Assassin Farmer Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: In Love and Inseparable

Su Shuilian’s sudden change to a healthy physique was of course attributed to her discovery of the Jade Fairy’s Essence. Although she had only taken two small sips, it was enough to alter her previously weak body.

And as for the rest of the Jade Fairy’s Essence in the small gourd that she had collected, it was placed at the bottom of the coat box. After all, there was no guarantee that maybe someday she wouldn’t need it again…

After placing the bowls on the table, Su Shuilian walked to the cabinet to take out a jar of pickled cucumbers and radishes; placing some on a small blue and white dish. These pickled dishes were made by Su Shuilian after Aunt Lao had taught her.

Right before autumn, a large amount of tomatoes, cucumbers, and crisp melons were harvested from the southern courtyard garden. All of these fresh vegetables could not be finished in a short amount of time and also could not be left for a long time. She was in a dilemma before Aunt Lao came with Xicui to chat/gossip and had casually mentioned pickling them.

Oh yeah! Su Shuilian’s eyes brightened. She was very excited and requested Aunt Lao to teach her how to pickle the vegetables.

As one of the most capable poniang of Fan Hua Town, Aunt Lao was able to teach her multiple different ways of pickling vegetables, such as using rice vinegar, soy sauce, salt solution, or even bean paste. In short, it was enough for Su Shuilian to use to make all sorts of pickled vegetables from the harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, and crisp melons.

And during late autumn, a large amount of radishes were harvested from the southern courtyard garden. Su Shuilian had picked out a few to be made into pickled radish in osmanthus sauce.

Of course, Su Shuilian contributed greatly in making these vegetables, from relaying the instructions, and occasionally passing over tools, jars, and such. The manual labor, or activities that could cause injuries, such as chopping, cutting, carving, soaking, marinating, and storing, were all done by Lin Si Yao.

He would not allow her to touch cold water, not allow her to hold a knife, not allow her to stain herself…. In short, there were thousands of “not alloweds”.  

However, the pickled radish dish’s scented osmanthus were personally picked and dried by her.

“Did you come up with this yourself?” After taking a few bites of the Shijin rice, Lin Si Yao suddenly broke the quiet atmosphere.

“Yes, is it not good?” Su Shuilian halted her movements and set her chopsticks down as she shyly looked up and explained, “I have eaten this before and knew what ingredients were needed to make this dish. I just didn’t know the proportions or the right amount of heat needed to make it.”

“Idiot, it’s delicious.” Lin Si Yao smiled and replied, “I have never eaten this type of rice before and was just curious.” He never knew rice could be used to make this type of dish. Peas, corn kernels, diced carrots, diced cucumbers, diced tofu, and bacon, along with rice; with a variety of colors, it was both visually appealing and appetizing.

This was one of the traditional staple foods of Yangzhou (prefecture level city in Jiangsu). It was also very popular during the Suzhou generation. The Su House occasionally had this nutritious dish on the table for breakfast. It was one of Su Shuilian’s favorite dishes. However, Su house was more refined as they put more ingredients into this dish and used glutinous rice, which made it more tasty.

Nevertheless, Su Shuilian, who was able to obtain Lin Si Yao’s sincere approval, was very happy.

Does that mean that he will be more lenient with her and allow her to go into the kitchen more often?

“Don’t even think about it.” Lin Si Yao easily saw through her. After three large mouthfuls, he had finished his bowl. Lin Si Yao looked up, only to see she had been taking small bites of the rice, in obvious grievance, he secretly sighed and added in a softer tone, “If you really want to, you can continue making this rice dish. But you are never allowed to cook any dishes that needs you to use a frying pan.”

“Ok.” Su Shuilian immediately nodded. To be honest, she was unfamiliar with making any foods that needed the frying pan.

On the other hand, she was able to make stew. After living in Dashi Mountain for roughly a month, Su Shuilian had finally learned the basics of making soup/stew.

A few days ago, she had even asked Aunt Lao to teach her how to make soups that were appropriate for the winter. For example, braised pork and radish stew, potatoes in beef brisket stew, and crucian carp with tofu soup. These dishes were considered first class in Fan Hau Town, as well as the neighboring Luo Shui Town and Qingtian Town. This was because certain ingredients that were in each dish were either very expensive or hard to aquire. As for the crucian carp, it could be caught in the rivers, but as farmers, to spend half a day to catch a fish for a stew, and the logs needed to simmer the soups… It was not worth the trouble.

“These few days have been tiring for you, right?” Su Shuilian handed Lin Si Yao, who had just finished showering, a double layered night gown that she had sewed. After he had put it on, she then helped put on the waist belt.

No matter which season, Lin Si Yao would take a cold shower before going to bed. This was ok during the summer and autumn season, but it would be winter soon and ice could be seen forming at night.

It was not that she didn’t worry for him. However, seeing how he seemed to be fine and not shivering, Su Shuilian’s heart settled down. Only, every time he came out of the shower, she would quickly drape a gown on him, urging him to quickly wrap up.

“It’s alright.” Lin Si Yao picked her up and gently placed her onto the large babu bed. He laid down beside her and hugged her before taking a quick peck on her lips.

He smiled as he watched her whole face and even her ears turned red. He had done this every night and had never gotten tired of watching.

“These few days, you had also worked hard, staying home alone.” Lin Si Yao caressed her soft black hair and enjoyed the warmth by his side every night. As long as she was by his side, he is able to forget the daily hardship.    

“How could I have worked as hard as you. You don’t even allow me to come with you to help out.” Su Shuilian pouted and muttered as she used her index finger and poked Lin Si Yao’s chest with some force.

“Haha…” Lin Si Yao laughed.

Ever since Su Shuilian had seen and complimented his dimples as cute and lovely, Lin Si Yao was less reluctant to laugh and smile broadly. What’s more, after a few rounds of observation, he was also able to conclude that his smile could bring her joy and even put her in a daze. He had used this method several times and it had always worked.

For example, right now—-

Lin Si Yao leaned over and kissed her tender lips as both his hands caressed her soft, yet firm ****. And in that moment, when she had come out of her daze and let out an enchanting sound in surprise, he had already topped her soft body.

“A Yao….” Su Shuilian shyly looked up at Lin Si Yao’s face, her eyes misty and moist from tears.

“Hm?” Lin Si Yao raised a brow and hummed. This type of muted sound was low and full of seductive charm. His hands were still kneading her full mounds. And from time to time, he would lower his head and wantonly tease and bite her two cherry-red buds.

Su Shuilian bit her lips, afraid she would cry out in pleasure to this strange, yet familiar sensation.

“Don’t bite.” Lin Si Yao looked up and caressed her lips which had turn red and gave it a few kisses.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” He frowned and said.

“But….” Su Shuilian closed her eyes shut, afraid to look at Lin Si Yao, who had removed his gown, revealing a strong and robust body.

“We are a married couple. Between a wife and husband, it is proper to be honest with each other.” He kissed her delicate and supple skin and said vaguely.

Su Shuilian naturally understood his meaning. She also knew that this wasn’t the case with her father and mother. Otherwise, why has she never seen her mother acting shy/embarrassed during breakfast? Before, she was ignorant, but now she understood how hard it was for her mother. As the first madam of Su House, this identity was closely tied mother’s cold life.  

“Woman, you are not allowed to zone out.” Lin Si Yao bit onto her bud with a bit more force, the stinging feeling instantly brought her back.

“Focus, (you are) not allowed to think of anything else.” Whether it was a person or problem, in this kind of situation, she was forbidden of thinking of anything.

“Ok.” She smiled. She only just reminisced about her mother. After she had married, she rarely thought back to her past. To her, the people and places during her life in the Suzhou province was like the moon in the water, an untouchable illusion.

And so, other than praying for her mother and brother, and also the elders of Su House’s well being and longevity, she put the rest of the matter behind her. The Su Shuilian now was just an ordinary peasant woman from Fan Hua Town. Of course, occasionally she would act as an embroider, but nothing more.

“Shuilian…” Lin Si Yao called in a low voice. His large hands gently caressed every part of her body. The places that he had touched was scorched in heat.

She trembled slightly, trying her best to suppress the wild passion within her which he had stoked to a ravenous, even enervating level.

However, under Lin Si Yao’s increasing wanton ** and teasing, Su Shuilian quickly lost herself in pleasure. And because of this, she felt panicked. With her usually reserved temperament, Su Shuilian found it hard to accept this type of debauchery. This was not how she should be acting.

“I want to hear you cry out.” He did not stop his hand movements, his mouth was also occupied, causing her to endlessly moan and gasp for breath. Watching her bloom under him, Lin Si Yao felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

“Nmm….ahh…” Without a warning, she unexpectedly passionately moaned out. Su Shuilian immediately covered her mouth in shame. And no matter how hard he tried, she stubbornly insisted on remaining mute.

Fine, there are other methods to make you call out coquettishly. Lin Si Yao wickedly smiled. He increased his actions below and buried deep into her pink buds.

The night was long, the love was dense.

In the end, was it his endless ministrations that made it hard for her to suppress her moans? Or was it that she was unable to strongly restrain herself, allowing him to enter her and make her lose her mind and soul?

But either way, this night, Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao, with unprecedented enthusiasm and passion, touched and enchanted one other until they finally drew themselves into a colorful paradise.

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