Assassin Farmer Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Give Birth to a Baby For Me

In the end, Lin Si Yao did not open his mouth to reply if he agreed or not. He just picked Tian Dabao up, put him under his arm, and quickly made his way back to Fan Hua Town with Xiao Xue. When he had passed Tian House, he dropped Tian Dabao off and continued on his way back home. He did not turn back nor care about the young boy’s gaze full of worship and firmness towards him.

“You’re back?” Just as he returned and yet to close the gates, Lin Si Yao saw a person standing under the cherry tree. Even in the dark, he could see that her eyes were filled with joy and assurance. Was she waiting for him?

Su Shuilian was indeed waiting for him. Xicui had left when it became dark. And she had continued to sew, but soon she was unable to focus. She kept thinking of why he had yet to come back, and if an accident had occurred… After she heated up the leftover mantou from this afternoon and stir-fried pork strips, he was still not back. This had her very worried, causing her to pace back and forth restlessly under the cherry tree.

Fortunately, he had made it back home safely. If not, she had no idea what to do… if that really came true…. She didn’t want to continue with this train of thought.

Lin Si Yao dropped the wounded animals on an empty space on the ground. He picked out a small pheasant and threw it at the two wolf puppies eyeing the pile of animals and said, “After you’re done eating, make sure to keep on the lookout. And don’t touch the other animals.” With that said, he pulled Su Shuilian into the kitchen.

“Did you not eat?” After he washed his hands, Lin Si Yao looked at the dishes that had no signs of being used. And she, Su Shuilian handed him a dry towel.

“What happened?” With a casual flick, the towel flew onto the towel rack. He embraced the woman before helping her onto a seat. He squatted down so that they were face to face, “Shuilian?” He kneaded her two silky hands and softly called. He was unclear why she suddenly frowned.

“A Yao, next time… next time don’t go into that dangerous forest.” She finally told him her inner worries.

“Did something happen?” Lin Si Yao gently caressed her knitted eyebrows.

“I… I am worried, that you…” After Su Shuilian said a few words, she realized that she was overly worried; he was skilled in martial arts, so accidents were not likely to occur. So she stopped the words that were in her throat and looked down at her hands, unable to continue talking.

“Hehe…” Lin Si Yao chuckled softly as he brought her into his chest, “Worried about me?”

When Su Shuilian heard the trace of laughter in his cold voice, her ears blushed red.

“Nothing will happen to me. Today, Xiao Xue got too excited and ran far away.” Lin Si Yao softly explained. It was because she had yet to leave the house for so long that the wolf pup ran, exploring every corner of the forest; only after she had run afar did she remember to come back.

“Nm.” Su Shuilian nodded her head. The blush on her face, however, had yet to fade.

“Let’s eat, we can talk after.” Lin Si Yao took a mantou and heated it up with his qi before breaking it in half and adding some shredded pork in it. He handed it to Su Shuilian, and also poured her a cup of hot tea. He indicated for her to slowly eat, and only then did he start eating himself.

“Eh? You are saying that Tian House’s Dabao wants you to accept him as a disciple?” After dinner, the pair each took a bath. When they made their way back to their bedroom, they shut the doors and windows.

After Lin Si Yao had finished washing himself, he only put on a set of inner clothes. In one hand was an oil lamp; the other he used to lead Su Shuilian as he explained what had happened with Dabao.

Su Shuilian found this strange; why would Tian Dabao suddenly want to become a disciple of Lin Si Yao? But, since he had already mentioned it to her, it meant that he had considered this request.

“Nm, it could be because he saw me using qinggong and was curious.” Lin Si Yao nodded his head as he helped Su Shuilian sit at the side of the bed. Lin Si Yao pinched the wick to extinguish the oil lamp before he placed it on the round table. He then also sat on the bed, embracing Su Shuilian. This feeling was very satisfying. Lin Si Yao smiled as he quickly stole a kiss from Su Shuilian.

“Then, did you agree with him?” Su Shuilian shyly received his gentle lips while both of her hands rested on his chest.

“Not yet.” Lin Si Yao shook his head. He did not plan to accept any disciples. However, when he came home and saw her, he realized that sooner or later, they will have a child; so it would not be a bad thing if they had another person skilled in martial arts.

“Do you not intend to pull an all-nighter today?” He laughed and softly asked her, not wanting to continue the previous conversation. Even though the other was a young, mentally immature boy, he still would not permit it.

Su Shuilian heard the laughter in his voice, and she lightly hit his chest several times as she quietly muttered, “It’s your fault; I am afraid that you will be angry.”

“Shuilian…” Lin Si Yao had clearly heard her light mutter, as he softly sighed, “I am not angry, I am afraid for your health. Plus, sitting for long periods of time is not good for your body.”

“Mn, I understand.” Su Shuilian rested on his chest as she listened to his strong heartbeat. She felt safe and at ease like this.

“You really understand?” Lin Si Yao raised his brow and chuckled. With a single turn, she was under his body. He pulled the white jade hairpin from her head, allowing her smooth hair to spread out onto the pillow.

Su Shuilian had already experienced his endlessly fiery passion twice; but when she looked into his burning hot gaze, she was embarrassed and at a complete loss at what to do.

“Shuilian…” Lin Si Yao took off their thin inner clothes as he called her name in a low voice. He gently covered her delicate body.

Both hands traveled on her trembling body, “Give birth to a baby for me, ok?” He lightly nibbled on her earlobe and whispered.

“Ok.” The misty-eyed Su Shuilian blushed, and nodded her head. She could not help but moan at his actions; Su Shuilian raised both hands and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her tender lips accidentally kissed near the carotid arteries of his neck, provoking even more passion from him.

Behind the curtains, the two people closely intertwined, with the sound of feminine moans and low groans mixed together. Even the sturdy bed shook slightly from their actions. From the shadow of the light, the passion and the joy from their scorching night was called to an end by the morning rooster.

After the third crow, did Su Shuilian finally try to push up her weak body. She tried to go past Lin Si Yao to go out and wash herself.

Today was the last day; she did not want to disappoint Xicui. From their two days of hard work, they had completed half of the piece. Today, she was to use a thin thread to fill in the phoenixes’ wings and Xicui was to finish the crescent moon and the lake. A beautiful piece of two phoenixes would soon be finished by their hands…

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