, and cheerfully said, “Aunt Lao, no need to be restless. You helped us on multiple occasions and we had yet to thank you for that. If you have something that we can help you with anything please do tell; there is no need to hold back.”

“Saying it like that, girl, I am very ashamed of myself.” Aunt Lao was embarrassed, she internally scolded herself; why did she have to come at this time to discuss such a thing? These people were just newly wed, wasn’t she here to ruin their happy atmosphere?!

“Aunt Lao?” Seeing that Aunt Lao had dazed out, Su Shuilian gave Lin Si Yao a puzzled glance.

“Drink some porridge first.” Lin Si Yao lifted his chin, pointing at the already cooled porridge.

“Ok.” Su Shuilian nodded her head. She brought the bowl up to her mouth and took small sips. She thought to herself, they can slowly discuss this after breakfast. Indeed, it was because she was raised in a noble household, but Su Shuilian was not used to talking and eating at the same time.

“Aunt Lao, so this is the problem that you were having difficulty with?” After she heard Aunt Lao’s hesitant explanation, Su Shuilian realized why she had visited twice today.

Two days ago, her family’s daughter had visited the city and managed to land a large project. Once completed, she would earn three silver taels. Xicui, who had never held more than one tael, quickly agreed. But because she was counting her chickens before they hatched, only after she entered the Embroidery House did Xicui found out the reason why the reward was so high. It was because it was in urgent need and had to be completed in three days. And with that, Xicui, who had loudly boasted, was unable to deny the request.  She could only bring home the provided embroidery items and cry.

“Girl, I know about your amazing skills in embroidery, but to finish such a large piece in three days… I’m afraid…”

“Aunt Lao, didn’t you already say it wasn’t just me? Xicui is also helping. It is possible with two people.” Su Shuilian assured Aunt Lao as she patted her back. A two meter tall and wide embroidery piece of two phoenixes*. Presumably, it was used as a screen in one’s main house. It should be enough to finish it in three days.

*(鳳求凰, Feng Qiuhuang – A male phoenix chasing its mate)

“Su girl!” Listening to the confidence in Su Shuilian’s voice, Aunt Lao no longer acted pretentiously and thanked her profusely, “Ok then, I’ll go home and have Cui’er* tidy up and come with embroidery… Or do you want to come to my house?” Thinking that it has yet to be three days, wouldn’t it be rude to bring the large embroidery fabric in this newly furnished house?  

*(Xicui’s pet name)

“Not to worry Aunt Lao. A Yao and I are not strict. Moreover, such a large piece, using an embroidery frame would be more convenient.” Su Shuilian had guessed Aunt Lao’s reason for hesitation as she shook her head, indicating for her to not fret.

In this world, neither she nor Lin Si Yao have their parents. It was thanks to the help of their welcoming neighbors. Even if some things were not done out of a selfless will, that was not strange. To her, it was already enough that they had received their help.  

“What happened?”

When Lin Si Yao saw Aunt Lao quickly greeting him before rushing home, he immediately made his way to check on Su Shuilian, thinking that something may have happened. He stopped cleaning the wild animals and washed his hands before making his way to the bedroom. He could not help but ask her when he saw Su Shuilian sitting at the round table with her hand to her chin in a daze.

“Oh. A Yao, I may be busy for the next few days.” When Su Shuilian realized Lin Si Yao walked in, she quickly recapped what had happened to Xicui and her tight deadline embroidery commission with an apologetic look on her face.

With these kinds of tight scheduled embroidery works, Su Shuilian was quite familiar with them. In the past, she had participated in the annual Su Embroidery Contest. Other than showing off any piece of their choice, the participants also had to complete a piece with a specific topic given by the judges in an allotted time. With that kind of nerve wrecking assignment, not only did she not have time to eat her three meals, even the tea and desserts on the side of the table were helped to by her maids. Her hands, once they started embroidering, she would not stop to do anything else. She was scared it may be stained by oil marks, water marks, or anything that could ruin the embroidery piece.

Although she had told Aunt Lao there was no problem, she felt guilty for Lin Si Yao. After all, these next three days, all of the chores would be pushed to him.

“Three days? You want to sew non-stop?” Lin Si Yao frowned as he asked.

“Nm.” Su Shuilian nodded her head, “Sorry to push all of the home chores to you.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. But your eyes, if you continuously sew, won’t you get tired?” Lin Si Yao helped her up and accompanied her out of the bedroom.

Although the early autumn’s sun was somewhat scorching, by sitting on the bench under the cherry tree, there was no need to worry about sunburns.

Two people sitting on the bench chatting, by their feet were the two wolf pups; it was a picturesque scene.

“Those…” Su Shuilian shyly leaned on Lin Si Yao’s chest as she pointed at three rabbits and four pheasants tied to a rope, randomly jumping and tripping, “Are we going to raise them?”

“Nm, We should get ready for winter.” Lin Si Yao’s head was on her shoulder as his voice sounded by her ear, as if trying to hypnotize her, “Two of these rabbits are female, one is even pregnant, it should give birth in a few months. Two of the pheasants are also female, so we can keep them for their eggs. As for the males, we can raise them for a few months and then slaughter them for the New Years.”

“A Yao…” Su Shuilian turned to look at him, as she said cheerfully, “It was lucky of me to have met you.”

Yes, although she had saved him out of pity, after that, she had always relied on him. Without him by her side, with her weak temper and lack of any life skills, living this kind of blissful and peaceful life would be almost impossible.

“I am too.” Lin Si Yao replied back with a low sigh. He buried his face into Su Shuilian’s neck, his face with an obvious flush. However, because of his quick action, she did not notice.

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