Assassin Farmer Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Kneel on a Washboard as Punishment   

The girl’s shrilling shouts gradually faded and it became peaceful again. Lin Si Yao walked to the kitchen to boil another pot of tea. As for Tian Dabao who was ‘obediently reflecting’ on the quincuncial piles, Lin Si Yao had thrown him towards the exit of the courtyard with a single sentence, “Early dismissal,”  and closed the gates.

“Shifu, Shi Niang wouldn’t punish you and make you kneel on a washboard, would she?” Tian Dabao’s entire body was affixed onto the courtyard gate. Through the bars of the gate, he curiously yelled at Lin Si Yao who was walking back into the main house.

Lin Si Yao almost misstepped and tripped at his question. “Go home now!” He said through gritted teeth. He secretly vowed to himself: If this unruly runt continues to act so brazenly, one day, he’ll make sure to throw him into the river. Best if he was drifted away from here and never to come back!

“Ok fine! I’ll see you tomorrow then, Shifu! Hopefully Shi Niang won’t make you kneel on a washboard or else I will be doomed tomorrow too!” Tian Dabao waved and said these last words before turning around to make his way home. As he was walking home, he continued to mutter ‘Amitabha, amitabha…’ He hoped that Shifu would not be like his father and suffer the wrath of his wife. Otherwise, he will also suffer tomorrow…..

“Want to light a lamp or will you continue tomorrow?” Lin Si Yao entered the west wing of the house. Although the curtains had been rolled to the top, it didn’t help as the sun was starting to set.

“No it’s fine. After this last part, I won’t be working anymore. Lighting a lamp is too costly.” Su Shuilian did not look up to answer as the needle in her hand continued to move at a rapid speed.

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Lin Si Yao pulled a chair from the desk across from Su Shuilian. Though this was not his first time watching her embroider, it still gives him a sense of security every time.  

“You can make the decision.” With the last stitch complete, Su Shuilian looked up with a bright smile, surprising Lin Si Yao as she continued, “Rest assured, I won’t make you kneel on a washboard.” Because there are no washboards here to be used. Su Shuilian laughed to herself.

“You heard him?” Lin Si Yao raised his brow. Fortunately, the room was dark, or else she would have noticed him blush. He secretly vowed – Very good! Tian Dabao, I will grant your wish tomorrow and train you extra hard!

“Pfft!” Su Shuilian could not help but laugh out loud. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” It was just that his previous expression was too cute, and from what she can tell, he had definitely cursed Tian Dabao just now!

“Yes, you did mean it.” Lin Si Yao said in a low voice. In a blink of an eye, he made his way to her as he pulled her into his embrace. Locking Su Shuilian in a tight grasp, neither allowing her to escape nor move.

“A Yao.” Just from his imposing manner, Su Shuilian knew that she will be ‘punished’. And that was indeed true as her lips and tongue were soon enveloped by his, rendering her unable to make a single sound. Only when she was exhausted of her strength did he finally release her.

“Unfair…” Out of breath, it was the only word Su Shuilian managed to mutter out. She hit him several times in the chest and continued, “The one who should be punished is you, how come it became me?”

“Ok, you can punish me now.” Lin Si Yao looked at her with a teasing expression. With his index finger, he lightly poked her warm, flushed lips indicating she should quickly ‘punish’ him.

“Lin Si Yao!” Su Shuilian angrily called out his full name.

“I’m here.” Lin Si Yao answered as he leaned over to kiss the space between her brow. “Su Shuilian, all I need is you.” As for those insignificant women, if he was allowed, even before they spoke their first words, he would have already thrown them far away. They should never be allowed to act so unruly in front of him.

His comforting words instantly dispelled Su Shuilian’s feeling of unease. It seemed he had already figured out her complex feelings. “A Yao, I believe you…” Su Shuilian replied in a small voice. She was ashamed of herself for not trusting him.

“Next time, I won’t let you off this easily.” Lin Si Yao caressed her tender red lips and warned in a low voice. Su Shuilian could naturally hear his true intentions, which caused her ears to flush red.

“Do you plan to punish me by making me kneel on a washboard?” She could not help but chuckled when she thought back to the words of Tian Dabao.

“That little runt as gotten more and more mischievous.” Lin Si Yao reluctantly sighed.

It could be said that Tian Dabao had never feared Lin Si Yao from the start. He was only obedient during the beginning of his apprenticeship; when he had just accepted him as his disciple. If Shifu was to say west, then Tian Dabao would never go east. If Shifu were to say stand, he would not dare to sit. However, this obedient him only lasted for less than half month. After that, he had returned to the previous self, a unruly and unmannered child.

Of course, he would never cross the final line as Tian Dabao had already figured out how to read Lin Si Yao. He knew when it was okay to act like a fool and when it was time to listen; Tian Dabao had gotten abnormally good at it too. And because of this, Lin Si Yao was left with no choice. He could only throw him out of sight like what he just did before.

“That just means you are a good teacher; cold on the outside, but warm inside!” Su Shuilian’s eyes blinked with playfulness. She did not miss the opportunity to tease him. And sure enough, Lin Si Yao’s face showed faint signs of blush.   

Very good, Su Shuilian gave herself an internal thumbs-up. She had gradually started to understand his personality as well. He was actually very shy and easy to please. As long as she was brave enough to say a few things, he would blush. How come she never figured this out earlier?

“Cough*…. Enough, you are also as naughty as Dabao.” Lin Si Yao gave her a quick look before looking away. However, the arms trapping Su Shuilian showed no signs of loosening.

“How about having sweet and sour carp tonight?” Lin Si Yao walked out of the west room with her. Holding her soft hands, he consulted her about their dinner tonight.

“Ok.” For Su Shuilian, who took no part in the cooking process, she was fine with anything as long as it was not too spicy or too pungent.

“Ah yes, A Yao, do you think Lu Wan’er will come back again?” Su Shuilian quietly asked.

Although they only had three encounters, it was clear to see that she was a woman who would not easily give up on her set goals. He had even publicly insulted her today, would she take revenge and come back next time with more people to ruin their house?

“Rest assure, even if she comes back, I have my ways to deal with her.” Lin Si Yao replied.

Worst comes to worst, he could just throw that lovestruck idiot back to Lu residence. Bring her to the head of Lu House and threaten them: If they continue to allow her to disturb them, then he will make the whole Lu house bear the responsibilities. He did not believe that the head of Lu house would be a small minded person with an unclear mind!


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  1. I’m actually hoping that rapacious girl will continue to be willful just to see A-Yao in action and bring the Lu house down. Hehehe!

    Thanks for the double chapters today!

  2. Whelp… i dont understand Lu wan… like its clear he loves his current wife? Even if he doesnt he never treated her with any dignity?? What does she like about him from their 3 encounters??? his face??
    Many thankss

    1. Lu Wan’er likes the challenge A-Yao poses not A-Yao himself. He is the first man that did not fall head over heels in love for her. I think she likes the novelty of being the one who does the chasing. Besides, she’s a spoiled brat who is accustomed to getting anything she wants.

      1. Lol. Isn’t that making trouble for herself? Even if she likes chasing a man, after being humiliated like that and from the previous, shouldn’t she give up? Continuing like that is making her like a M.

  3. Thanks for the double release! Lol! Threaten their lives to make them go away. I see nothing wrong with that plan~ XD

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