Assassin Farmer Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Preparing to Leave the Forest Again

“Start packing up, we are going to leave the wilderness in two days.” After Si Ling had finished his meal, he nonchalantly threw out this single sentence. At his words, Su Shuilian widened her eyes and looked at him for a long time in shock. After swallowing the food in her mouth and finding her voice, she slowly asked, “You… you are not a mute?”

Si Ling raised his brows in disagreement, “Who said that I was a mute?” If not for his frost covered eyes and voice, Su Shuilian would have thought he was ridiculing her.

Oh! Su Shuiliang let out a bitter laugh, dropping her shoulders, covering her face with her hands, she exclaimed in a muffled voice: “Then why didn’t you say so earlier? Watching me act like that must have been very entertaining, huh?”

Si Ling internally sighed. He reached out his hand about to appease her but stopped mid-air. What kind of relationship does he have with her? Was it really worth it to do this?

He and her, a man and a woman living together in a secluded forest for a month and a half. That was already not appropriate.

He was indifferent, orphaned at a young age, he wandered to many places. And now that he is no longer part of Feng Yao, he also was freed from the constraints of that organization; his only last restraint was gone.

But she was different. Watching her actions, he knew that she was raised from a large noble family. Although they are living together in the forest, this was only temporary. Once they make it out of the woods, they will surely part. And when they separate, it is unlikely that they will cross paths again.

Taking back his hand, Si Ling closed his eyes and got up to walk towards the exit of the cave.

Su Shuilian only felt ashamed at herself for mistaking him for a mute. And her misconception had carried on for a month and a half… that was just great. It was good that he was not angry at her. If someone had done the same to her, she would have been furious.

After self-contemplating, Su Shuilian put her hands down and looked up. She was ready to apologize to him, but he was no longer there. She was alone with the two wolf cubs devouring the cooked python meat.

During these past two days, Su Shuilian had felt something was off.

Yes, after that day’s single phrase, the man no longer spoke again.

Had he misunderstood her reaction? Would he rather be mute than to converse with her?

While allowing herself to run wild in her imagination, Su Shuilian continued to pack up; after leaving, she’ll never return, right?

The truth was, other than some minor inconveniences, living in this forest was really not that bad. Especially since after the man had recovered, all the manual labor were now his chores. With that, Su Shulian was more at ease and also was given more leisure time.

But, even with the endless amounts of wild animals, wild fruits and other foods, with their measly set of light attire, they would not last during winter season.

Thinking so, Su Shuilian’s packing speed noticeably increased.

All kinds of dried meat, dried mushroom, and wild fruit were stuffed into a baggage.

When her eyes swept to the gourd on the ground, Su Shuilian was suddenly reminded of the rest of the green liquid. She hurriedly took large steps towards the inner part of the cave. Sure enough, there were still some of the liquid remaining. Since this liquid was so easy to use, why not take it all?

Although the remaining was not used to put into the soup that she had made for the man, why not add some water to it and put it in the gourd to take away? Although there was only a small amount left, if injured, this can really help ah.

“What are you doing?” As Su Shuilian was happily immersed in her thoughts, a sudden low voice cut in and surprised her. Losing her balance, Su Shuilian slipped and fell backwards.

Oh no! Su Shuilian closed her eyes in fear of the incoming pain. Speak of the devil ah, she was just thinking about future injuries, and now she was going to be injured….

Huh? How come it’s so soft? And warm too… this is….

“Ah!” Su Shuilian’s mind made a quick turn. She quickly jumped out of Si Ling’s arms. With her face flushed red, Su Shuilian looked down and shyly said: “Thank you.”

Si Ling took back his hands awkwardly, he had reacted without thinking when he had moved to catch her fall. Only when her soft and fragrant body had fell onto his chest did he realise how repressed he was.
(TL: perv…)
“What are you doing? Don’t you know how to be careful?” He strongly pressed down his indescribable loss, and with a low tone, he spoke in his previous cold, indifferent tone.

“I … …” Su Shuilian pouted, but did not know how to explain herself. She could not refute that it was his fault for interrupting her thoughts and thus surprised her into losing her balance when stepping backwards. After all, he did not carry ill intentions.

“Oh yeah, come, see this…” When Su Shuilian realised she had yet to pack the liquid, she tugged on Si Ling’s clothes and indicated him to walk closer towards the tiny ‘pool’ under the stalactite.

Si Ling raised his brow, but wordlessly stepped forward.

This is!? His eyes flashed was a complex light. Sticking his pinky into the small body of water, he took a taste. Indeed, it really was it. Was this what the girl had used to save him from the brink of death?

Si Ling turned around and locked gazes with the smirking little woman behind him.

This fool, to use this rarely found ‘Heart of Jade Fairy Essence’ on him… Did she not know after a month of continuous use of this essence can extend a person’s life? In addition, become immune to all diseases and poisons?

“What did you say? You used two spoonfuls on me!?” When Si Ling heard Su Shuilian’s simple, yet not simple explanation, he had felt an upsurge of emotions. Thousands of thoughts left to only one: This fool!

“A spoonful for oral application, the other for external application.” Su Shuilain added. Although she found it is strange why he suddenly now would be interested in how he recovered.

“Have you tried this yourself?” Si Ling asked, as he poured a bit of water to the liquid and scooped it into the gourd.

“Yes, in the beginning I did not know what it was. However when I tasted a little bit and found that it help with resisting hunger. Later, when I dropped it bit on my scarred hand, it completed healed.” Su Shuilian happily smiled as she replied.

Thinking back to the past when she just got here, she had stared dazed at the dead tiger for such a long time. Looking at herself now, although she would occasionally daze, she was still much better than before.

When Si Ling heard her say “scarred hands,” he could not help but frown. Yes, she was a weak woman, it must have been difficult for her to have survived alone in the wilderness. For her, to be able to have not suffered in depression and was even living so carefreely… Looking at the delicately carved spoon, Si Ling thought to himself.

“All ready.” Su Shuilian said as she finished tying the knot on her bag. When she finished covering the basket full of fruit, Su Shuilian raised her head and smiled at Si Ling.

Si Ling took her bag and her basket, and also her tiger fur. Su Shuilian called over the two wolf puppies. They were ready to set off.

“Uh…What is your name? I am Su Shuilian.”

Su Shuilian shyly made her introduction. Although the two had been living together, they had yet to get each other’s name. Although it was ok like this in the woods, as it was only the two of them, but once they get out of the forest… It would be embarrassing to not know what to call each other.

Si Ling glanced down as Su Shuilian looked down in embarrassment. When he saw her exposed clean white nape, he quickly averted his gaze.

“Lin Si Yao.” Si Ling coldly said.

Si Ling, that name was associated with Feng Yao, including his identity and status. After cutting his ties with the organization, he shall also rid himself of his past name.

Su Shuilian nodded, and secretly rejoiced that she did not abruptly call him the name that she vaguely heard from that time.

“Lin… Si Yao, after we get out of this forest, do you know how far it is to the nearest town?” As Su Shuilian overcame her embarrassment in call his name, she asked the question that had been long circling her mind. Looking down at her own body’s unusual attire, she could not wait to buy a new set of clothing.

Although she had called him by his made-up name, his heart still felt a throb. Steadying his mind, thinking back, he had stayed overnight at a nearby locations. Think it was called Fan Lou City, nodding he said: “About half a day.”

“So close?” Su Shuilian shouted in surprise. Pouting, she muttered: “If I knew that, then I would have left much sooner.”

Looking at all the baggage Su Shuilian was carrying, Lin Si could not help but sigh.

Lin Si Yao naturally had heard her whisper. If it was him using qigong, then it would only take half a day, but at her pace, and with the need to stop once every so while, it would have to take a long time. With that thought, he blurted out: “According to your speed, it would take three days.”

Hearing this Su Shuilian looked up in shock, quickly exclaimed: “What?” What he meant was that at his pace, it would take half a day, but she would have to take three?

“Or I can take you.” Without a second thought, Lin Si Yao quickly blurted out.

Su Shuilian looked puzzledly at him. What did he mean? Was he not already leading the way already?

Lin Si Yao tied the baggage onto his back, gave the fruit basket to Xiao Chun, and tied the tiger fur to Xiao Xue. With a ‘let’s go’, he picked up Shuilian (in a princess carry), jumped and started to quickly make his way out of the forest.

Surprised at his sudden movement, Su Shuilian subconsciously wrapped her hands around his neck.

After she found with a single jump, Lin Si Yao had already moved ten meters away from their original location, her original tension and shyness changed to joy and respect. So this as the legendary qigong ah!

Lin Si Yao feared that she would be afraid and cry, wanting to come down. After all, this type of position from an outsider’s point of view, should be only done by husband and wife.

Husband and wife? The sudden words floated upon Lin Si Yao’s mind, but he quickly rejected this possibility. She was not a person he could pursue.

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