Assassin Farmer Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Wolf Cubs, Shoo that Person Away!

Lin Si Yao’s body stiffened at the unfamiliar female voice. He secretly questioned if his senses had deteriorated? Or was it from living in this peaceful town for too long that he had lost his vigilance. He wasn’t even able to realise that there was a strange woman in their house. If someone had taken Shuilian a hostage, wouldn’t he have been too late now? With cold eyes, he glanced at Xiao Xue. The wolf cub was sleeping in the doghouse with no sense of awareness. It seems he has to up the intensity of their training from tomorrow on… For a stranger to appear by their own owner, yet it still dares to sleep!

When Xiao Chun saw Lin Si Yao’s cold gaze, he quickly ran up to his sister and cried out to her. It was as if he was saying ‘Get up already! If anything happens to our owner, he’s gonna bury the both of us!’

Xiao Xue sluggishly opened her eyes. She whimpered back: I want to, but I’m so tired! The owner is fine, that woman does not know martial arts, so she is fine. Aiyah, big brother, I’m so sleepy… Could I be sick?

The two wolves exchanged cries in their own wolf language. And as for Dabao, he had already realized that the ‘strange woman’ was the same pretty jiejie that had questioned him about his shifu. So, with great interest, he squatted down by the kitchen door, under the warm sun, ready to watch a good show.

Lin Si Yao looked over to the snickering Dabao. Seeing that he had not noticed his cold gaze, Lin Si Yao reluctantly looked back. When he saw Su Shuilian following behind the strange woman, he was relieved. Other than the fact that she had a weird expression, she seemed to be unharmed. With a few steps, he made his way in front of Su Shuilian. Taking a hold of her slightly cool hands, he used his inner force to disperse the surrounding cold air.   

“Didn’t I say before not to open the gates to strangers when I am away?” He said in obvious displeasure.

Su Shuilian blinked her eyes, before she turned and pointed at the annoyed Lu Wan’er, “A Yao, she….”

“Lin dà gē, do you remember me? I’m Lu Wan’er, the daughter of Lu House from the city. Oh, I’m here with dad to visit my uncle. Oh, my uncle’s name is Hua An*, does Lin dà gē know him? Uncle says you live here, so I…. conveniently passed by to see you.” When Lu Wan’er saw Lin Si Yao finally looking her way, she quickly adjusted her annoyed expression into a more lovable one. She quickly thought of an excuse to arouse his interest. She had not gotten his information from Hua An, but bought the information from someone for several silver.

(I don’t know if u guys remember, but Hua An is the first son of Hua Xiangyin. He’s married to Liu-shi and has three sons. From C16 and C21)

“Conveniently passed by?” Lin Si Yao looked at her in ridicule. How very ‘convenient’. From Hua House, their house was about 5000 meters away. Who would call a 5000 meter walk, just ‘conveniently passing by’?

“Nm, actually… I wasn’t just passing by, I…I’m here to meet you, Lin dà gē.” When Lu Wan’er met gazes with Lin Si Yao’s mesmerizing expression, her heart started to beat. With her mind in a jumble, she spoke the truth.

“Meet me? I am not familiar with you. Lady, you must be confusing me with someone else.” Lin Si Yao retracted his mocking smile and coldly replied. He really wanted to kick her out, but this was not jianghu, a place where one could do whatever they wanted. If he were to injure her here, then it would cause even more trouble. Lin Si Yao sighed.

“No, you are him. Lin Si Yao, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I…I…I don’t care if you are already married. Please give me a chance…That… my dad had also agreed, if you were to marry me, then you can inherit all of Lu House.” Lu Wan’er stuttered out the purpose of her visit.

That’s right, she had wanted only him. It was alright that he was already married, he could just divorce his current wife. Lu Wan’er believed her conditions were much better when compared to his current situation.

“HAHAHA.” When Lu Wan’er had finished her speech, the atmosphere was oppressing and no one was talking. There was only the sound of Tian Dabao laughing as he continuously slapped his own thigh, “HAHAHA! Shifu…SHIFU, HEY. HAHAHA! Aiyo, oh my mom, my stomach hurts so much from laughing. HAHAHA…See Shifu, didn’t I say so before? HAHAH-oww! Shifu…”  With a Xuan Feng palm, Lin Si Yao sent Tian Dabao flying across the roof and onto the south garden.

There, he finally could not hear his exaggerated and obnoxious laughter. “Dabao…” Su Shuilian was worried and wanted to rush to the backyard to check on him. However, she was unexpectedly stopped by Lin Si Yao. He held her tightly in his embrace.

“You are not allowed to go anywhere.” he whispered. He knew that she was worried for Tian Dabao. But he knew from his strength that he would come out uninjured. Lin Si Yao just wanted to Dabao to scram a bit further away and not play around here. However, once this woman were to leave, she wouldn’t come back so fast. Did she not realise that her husband was being preyed upon by some rapacious woman?

“Lin dà gē…” Lu Wan’er interrupted Lin Si Yao’s confession in a timely manner. She had gotten some hints from Tian Dabao’s outburst. Could it be he already knew she was here? Could he have been looking forward to her visit? With that thought, Lu Wan’er happily stepped forward, ignoring Su Shuilian in his arms, as she continued, “Lin dà gē, what I said before was completely true. As long as you are willing to marry me, the future Lu House is all yours.”

“The exit is right there, don’t bother us to see you out.” Lin Si Yao gave her a cold look and passed by her in disgust. Without looking back he said to the wolves, “If you don’t watch the house, next time, don’t expect any meaty meals.” And with a ‘bam’ he shut the door of their house, leaving the lone figure freezing in the winter wind.

After being threatened, Xiao Chun quickly got up and tugged at the ends of Lu Wan’er’s dress; pulling her to the gates of their house.

As for Xiao Xue, she watched with amused eyes as she continued to lay in the doghouse. She took in the interesting scene of Lu Wan’er fighting her brother as she cried, refusing to leave. Little cretin! If it weren’t for you suddenly appearing to bother our owner, our male owner wouldn’t be angry at us. If we don’t kick you out, we won’t be able to eat meat tomorrow!

“Don’t bother.” Lin Si Yao pulled Su Shuilian away from the door. She had wanted to see the situation outside. “But A Yao…she is a maiden girl. If she were to be injured by Xiao Chun and Xiao Xue…”

Ok fine, Su Shuilian was actually worried about the wolf cubs. If Lu Wan’er were to be injured by them… Wouldn’t the wolves be reported to the government by the Lu House? Even if she has Lin Si Yao to protect her. If an incident were to occur, there was no guarantee that a villager would not point them out. Once they recognized they were wolves instead of dogs, wouldn’t they be driven out?

Su Shuilian immediately thought of the worst possible outcome. She wasn’t a good person was she. All she thought about was the wolf pups and not the safety Lu Wan’er. However, after Su Shuilian had heard Lu Wan’er confession and marriage proposal, she had completely lost all sympathy for Lu Wan’er.

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