Assassin Farmer Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Lotus field

By the end of the seventh lunar month, the lotus seeds thrown into the brook behind the house had unexpectedly budded.

Those were the lotus seeds Lin Si Yao had found from somewhere and thrown into the brook behind their house. In early spring, they didn’t see any sprouts. They were not very expectant of any blooms, so the pair did not specially care for the seedlings.

Unexpectedly, as the summer sun rose high, lotus leaves had covered the entire place. The pink buds surrounded by the leaves were waiting for the right time to bloom.

Between the lotus leaves, the fish and shrimps ‘played’ the water, it was a captivating sight.

Su Shuilian seized the time in early morning when it was still cool to stand by the shore. While enjoying the scenery, Su Shuilian exercised by spreading her arms and taking in plentiful breaths of fresh air. Then, she went into the study room, wielding her ink brush to draw several drawings of red koi carps playing with the lotus.

After cleaning her brush, Su Shulian rolled the sketches and put them into the large round vase on the table. She planned to use them to make some embroideries.

Actually, she had made up her mind. She would embroider these drawings on her children’s dudou*. By the next summer, the twins would be able to crawl. Wearing the dudou with embroidered red carps playing with lotus, how adorable they could be!

(肚兜/ dùdōu – undergarment covering the chest and abdomen)

“If you like it, we’ll dig a pond in the new house and grow some lotus…” Lin Si Yao approached her from behind. He reached out his hands to embrace her waist, which wasn’t slim anymore. Rubbing her round belly, he suggested, chuckling.

“Can we?” Su Shuilian batted her black, feather-like eyelashes. Her bright eyes were filled with joy and surprise.

“If you like, what can’t we do?!” Lin Si Yao pinched her nose lovingly. “Moreover, we got two acres of land. We will use one acre to build the house, and you can do whatever you want with the other acre.”

“Mmm… Then let us have a little pond…” Su Shuilian leaned against him, letting him hold her as they sat on a chair.

In her previous Su Household, she recalled also having a small but fine lotus pond. It was filled with pink and white lotuses and a pair of black-and-red koi carps.

In the summer, the karps would show their vigorous lives. They would remain so until autumn. After all of the lotus finished their blooms with only the green hue of the leaves remaining in the calm water. The autumn rain rattled the window of one’s heart, it would be another foreign scenery.  

“I heard from Situ that you wanted a cellar in the new house?” Lin Si Yao watched the sun just rise above the treetops. He decided to sit at the chair by the table and bring Su Shuilian onto his lap. Placing his chin on her shoulder, he began to discuss their new house’s design.

The house that was built over the four acres of land for Si Tuo and the other two had almost come to the final stage.

Besides planting some bamboos, grass, and flowers to decorate the house, all it needed to be cleaned and furnished with regular household items.

Thus, with autumn just at their doorsteps, and the weather was turning cooler, Lin Si Yao decided to start the construction of their new, two-acre house. Perhaps they could finish before his wife’s delivery. Then, they could move into the new house to prepare for her labor and convalescence*. And he, he could focus better on taking care of her and the babies.  

*(To convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the “wind”)

Even if they couldn’t finish it, at least, it would be seventy to eighty percents complete by the end of the year. When the spring came next year, they could complete the remaining parts, clean it, and then move in.

“What do you think? Digging up a cellar, is it a little too big of a labor?” Su Shuilian turned to see him. The cellar had many benefits. Not to mention storing the food or items they hadn’t used yet, mostly, it was the summer time and they got various kinds of fruits, which could be fermented to make fruit wine. They would have some place to keep them. Just like Yun’er had said, if they kept digging up the ground to bury the jars under the trees, they could damage the roots.

“It’s okay. I’ve asked the workers to prepare for some designs. Although they haven’t built any house with the basement, but…” Lin Si Yao stooped and brushed the corner of her mouth with his lips. They weren’t in a hurry to move out. It would only delay one or two months for a cellar. As long as she liked it, it was okay to him.  

“You look at this. Is it to your liking?” Hearing him, Su Shuilian took out a drawing of the cellar design from her drawer. She just had the idea and she drew it several days ago. It was the sketch of the cellar in her grandparents’ house she used to visit with her cousin when she was a little girl.

“This is….?” Lin Si Yao opened the drawing, studying it for a while. Then, he smiled at her. “So they don’t need to squeeze their brains a lot…”

“Is it really okay?” Su Shuilian looked at him, feeling unsure. “I’m not an expert. I only casually drew it.”

“Don’t worry, it’s detailed enough…” Lin Si Yao stole a kiss from her again. Trying to press down his flame of desire in his lower abdomen, he talked in a husky voice, “You’re truly a chest that hides treasures; giving me joy in any moment.”

“I’m not…” Su Shuilian blushed. She wasn’t as good as he said.

Perhaps her fate was good enough. From young, although she hadn’t learned a lot of things, the books she had read and the interesting things she had heard were quite a lot. Combining the two sources, she has twenty years of knowledge and experiences.

However, facing Lin Si Yao’s sincere compliment, she felt a little guilty. It seemed everything was just the memory she had plagiarized from. It wasn’t fair, was it?

“You are. Anyway, only I can see it and that is enough…” Lin Si Yao couldn’t control his affection anymore. He kissed her sweet, red lips deeply. She was his. Her beauty and her goodness were only his to enjoy alone.

“A Yao…” She sat on his thighs, tilting her head to receive the rolling heat he had created.

Oh, my heavens, I’m getting bolder and bolder. This is the study room, and we are in broad daylight!

“No one will come here…” During the recent several days, Situ Yun had gone to the city to do his mission. Tian Da Bao was working under his instruction to check the big house’s construction. If they needed any item, they would have to go to the city. That way, it would save a lot of construction time.

Thus, except for the two of them who would climb the walls (if the gates were closed) to get into the house, Lin Si Yao didn’t worry that someone would break into his house.  

“But…” Su Shuilian buried her head to the nape of his neck. She could die from embarrassment.

“Haha…” His beautiful lips parted and his quiet laughter escaped. He immediately took her back to their bedroom. Although she had become more passionate lately, she didn’t have the courage to have sexual intercourse with him in the study room. Moreover, lying on the bed would support her better. She didn’t need to deal with him and her heavy body at the same time.

Su Shuilian let him take her back to their bedroom. Her blushing pink body had revealed her shyness. It hadn’t even been two hours since she put these clothes on, and now, he was about to take them off…

“A Yao…” She couldn’t help but let out a slight moan.

“Be obedient… Relax, and it’ll be fine…” He caressed her smooth and soft skin. After she got pregnant, Su Shuilian did not develop any freckles like most pregnant women. Quite the contrary, her skin became more soft and white, which made Lin Si Yao admiringly tease it.  

Even he didn’t understand, a previously cold-hearted assassin, once fallen in love, could be so passionate. So much so that he couldn’t restrain himself.

It seemed she had ignited the affection he had been suppressing in the bottom of his heart for more than twenty years. Once it was ignited, the fire would never cease.

“Shuilian…” He groaned as he used his lips to ask for her hot response…

The scorching summer sun was overwhelming outside. Inside the room, heat waves of passion were burning the two.

Beads of sweat rolled down his handsome, proud face, dropping on her white chest. His deep eyes showed unfathomable amount of love.

He crouched between her thighs, his hands supporting her full, round buttocks. Two groans, one low and one satisfied, came after a thrust. He had smoothly entered her body…

It’d been a been a while since they had last did it. After it was ignited, the fire couldn’t be controlled. Moreover, being crazy about her, he was willing to do so…


“Shifu, my father said that the house is done. Do you want to go there and check?” In an afternoon on a early eighth lunar month day, Tian Dabao ran into his yard as Lin Si Yao was about to take Su Shuilian for their lunch nap.

“Oh? That fast?” Lin Si Yao raised his brow. He thought that it would take ten or fifteen days more before everything was done.

“Yes, my father said that we should seize the time of good weather to build the two-acre house, too…” It could be convenient for his workers to have a nice Lunar New Year’s holiday.

If this project was to continue smoothly, they could earn the salary that would usually take two years to get.

Of course, Tian Dabao wasn’t too foolish to tell the other the reason. He had overheard it from the workers’ chat during break time.

“We should carry out the work as your father has suggested…” Wasn’t this what he had in mind? Lin Si Yao nodded indifferently. “I will give him the sketches later.”

“Sure…” Tian Da Bao smiled until his eyes narrowed and nodded. He was about head back to report to Tian Dafu when a thought flashed in his mind. He turned around and asked, “Shifu, where has Situ been lately?”

Situ Yun had stayed here long enough to befriend the innocent Tian Dabao their relationship  was neither too close nor too distant.

Befriending, but they are actually more like partners. They’d partners ordered to protect Su Shuilian Lin Si Yao.

“He went to the city for some business…” Lin Si Yao helped Su Shuilian onto the bed and pulled a thin blanket to cover her, “Rest well. I’m going to the Tian House. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay…” Su Shuilian nodded. “If you have time, you should rest too. Don’t overwork yourself.”

During the summer time, there were many things to do with the fields. Seeing him getting up early in the morning and busying himself until late night without much time to rest, she worried for him.

“I know. Sleep…” The corners of Lin Si Yao’s mouth curved up. He pecked her lips as he asked her to rest. Then, he called Tian Dabao, who was drinking tea in the main house. “Let’s go. Let’s find your dad so we talk about the new house.”

“Oh hey, teacher, after you got the new house, what would you do with this house?” This house was decorated much more beautiful than his own house. It would be wasted if no one lived here.

“Demolish and build a new one…” Lin Si Yao walked ahead of Tian Dabao, striding toward the Tian family’s house.

“What? Demolish… Rebuild? You still want to build more houses?…” Tian Dabao was bewildered for a while. Then, he beamed sillily. “Dad and uncle Fang are gonna smile till their teeth fall off!”

Working on three big constructions continually, even if they didn’t work the next year, they wouldn’t need to worry about their living expenses. Not to mention the other things, the carpenters and workers, who didn’t get a job in the other two towns, would have their eyes red in jealousy.

However, there are just two people, Shifu and Shi Niang, ah, and the sisters or brothers in her belly too… still only four people in total. How could they live in two houses? Sigh, I would never understand Shifu’s thoughts. I should just remain as an obedient construction supervisor…


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