Assassin Farmer Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: The Unresigned Lu Wan’er

Lu Wan’er had already stood at the door of “Fu Ying Men” for almost an hour. She clearly saw the man who had always been in her mind walk into Wu Qin Restaurant. She had wanted to follow him in, but she did not want to send her personal maidservant, Qing Yu, to inform anyone from the Poets’ Society. She did not bring her own purse as men would usually fight to pay for her, so she never needed it. This time, Lu Wan’er could only stand at the doors of Fu Ying Men while staring at the doors of Wu Qin Restaurant, afraid to miss him again.

Lu Wan’er secretly swore to herself that no matter what, she had to get his name and his residence. Since he was unwilling to pursue her, she will pursue him. Never in her life was she so eager to obtain something.

As the Eldest Miss of the Lu House, was considered as one of the few talented beauties in the city, Lu Wan’er was confident she would definitely succeed. After all, many men would wander around her resident’s front gate every day just to get a glimpse of her or to get the chance to invite her out.

However, ever since she had met this man on the 7th of the 7th lunar month, or more specifically, ever since she had set her eyes on this cold but skilled man, she started to suffer from lovesickness. So far, she had managed to encounter him twice, although one time he had coldly ignored her and the other, she was not even able to catch up to him to say hello.

However, Lu Wan’er was sure of herself, that he would definitely fall for her. This kind of man, either was to never have feelings, or once he does, he will definitely pursue to his death. She believed that she had the charms to make him fall in love with her, in other words, she had never failed to get a man she had set her eyes on.

After paying, Su Shuilian requested the waiter to pack their unfinished food in oil proof paper and left it at the restaurant to be picked up later when they go home. The leftover Roasted Duck and the Rich(ly Stuffed) Chicken was to be brought home for Xiao Chun and Xiao Xiu’s dinner. As for Tian Dabao, Su Shuilian ordered some Sesame Oil Chicken, this was also Wu Qin Resturant’s number one ‘take out’ food. The poultry loving Tian Dabao should enjoy this.  

After the two exited Wu Qin Restaurant, they started to head towards the lake near the city plaza to take a walk and digest their food.  

“Gongzi!” Lu Wan’er was excited to see Lin Si Yao who had just exited from Wu Qin. She quickly pat her clothing before calling out to him.

“Gongzi, Lu House’s Lu Wan’er greets gongzi.” Lu Wan’er stopped in front of Lin Si Yao. Pretending to be shy, she had her head down as she softly greeted.

Su Shuilian who was standing by Lin Si Yao finally realised the previous scene when she had saw Lu Wan’er outside their window. It seemed that the glamourous and rarely seen beauty Lu Wan’er was actually eagerly waiting for Lin Si Yao.  

“Gongzi….” Lu Wan’er looked up, she pouted coquettishly with her watery eyes wandering, as if she had thousands of words to say to him.

Su Shuilian’s heart felt somewhat sour. Such a pretty and generous woman, she was sure many men admired her. She then glanced at Lin Si Yao; other than his cold stare, there was no emotions that she could see from his face.  

Suddenly, she felt an arm around her waist. With a turn, they walked away from Lu Wan’er.

“A Yao….” Su Shuilian called out to him, unsure of his actions.

And from behind, Lu Wan’er quickly called out, “Gongzi! From the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, this lady… this lady has always reminisced about gongzi…. If you don’t mind, please inform this lady of Gongzi’s Surname, so Wan’er can visit you one day.”

It wasn’t that Lu Wan’er did not see Su Shuilian by Lin Si Yao’s side, it was because of her arrogance. She just did not put furen* dressed Su Shuilian in her eyes. She also more unwilling to believe that the seemingly gullible little woman who was dressed so low-key was his favored wife.

*(妇人, furen – married women dress differently when compared to a unmarried lady. Their titles change. So from a lady to a madam… well at least that’s how I translate it. That’s why in the previous chapter, the waiter would call her madam.)

Lin Si Yao looked up at the sun above. Such a shameless woman, to actually ask a male stranger for their surname in broad daylight.

Lin Si Yao felt Su Shuilian’s body more stiff than usual. He looked towards her before asking, “What’s wrong? (Are you) uncomfortable?” Although the noon sun may be harsh, since it was autumn time, it shouldn’t be that bad. “Ah. Are you asking me? I’m fine.” Su Shuilian was pulled back from her daze and previous thoughts. She looked down and shook her head. She could not tell him that she was worried that he would like Lu Wan’er.

“What are you saying ‘are you asking me’? Who else would I be asking?” Lin Si Yao frowned with displeasure. He held her waist as they made their way towards Fan Luo Lake. He turned a blind eye to the shameless Lu Wan’er behind them and paid her no mind.

His woman, in this life he will only have one, and it can only be her: Su Shuilian.

Lu Wan’er watched as the two walked further away from her. She pushed down the jealousy in her eyes. She could not believe it, that man had once again disregarded and ignored her.

Just what was so good about that woman beside him? To make such a cold and aloof man talk in such a gentle and playful manner… That kind of honor, should be hers exclusively.

The more Lu Wan’er thought, the more resentful she became. However, the man of her dreams was far away from her. Moreover, she did not know his name nor his address.

The only thing she knew was that he had appeared in her eyes and entered into her heart.

Could it be that she, Lu Wan’er– Lu House’s Eldest Miss, who was pursued by countless men, ended up as a victim of unrequited love? Does she have to give him up as well as live with the feeling of sorrow without showing it on her face?

Nonono. She’ll never give up on him.

She had finally found a man that had captivated her. She did not believe that their fate was so shallow. Furthermore, even if she wanted to, she could not let him go.

That man was destined to be hers.

So he refuses to give her his name? Reluctant to give her his residence?

There shouldn’t be any problem finding it out using her resources.

What Lu Houses lacks the least was money.

Fan Luo’s Lake in autumn was beautiful.

Although there was no summer breeze blowing on the lush green leaves, the maple trees matched well with the lake as its blue surface lake reflected the red of the leaves.

Su Shuilian led Lin Si Yao towards the stone bench that they had sat on once before. She let him sit down before turning herself to face the occasionally rippling lake. Su Shuilian had a shallow smile on as she quietly began, “A Yao, that Lu girl seems to really like you.” This problem, she had on her mind the whole time. It was not because she did not believe in him, it was more that she did not believe in herself.

Who knew that Su Shuilian,once the eldest miss of a noble family, a genius in embroidery, would experiences such times of uncertainty. It may have been because of her younger sister, Shuiyan. Her half sister, Su Shuiyan, has emphasized not just once that weak tempered women rarely find men who truly love them.

As a result, Su Shuilian had speculated multiple times the reason Lin Si Yao had married her was because she had saved his life. Su Shuilian shook her head as she let out a bitter laugh.

“?” Lin Si Yao turned to look at Su Shuilian’s back. After a while he said in a low voice while frowning, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

What Lu girl? What likes him? This woman was letting her imagination run wild again.

He was already annoyed that an irrelevant woman attempted to stick onto him several times. If he hadn’t agreed to his woman’s request of restraining his martial arts in public, he would have already struck her with his Xuan Feng Palm which could create a shockwave spanning hundreds of meters. However, now he had to deal with the person beside him talking blindly.  

Of all people, she, Su Shuilian, actually laughed and ridiculed him. After that meddling woman with the surname of Lu or Luo had said such misunderstanding words, was she not worried about him?

Thinking of this, Lin Si Yao felt somewhat angry. He sat up as his eyes stared straight at the surface of the lake. The sudden drop in atmosphere brought Su Shuilian back from her daze.

Was he angry? Was he mad that she had unbridledly evaluate the words and deeds of Lu Wan’er? After all, that girl was still an unwed maiden. What she (SS) had said earlier was undoubtedly mocking her of being daring. If this was to spread out, then that girl’s reputation would be ruined.

“I…” Su Shuilian flatted her lips, “I’m sorry… I only…” She had no idea how to explain herself.

“Why are you saying sorry?” Lin Si Yao faintly asked. He was aware of the self-blaming tone in her vexed voice.

“A Yao, I…. If you have met that Lu girl first, would you still have married me?” She swallowed before she asked the question that had been on her mind. Infact, the question she had wanted to ask even more was what did he liked about her. Was it because she saved him?

Lin Si Yao turned his body to face her. When she had asked that question, Su Shuilian was facing down. Her hands were clenched tightly on a handkerchief, twisting it. And she herself was unconscious of it.

Was she worried? Was she afraid that he had feelings for another person?

Lin Si Yao sighed, unsure whether to laugh or be angry. He then reached out to her shoulders to pull her into his embrace.  

“You don’t know how beautiful you are.” Lin Si Yao seemed as if he was talking to himself: “Perhaps, I am not good with words and you had misunderstood me. Shuilian…. You are forever here.” He took her hand and guided it to his steady and broad chest; to the place where his heartbeats were most prominent, and refused to let her hand go. “Only you are in here.” He solemnly emphasized.

“A Yao… ” Su Shuilian could not help but rush into his arms, “I’m sorry, I should have trusted you… I shouldn’t have been so narrow minded.” She hastily choked out her apologies.

She was fully aware of his pampering towards her and how much he put into their family/house. How could she allow herself to be suspicious of him because of an unrelated stranger’s few words? Of course he would get angry.

“I’m very happy…” Lin Si Yao placed his chin on her head as he continued, “that you care so much about me.” He used to think that he was just fine being by her side and never requested for her to reciprocate his feelings. However, as time went by, he noticed that he needed her attention and care.

It seems that a true relationship really does require both parties to reciprocate.

Because that meddlesome woman had allowed his woman to show so much care towards himself. Lin Si Yao decided if he ever encounters her again, he will not strike her with his Xuan Feng Palm. Of course, if she becomes too overbearing, then he will consider allowing his disciple to take action.  

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