Assassin Farmer Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Rounder Than The Round Moon

“From now on, you have me.” Lin Si Yao kissed her soft osmanthus scented lips as he made the vow. He would never allow her to get hurt again, no matter who it was.

“Nm, thank you…” Su Shuilian’s misty eyes brightened as she smiled and looked up into his pair of bottomless dark eyes.

“Don’t be so courteous to me” He gave her lips a nibble, seemingly as a punishment, but it was more of a promise. Yes, between husband and wife, being polite was superfluous.  

“Let’s go back inside.” Lin Si Yao reluctantly left her lips; he kneaded her lips with his thumb and said in a firm tone.

“Right now? …But the moon still isn’t at its highest point…” Su Shuilain looked up at the moon which reached to the height of the cherry tree. She lightly patted her redden cheeks, trying to sober up.  

“It’s just about there.” He couldn’t wait any longer. Who said they had to sit and view the full moon? Why not view it from the bedroom? Pretty sure it would be much better to watch the moon through the bedroom window while hugging her in bed.

And so, Lin Si Yao, no longer caring for his little woman’s opinion, he lifted her and went into the bedroom. He placed her on the bed and quickly stripped off their clothes before leaning on her.

The light in the room flickered and the moon shone brightly outside.

When the wolf pups watched them enter, they shook their head and wagged their tail in response. They happily made their way to the stone table, Wahaha…. All of the food on the tabletop was now theirs!


Su Shuilian woke up and massaged her temples. She internally complained: wasn’t it just three cups? When she had competed with her brother, she could at least consume a small bottle, but then again, those were grape wines. Maybe the osmanthus scented wine here was higher in alcohol volume, making her not remember what had happened after she became drunk… and how exactly did she come back into their bedroom?  

“Awake?” Lin Si Yao’s amused voice sounded by her ears. Her back was on his chest while his arms were wrapped around her body. They were very close and she could feel the warmth of his body all over her.  

Su Shuilian blushed to her ears. She tried to shrink her body away, trying hard not to let her hip touch his lower abdomen. She was too shy to look back. Only heaven knew, this was the first time she had ever encountered this kind of position where two people were so close to each other.

In the past, whether she had been awake or not, he would always bathe with her and afterwards help her dress while putting on his own trousers.

However, last night…. Could it be said that it was the osmanthus wine that had caused this? She felt even more ashamed.

“Shuilian…” Lin Si Yao chuckled; he knew she was embarrassed. Since the day of their wedding, they had been intimate more than ten times, yet she could still not face his “sincerity”.  

“Hey! Lin Si Yao!” Su Shuilian could not help but yell; in a blink of an eye, her whole body flushed.

In one smooth motion, he had turned her body around; because of the sudden movement, she could only hold her hands against his chest. Su Shuilian pouted and looked at his face, afraid to look anywhere else.

“Hahaha….” Seeing this, Lin Si Yao could not help but let out a genuine laugh. This sudden change of expression from his seemingly frozen face stunned Su Shuilian as she gaped at him.

He… he looked very handsome when he laughed…

Su Shuilian unconsciously lifted her hands towards his handsome smiling face. His curved brows, his straight nose, his thin lips, … and the two dimples on his face from laughing.

Yes, the previously cold and heartless assassin, from laughing, had two cute and charming dimples.

“It’s because of this?” She subconsciously let out her thoughts.

“Hm?” With only a smile remaining on his face, Lin Si Yao raised his brow questioningly at Su Shuilian’s random question.

“You don’t usually smile, is it because of the dimples?” Su Shuilian pinched his cheeks. She continued to look at his lovely dimples.

“You like (them)?” He took her tiny hands and placed them on his waist before his hands started to roam around her smooth body.

“A Yao…” When Su Shuilian realised what he was about to do, she shyly struggled. Since it was to no avail, she rested her hands on the multiple faded scars on his body.

On the night of their wedding, she had already noticed these wounds, but because he hadn’t spoken about them, she did not ask. However, looking at these numerous scars, she could already imagine how hard it had been for him.

“It’s ugly isn’t it?” Every time she stroked his scars, Lin Si Yao would ask this question.

“Not ugly.” She replied. Yes; in her eyes, the appearance of these scars didn’t matter at all. However, she was distressed as she thought about his past sufferings.

When she first saw them, she had asked, “A Yao, would drinking the liquid in the gourd help with these scars?”

“Not sure.” He had calmly replied.

Truthfully, he knew the effects of the Jade Fairy’s Essence. When she had fed a spoonful of it to him in addition to applying it topically on the injury as he was recovering, there was no pain at the site and the deep penetrating wound on his chest and abdomen had also disappeared.

“Are you sick of me?” He pretended to be hurt by her question, afraid that she would take out the gourd and force him to use it.

He could help but want to sigh, thinking how she wanted to use such a sacred treasure as a general scar reducing medicine.

“Of course not!” Su Shuilian quickly replied waving her hands; she was just worried for him, that was all.

“That’s good. Then from now on do not worry about these meaningless scars.” He lightly said.

“A… A Yao… shouldn’t we get up? It’s already bright outside.” Su Shuilian could not look directly at his burning gaze as her eyes wandered back and forth.

“It’s still early.” He held onto her, not allowing her to move. His lower half swelled again and moved restlessly.

“But isn’t Dabao coming early today for practice?” She had previously heard him say to Dabao that if there were no accidents, he was to report here early to train.

“Nm.” He acknowledged it as his mood instantly plummeted. If he had known that it was so troublesome, he wouldn’t have accepted a disciple.

“Give me a kiss.” Lin Si Yao said with a smile. Since he could no longer hug her, might as well have her comfort him for restraining his desire.

Su Shuilian bashfully wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his face closer to hers before planting a light kiss on his lips.

Her shallow peck did not satisfy Lin Si Yao. He sucked on her lips, and as they were parted, he seized the chance and stuck his tongue in, intertwining it with hers.

“A Yao…” She breathed out and said it as a warning. From the door, she could hear light sounds of knocking.

“Damn it.” Lin Si Yao lightly cursed as he held back his desire and got out of bed.

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