Assassin Farmer Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: He’s Crazy

Su Shuilian looked suspiciously at Si Luo’s eyes. Seeing that the other party replied back with a meaningful smile, she couldn’t help but worry. If it is as they (Si Tou & co.) asked, do they know the background of the current body she is residing in?

Settling down her mind, Su Shuilian inwardly consoled herself: since she said that she had lost her memory, even if a bunch of strange relatives came knocking at her door, they wouldn’t suspect her, right?

As she was thinking, her two hands that rested on her thighs were wrapped up by Lin Si Yao’s warm, big hands.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Lin Si Yao spoke with a gentle voice into her ears to console her. Then, using chopsticks, he picked up the last piece of sautéed diced carrot into Shu Shuilian’s bowl. “Be good, eat first. We can always talk after our meal.”

This scene almost missed the eyes of the three men.

Originally thinking that there was a good drama to be seen, the three were left speechless from Si Ling’s gentle actions towards the woman beside him.

Was it shock? Even that wasn’t enough to express the feeling in their hearts.

“Go eat your food.” Lin Si Yao joined in with a sentence without raising his head. His busy hands were repeatedly picking up food for Su Shuilian that were inconvenient for her to grab.

“Yes” three voices muttered in unison.

How could they still refuse to eat. The three knew that after Si Ling was finished, he’ll clean up the dishes and shoo them out. He did not view them as house guests at all. Only Su Shuilian continued to treat them kindly and poured out tea and snacks for them. It was just that intimidating, Si Ling’s glare. As such, they didn’t dare to drink too much of the tea and eat too much of the snacks.

“Speak out whatever you know.” After eating, Lin Si Yao sent Su Shuilian into the embroidery room as he did not want her to think too much about it. He led Si Tuo, Si Luo and Si Shan to the eastern riverside, near the quincuncial piles. It was a very open space that can be quickly discerned with one glance, giving the sense of security that there wasn’t someone eavesdropping behind a corner.

“Imperial Capital’s Jing Prince House-” Si Shan began.

“-Fourth Young Miss.” Si Luo completed the sentence.

“Her?” Si Tuo raised his brow as he swept a glance at the expressionless man who shared the same surname as him (Si Ling aka Lin Si Yao).

“It’s just a suspicion.” Si Shan added.

“The chance of it is very likely.” Si Luo continued ‘adding to the fire.’

Si Tuo sympathetically looked at the eyes of Si Luo who was unafraid of death, before turning his eyes to Si Ling and said in a low tone. “Si Ling, since she lost her memories, just pretend that you don’t know. It’s best if we can keep it hidden for as long as possible. Even better if she can never recover.” Or else with Prince Jing’s influence and power, they would never admit to having a killer son-in-law, right?

“That said, the reward is 300 silver taels.” Si Luo laughed maliciously as he looked at Si Ling and said, “I want to earn a bit of money.”

Hearing all their conversation, Lin Si Yao looked up silently at the sky. Looks like it will be hard to leave peacefully and quietly.

“You’re lacking money?” Lin Si Yao coldly asked.

“I’m not, but I don’t have much either.” Si Luo jumped on top of one of the quincuncial piles as he observed the peace and tranquility that surrounded him.

“300 taels? Very good.” Lin Si Yao expressionlessly nodded his head. He then turned towards Si Tuo and indifferently commanded: “1500 meters from Xiùshuǐ Cave, the fifth Quebec tree, the trunk leads to a route, towards the bottom of the lake.”

Once Si Tuo heard, he thought it sounded just like a secret treasure trove. Raising his eyebrows in suspicion, he asked nonchalantly: “For what?”

“Inside is the entire savings of my previous life.” Lin Si Yao replied ever so calmly with no ripples in his tone.

Previous life? Si Tuo involuntary stiffened his body as he heard those words. He couldn’t help but be jealous. Or else, why would he make it so clear? Even the savings earned by “selling lives” wouldn’t require the words “previous life” to be described as.

While Si Shan and Si Luo gazed at each other, at a loss of what to do. They couldn’t understand what Lin Si Yao meant behind all of this.

To allow them to know the location of his ‘previous’ life’s savings, what was the meaning of this?

“Do me a favour, send some up to Yun Luo Temple while you’re at it.” Lin Si Yao muttered after a long period of silence, before once again instructing in a low voice: “Just leave a little bit for me, you three can split the rest (of my savings). The only condition is this, Shuilian…… pretend you never met her.”

Forgive him for his selfish motives. Shuilian is his… Jing WangFu*, it’s best they never mentioned her again.

(王府/ Prince’s Mansion: doesn’t have to be blood relatives of royalty, but a really high ranking official’s household.)

Once the 3 of them heard that, all of them were stunned in unison. Thinking on how much he earned as an assassin for Si Ling, and yet he only used a few words to divide the entire lot of it?

With the frequency of his assignments in the past decade, he has probably saved more than tens of thousands of silver…

Heavens, he’s crazy! From the dismayed eyes of the 3 of them, they had reached the same conclusion.

As the saying goes, a smile is worth a thousand gold. To him, it didn’t matter if it was nothing but just a suspicion. Even with the low possibility, he was still willing to throw away vast sums of his hard earned money just for a women who is already his wife. He really has gone crazy.

Si Luo sighed softly

Si Shan shook his head.

Si Luo suddenly snickered, finally leaking out a real smile, raising a thumbs up at Lin Si Yao, saying “I’m rich.”

He had struck gold. He would have never earned so much money.

Don’t bring up “Money is as good as dirt”— bunch of crap.

Thinking on their lonely and wandering lives as assassins, except for the fact that they have amazing martial art skills and a box full of silver from their years of work, they have nothing else.

As of now, Si Ling unexpectedly was willing to throw away a large portion of his money just to remain and not be separated from his wife.

This kind of boldness was something the three of them lacked.

“Deal.” Si Luo was the first to sound out in agreement. Bullshit, those who weren’t in agreement would be idiots.

“Alright.” Si Shan also nodded his head in agreement. He had never intended to pick what was right or wrong. However, since Si Ling was being so generous, and Si Lao had also unhesitantly agreed, he couldn’t be happier especially when he has twenty three disciples to bring up.

Si Tuo couldn’t help but  roll his eyes, momentarily ruining his cool and indifferent temperament. If only Si Ling, at the end of everything, could get whatever he wants like now, keeping his comfortable and easy life. Otherwise, if you want to force the three people who have swallowed up the silver to vomit again, it will be difficult.


“A Yao?” Shu Shuilian anxiously welcomed Lin Si Yao who had seen off the 3 assassins. “They… Did they leave already?” She looked over Lin Si Yao’s body and looked into the distance. Not sure what Si Tuo, that cunning man with a deep smile, had said to Lin Si Yao regarding her current body’s past life.

“Mhm.” Lin Si Yao placed down the pot of tea that he had gotten from the kitchen and poured out two cups, giving one to Shu Shuilian. “They still have stuff to do.” The 3 of them had to do a job in Xi Lang. If they have their lives still intact to return, they will go to Feng Yao Court territory to dig out all of his life savings. Lin Si Yao curled up his mouth. With Si Luo’s miserly nature, he definitely won’t lose out on this chance to accumulate wealth.

“He, I mean that Si Luo, does he know about my…” Shu Shuilian after taking a glance at the slightly serious expression on Lin Si Yao’s face, couldn’t help but ask, with slight stuttering.

“He got the wrong person.” Lin Si Yao answered, before finding an accurate excuse: “You and the person he met looked similar.” This didn’t count as deceiving. The person on the missing person’s list can’t be that realistic.

“Oh, so it’s like that.” Shu Shuilian sighed in relief.

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