Assassin Farmer Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Thundering Winds Gang

Near the end of the second lunar month, which was the time when all the flowers began to bloom, the farmers in Fan Hua Town were all going down into the field to sow their seeds and plant their rice, one after another.

Lin Si Yao and Su Shuilian talked it over for a bit. The remaining acre of land, after harvesting the vegetables there, they made the plan to turn the soil and plant some cotton, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and others of that sort. After waiting for some time, when the wheat in the neighbouring acre of land has fully ripened and reaped, they would fill that plot with rice plants.

Su Shuilian had no objection herself.

They definitely needed to plant cotton. Thinking back on the first few cotton period pads she sewed, they had long been washed until they pieced together and hardened. And this white cotton, it’s actually not purchasable on the streets. As for those fabric shops that sold readymade clothes and quilts, even if they had cotton, it wasn’t guaranteed to be completely new. If it was secondhand cotton that was refluffed for continued use, even if she brought it, she wouldn’t dare to stuff it in the cotton pads to use with peace of conscience.

Who knows how dirty it would be inside?

On that account, Lin Si Yao had calculated everything early on. As soon as spring started, the first thing he’d do is plant cotton. Furthermore, he planned to plant half an acre. If it was too much for her to use by herself, they’d sell it to the vendors looking to acquire more, and trade for cotton fabric.

And for the remaining half an acre of land, Lin Si Yao planted two rows of corn, one row of soybeans, one row of peanuts, one row dedicated to raising wheat………… corn and soybeans could both be eaten as raw foods, and ground for flour, if there were still any extra, they could be taken to the oil mill and blended into cooking oil. Peanuts had more uses to them, it could be raw food, it could be dried and eaten, used to make a sauce, and used to blend oil. All in all, what Lin Si Yao chose were all versatile and low maintenance crops.

As for the other gaps between the rows on the field, kinds of beans that were often used but not usually needed were placed there, for instance, red beans, green beans, black beans, and other breeds that had strong life forces, but didn’t need close attention. When the time comes, as long as you trim their branches from time to time, loosen their soil, water them a bit, get rid of the pests on them……….it’ll be fine. Truth is, he doesn’t want to leave Shuilian’s line of sight for too long.

Not to mention, after a few more months pass, when the three little wolf pups have enough stamina to support themselves to enter the mountain, Xiao Xue will definitely take them and follow the Wolf King back into Dashi Mountain. That being the case, the house will be guarded by Xiao Chun alone, and he could not be at ease with that. A while back, he sensed a few rascals up to no good hovering around his house, though they didn’t do anything that risked the wellbeing of his home, but just this was enough to make him worry about the safety of Shuilian

What kind of people could have malevolence delusions about his family? Villagers whose eyes went red with envy at his household? Spies sent by Feng Yao Court? He immediately vetoed these two guesses. It’s not like the townspeople just gained insight into his family situation, if they had any ideas about it, they wouldn’t have waited until now. Moreover, with the martial skill of the farmers and smiths in the villagers, they wouldn’t have the guts to touch an inch of his home. And for Feng Yao Court, Lin Si Yao discretely shook his head and denied the possibility, with Feng Qingya’s vicious and ruthless style of doing things, if he caught wind of him not being dead, there’s no way he would have sent just a couple of jacks of all trades to test his waters.

Three days after, without the need for Lin Si Yao to do any further speculation, the couple of slimy and sneaky dabblers bit the hook themselves.

“Thundering Winds Gang? What kind of thing is that?” Lin Si Yao raised a sharp brow, asking the three before him, big brutes of men supporting their dislocated arms, and clutching their broken calves, while bawling their eyes out, in a grave tone.

“It’s……….it’s not a thing, oof ouch owie…, ……of course it’s a thing………golly………Brother Zhao, why’d you kick me!” Qifeng, a burly, simple-mindedly honest fellow, took the lead and grumbled.

“First it’s a thing, then it’s not a thing, stop your indecisive rambling! You should be careful the big boss doesn’t slice your head off! Great……… hero, Thundering Winds Gang……… is our Fan Lou City’s biggest gang faction. You must have heard of it, right?” the thug, who seemed to be the spokesman out of the three, explained, bowing and scraping.

“That’s right, our Thundering Winds Gang has ruled Fan Lou City for five to six years. Who could have not heard of us!…” said the last brute, also a straightforward man.

“Great hero, it’s all the fault of us brothers……, the blame’s on that wretched hussy for not giving us clear orders……… well……… you rest easy, we’ll go back straightaway to clarify this matter to our big boss, we’ll absolutely……… absolutely never cause a ruckus again at your place. Really. I swear. So, can you release me and my people?”. The hoodlum who was the spokesman appeared to beg, and also seemed like he was guaranteeing Lin Si Yao, raising one hand to swear an oath.

“Who do you mean by wretched hussy?” Lin Si Yao’s expressionless tone of speech secreted a trace of killing intent.  It made the three unintentionally shiver from the chill.

The three exchanged looks face to face, again, the muscular spokesman fronted them and stuttered out a response: “That woman………seemed to be………seemed to be the first miss from the city’s Lu family….”

…” What did she want you to come here to do?”.

Lin Si Yao balled his two fists up hard, a sudden coldness flashed through his gaze, as deep and as unfathomable as an endless abyss.

“Uh……… spare us, chivalrous swordsman………please spare us, ……us minor shrimps were only commanded to carry out the orders of the big boss, and kidnap that maiden that just passed by……… and as for what they wanted to do with her after the kidnapping, that has nothing to do with us insignificant henchmen……” the three goons, trembling with fear, eyed each other, each detecting the anxiety in each other’s eyes. Oh, dear momma, from what background did this man before their eyes come from? He was even more skilled than our own boss, not just by a single tier. By just raising his finger, him and his men were all suppressed and sustained deep injuries. Doesn’t that mean if he had used his two fist, they would be welcomed by the underworld?!?

Lin Si Yao fixed his glare on the three, the hands by his sides clenching up tightly, a thread of cold anger passing through his eyes that were deeply and incomprehensibly profound.

That damn Lu Wan’er! Time and time again perturbing him by stirring up havoc, and now she even dared to go as far as to hire a faction of a gang to seize Shuilian. This move to him was like pulling off the scales of a dragon. Very well! Just because he, Lin Si Yao, doesn’t kill women, doesn’t mean he doesn’t raise his hand to teach them a lesson! He glared at the three until cold sweat dripped down their faces without end, finally coldly throwing out a warning. “Return and inform your boss, if he dares come to Fan Hua Town again and disturb the peace, I will drive the Thundering Winds Gang to the ground……” Turning his figure, he drifted some feet away with just one vertical step.

He really did have the ability to flatten the Thundering Winds Gang with a stomp! The three watched as Lin Si Yao disappeared from their sight with just two or three moves, heart still shaking, as they wiped away the fine sheen of sweat covering their brow. They leaned on and supported each other as they stumbled their way back to inform their boss.

The first courtyard to be hit by the sun in the west side of Fan Lou City.

Hanging on the front door, right above one’s brow, is a placard that reads “Thundering Winds Gang”. Three traditional Chinese letters were written in thick black paint. And here, just as one would guess, is the base camp of what is known as Fan Lou City’s most prominent street gang, the Thundering Winds Gang.

“Slam!…”. “Absolutely preposterous!”.

Those comments were followed by the sound of a teacup being crushed to pieces by a powerful hand. The current boss of the Thundering Winds Gang was in his early forties or so. Hua Yu’er, a bearded man with heavy brows, pounded the table viciously, shouting angry abuses at his dejected underlings, jittering with fear and trepidation at his feet. “Didn’t I have you scout out the area? Who told you to take action?!”

“Big………big boss, weren’t you the one who told us to act according to the opportunity, at our  own discretion……?” One of them retorted gutsily: “That woman isn’t even ounces heavy………”.

“You still dare talk back to me! That’s enough, you people don’t have to go out anymore, just stay in the kitchen. Just the sight of you all causes embarrassment.” Hua Yu’er rolled his eyes in utter exasperation, waving one hand towards the three useless chaps, signaling them to get out of his sight.

“Big Boss, Ah Zhao and his bunch had good intentions. They originally thought that if they kidnapped that woman back here, they could complete the job, and get the silvers. Who knew that a person with such strong martial skills would pop up? People can’t predict what God decrees!” hurriedly consoled Xiao Si, at the big boss’ side.

“No one would have an easy heart after getting threatened, directly to their face, that someone would flatten their territory.  Our boss still counts as a faction leader with a broad mind and tolerant heart. If it was the Iron Horse Gang, their bald-headed boss would have long brought his comrades to crush Fan Hua Town.”

Oh, of course, this also has to do with the fact that the boss of their faction had a seventy-year-old mother that needs taking care of. The human life is more important than dignity, right?

“Good intentions? Good intentions don’t mean s***! What a flock of brainless trash. From my point of view, there’s an eight out of ten chance that they just fancied the other party’s flower-like beauty and thought that the best offense is defense again. Hmph! A gaggle of incorrigible brats!”  condemned Hua Yu’er angrily once more.

The reason why he accepted the commission from the first miss of the Lu Family, was nothing but for the fifty silver remuneration. Though the gang laws he set included not harming women or children in conflicts, but that was………a whole fifty silvers. This was enough to help the brothers in the gang steadily live for three to five years without fear of not getting another job to take.

But………*sigh*…………who know they’d get on the wrong side of a man who, according to talk, broke Ah Zhao and the others’ wrists and leg bones with just a flick of the finger.  How can this be positive? If they pushed off the assignment, that fifty silvers………would be gone from their fates for good. But it would not do to not reject it. The opposite side already even threw down such ruthless threats.

If he still doesn’t give up the idea and head for Fan Hua Town to make trouble for that woman, that would simply be pushing the “Thundering Winds Gang” he built single-handedly, with many years of labor, right into a fire pit, walking right into a pitfall! Though many of the comrades in the gang were orphans without father nor mother, but he himself still has an aging mother to provide for. So…………

“Xiao Si, go send a message to the first miss of the Lu family and say that we’re not taking this commission any longer. Tell her to come over and pick up her advanced payment from us……” Hua Yu’er weighed up the benefits and detriments over and over again and decided to be a wise man, who suited their actions to the times. His heart hurt over the sum of twenty that just got handed into his lap, not even warmed up before he had to spit all the advanced payment back up.

“Big boss? Oh-oh-oh, got it, Xiao Si will go right now.” Xiao Si dashed off like a streak of smoke. Just delivering a spoken message, that’s easy, just flip over the top of the fence and pass the word to a servant girl of the Lu family. But will Big Boss Ye really let go of this chance to earn fifty silvers? Everyone, whether high or low in the “Thundering Winds Gang”, knows that their boss’s favorite thing is glistening white silvers. Then again, who on earth doesn’t like silvers?! The orphan Xiao Si was just starting his early twenties, but extremely bright and clever scratched his head in confusion. He exited out of the ‘Thundering Winds Gang’ doors as he made his way to the richest family, Lu House.

“Ah Yao, those people just then………….” Su Shuilian lowered her head as she watched Lin Si Yao apply a medicinal plaster to her wrist, which had been pulled on so hard the skin broke and she bled, the refreshing coolness penetrating her heart.

“They…………got the wrong person……” he suppressed the rage inside him, comforting her with a hoarse voice.

“Oh…….” Su Shuilian nodded her head, and then felt a twinge of worry again: “We don’t know who they were looking for, and it looks like they didn’t come with a kind intent……” If Lin Si Yao was a step late, she herself could have been captured by them. There’s no way they could have taken her to be just a guest at their place! But if they got the wrong person, then which family’s daughter or wife could they have been looking for?

“Don’t worry, they got the wrong town. Right now, they’ve already left Fan Hua……” Lin Si Yao carried her to lie on the bed. Su Shuilian who’d suffered a scare and physical pain fell into a heavy slumber under his gentle coaxing.

When night entered, a ghostly masked man dressed in black drifted out of Fan Hua Town without a sound or breath, hurtling at full speed on the road leading to town, towards the Lu family residence…………

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