Assassin Farmer Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Lady Chief Embroiderer  

Su Shuilian and Jiang Yingyun stared at each other seriously for a moment. Just as Jiang Yingyun took a deep breath and smiled in anticipation, Shuilian nodded her head as she acknowledged Jiang Yingyun’s proposal and replied, “Alright. I accept.”

Su Shuilian was willing to give herself a chance, to believe in this candid lady’s promises, just like her appearance, and the trustworthiness she has shown.

Su Shuilian’s instinct told her that Jiang Yingyun definitely had difficulties that she could not speak of.

If not, with her status as the co-lady boss of the city’s biggest embroidery business, she definitely would not need to rush here to persuade her.

With a large remuneration, generous payout, and even with an extension of project deadline to the end of the year…

Thinking of this, Su Shuilian courteously gave in a step: “I will definitely finish it around the twentieth of the twelfth month, to allow you more time to improve on the screen.”

“Really? That’s great!” Upon hearing, Jiang Yingyun jolted in joy from the Kang, as she held Su Shuilian’s hand, she thanked her profusely: “ Thank you! Thank you! ” She thanked Shuilian for accepting the request, as well as her consideration. This time, she had definitely bet on the right treasure chest, a bet that was a definite success!

“Then it’s a deal. Once I return to the embroidery floor, I will have someone send over the embroidery supplies necessary for <Drunken Beauty>.” When Jiang Yingyun finished her conversation with Shuilian, the sun was already high up in the sky. Seeing how late it was and recalling the large amount of work that was still left undone back at the embroidery floor, Jiang Yingyun got up and was about to bid farewell to Su Shuilian.

“Ok.” Su Shuilian nodded her head. Just as she accompanied them out the main room, she encountered Lin Si Yao, Tian Dabao, and Xiao Xue (with a mouse in mouth) who had just returned from their morning practice.

“A Yao, you’re back?” Su Shuilian smiled as she came forward to take the bundle of goat grass in his hands. At the same time, she introduced Jiang Yingyun who stood curiously looking at him, “A Yao, this is Ying Yue Embroidery Floor’s Second Lady Boss, Jiang Yingyun.” Su Shuilian then turned back to look at her as she continued, “Yingyun, this is my husband, Lin Si Yao.”

Oh my god. That single phrase quickly flashed within Jiang Yingyun’s mind.

Her assumption was ridiculously wrong.  

This man, how was he a farmer? He was more like an aloof, handsome, and distinguished young man!

The usually sharp, quick minded, and analytical lady boss Jiang Yingyun’s brain completely shut down. She had already been muddled by Su Shuilian, now there was a Lin Si Yao! Was this to point out that her ten years of experience was not enough?!

In contrast, Lin Si Yao was a lot calmer than she was.

He expressionlessly nodded at her. With one hand, he picked up Tian Dabao who was squating in the corner watching before he made his way to the south yard to wash his hands and prepare their meal.

“Shuilian…. Your husband….”… doesn’t seem like a farmer, and more closely resembles a practitioner of martial arts?

Jiang Yingyun swallowed and wanted to ask as she watched the cold-faced Lin Si Yao pick up the grinning teen, with a few steps traveled several meters, and soon completely out of their sight.

“Sorry, this is A Yao’s true personality.” Su Shuilian thought that Jiang Yingyun was referring to Lin Si Yao’s rudeness and was somewhat ashamed.

Really that man… He was outwardly cold, but was privately passionate. Almost to the point where she couldn’t stand it. Ah! How could she think of such shameful things at this moment?!

“It’s alright. I can tell, you guys are very close.” Jiang Yingyun was envious as she teased Su Shuilian.

Although that man hadn’t spoken a single word, his gaze remained on Su Shuilian. Even when he nodded at her, his eyes were still locked on Su Shuilian and her surroundings.

To be able to have a man so dedicated to her, what more can a woman ask for? Jiang Yingyun secretly sighed.

This kind of luxury, she estimated that she would never obtain in this lifetime.  

Ten years ago, when she was ten years old and her sister was sixteen years old, their parents were killed by bandits. And because of that, they were left to fend for themselves. The only thing that their parents left for them was the ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’. It was created when she was six and the name used a character in both her and her sister’s name.

The current ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’ had long situated its roots in Fan Luo City. And has become one of the leaders of the embroidery industry.

Of course, this was all due to the self sacrifice of her elder sister. She had given up her youth, her chance to marry, and her chance of an heir, and put all of her attention into operating Yue Yun Embroidery Floor.

Today her twenty-seven year old sister is often mentioned by merchants in the city of Fan Luo. She would be praised but also pitied. Praised because she was a prosperous business woman, pitied because of her lonely future.

But how could she let her elder sister live a lonely life? If she could not find her a happy marriage, then she will accompany her sister for the rest of her life.

What’s more, she was currently twenty years old. She had already passed the age most men pursue, she had already passed her youthful years.

Even though she was not picky, but to find a marriage partner, she’s afraid the only ones willing were either the old or the mentally ill. If those were the only options, then she would opt not to marry and remain like her sister, to simply live without turning to rely on a man.

In truth, her sister had long decided that she would not marry in this lifetime.

Actually, from her business, Jiang Ying Yue had met several distinguished widowers who expressed their interest in her only for her to politely decline. However, for her only biological sister, Jiang Yingyun, she was dead set on finding her a good lifetime partner. She had looked into many men who were around her sister’s age and even contacted matchmakers to secretly find any good matches for her. Anytime a match was found, she would always send the matchmaker to that family’s house to inquire.

Only it was a pity that so far the only men she, Jiang Yinyun, had met were either lustful or mentally stunted.

So after this continuous pattern, her elder sister could only give up and no long pester her into finding a marriage partner.

Thinking up to this, Jiang Yingyun bitterly shook her head, she felt pity.

Yes, pity.

After meeting such a close couple, this was the first time in eleven years, she had felt a sense of self pity.

“A Yao, there’s something I need to speak to you about.”

After breakfast, Su Shuilian spoke gently to Lin Si Yao who is washing the dishes after he had cleared the table.

“Embroidery work?” Lin Si Yao raised his head to steal a glance, witnessing her guilty expression as if she had done something wrong, he couldn’t help but laugh softly.

“Eh? How did you know?” Su Shuilian raised her head in astonishment, her gaze coincidentally met his.

“Shuilian, I never forbade you to accept. As long as it was not like last time, working as if your life depended on it, I will not stop you.” After all, embroidery was her talent, as well her hobby.  

After Lin Si Yao finished the dishes and dried his hands, he led Su Shuilian back into the main house and onto the warm Kang.

“Nono, this time, there is a lot of time given.” Su Shuilian anxiously waved her hands and explained. Seeing this, Lin Si Yao could not help but laugh out loud.

“Am I that scary?” He stole a quick kiss from her lips as he smiled and asked. He did not want her to think that he was a horrible and unreasonable man.

“No, I know you are just worried for my health.” Su Shuilian shook her head. She had never once thought that he was scary.

Oh, but of course when she had first met him, she felt a bit of fear. But then again, the him then was cold and unpredictable.

“As long as you understand. But remember, other than having to eat three meals a day, you also have to take breaks and drink plenty of water. If not, then I will confiscate everything.” Lin Si Yao once again reminded, pretending to be fierce as he threatened.

After all, he currently has a source of income. From the animals that he had hunted, Lin Si Yao has already earned about 7 or 8 taels. Of course, Dabao had earned even more, whenever he was splitting the amount, he (LSY) would never take more. Whenever they went to hunt and sell game, he and Dabao would ways split the income at a ratio of 4:6 respectively. However, after Tian House’s complaint, he no longer took Dabao into the forest. But when they train near Xiufeng, occasionally they would encounter wild animals, but they were not as valuable and thus sold for less.

Afternoon, on the same day, a man riding a carriage marked from the ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’ came to pass Su Shuilian the materials for the <Drunken Beauty> as well as a written contract; handwritten by the big boss, Jiang Yingyue herself.

In the letter, it had stated that from now on, if Su Shuilian were to agree, she would be hired as a Lady Chief Embroiderer of ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’. She did not need to wait in the lobby room of the embroidery floor and could freely choose to pick out any embroidery work. And every month, even if she did not do any embroidery work, they would send her an income of one tael. Furthermore, if she were to accept any embroidery work, along with the stated pay, she would also be given an additional reward.

After reading it, Su Shuilian was speechless. What benefit was there for Ying Yue Embroidery Floor to do such as thing?

To give her a fixed monthly salary of one tael even for not doing any work? And on top of that, rewards along with the contracted amount for any accepted embroidery work? Wouldn’t that monthly tael be a loss for ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’?

“They want to keep you.” One sweep and Lin Si Yao confidently concluded. With Su Shuilian’s incomparable embroidery skills, any embroidery floor who could sign a contract with her would no doubt rise in reputation. As for the speed of their propagation, it would all rely on Su Shuilain’s rate of production.

And that’s why ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’ wanted to quickly have Su Shuilian sign this contract. Even if she does not accept much embroidery work requests, once she signed the contract, Su Shuilian could not longer accept any embroidery work from other embroidery floors.

That’s right, this was the idea that ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’ betted on.

Of course, this type of contract was completely harmless to Su Shuilian and it even gave her a fixed income. As for ‘Yue Yun Embroidery Floor’, this contract could prevent any risks posed by other competing embroidery floors.

It was good news for both parties if Su Shuilian were to agree to this contract.


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