Assassin Farmer Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: A Shocking Incident 

“Be obedient, I won’t touch you. The doctor said you could have labor pains anytime in the coming days. As you got twins, perhaps it would be earlier…” Lin Si Yao kissed her lips as he tried to suppress his throbbing lower abdomen. Taking her into his embrace cooing her to sleep. He repeatedly reminded himself of the doctors warnings from several days ago: Twins, not only she would get an early labor but mishap is more prone to happen, which meant it was more dangerous for a woman delivering twins.   

Mishap? No, he would never allow any mishap to happen to her. Thus, he had tried his best to accelerate the work in the hopes that he could finish the new house before her labor. Because, in the new house, he had prepared a special delivery room for her. He had arranged the necessary items or what she may need during her labor. 

As for the personnel like the midwife, the wet nurse, maids, and servants, Liang-momo had arranged all properly and intensively.

This autumn, by the end of the tenth month of the lunar calendar, Fan Hua Town’s Harvest Festival had come to a conclusion. 

The originally bright, yellow paddy fields, after almost one month of harvesting, now was only filled with some dried rice blasts that hadn’t been cleaned yet…

Although the new house hadn’t finished, the cellar was done and they could use it now. Thus, the grains they had harvested, besides the amount to be ground and becoming rice, were poured into the large wicker baskets, stacking neatly in the cellar.

Chun Lan supported Su Shuilian as she strolled and observed her own cellar. She couldn’t help but curve the corners of her lips. 

“Chun Lan, don’t you feel satisfied looking at all of these harvests?” Moreover, those grains were planted and harvested by A Yao himself. 

 “Yes, when Chun Lan was young, I used to work in the field, too. However, at the age of nine, a flood had sunk the paddy fields and killed many villagers. Ever since, Chun Lan have never seen large baskets of rice like this…” When Chun Lan recalled her childhood memory, her eyes unconsciously reddened. 

“Chun Lan, where are you parents?” Su Shuilian remembered that when Chun Lan cried and sobbed last month, she had told her that she missed her parents and her home a lot. 

“They live in Lang Zhou*. They rented two acres of land from the landlord there to work and earned a living. This servant also has a younger brother. He’s eleven years old this year…” Chun Lan supported Su Shuilian out of the cellar, and helped her tighten her thick warm outerwear jacket. The sky at the end of autumn was gloomy and cool.

(廊州/ Lang Zhou –  a province)

“Can’t you visit them once a year?” Su Shuilian still remembered that Chun Lan had almost choked in her sob when she said she hadn’t seen her parents and brother for five years. 

“My Lady, Chun Lan was just babbling, please don’t keep it in your mind…” Chun Lan shyly said, “Although this servant wasn’t born in the Prince’s mansion, the Prince’s mansion had bought my entire life. The Elder Wangfei is so kind, she even pays us three hundred bronze coins per month. If it were some other rich houses, they wouldn’t pay the maids that they had already bought a life contract from…” Chun Lan giggled as she explained in detail. Xia-momo said that after their Young Lady left the mansion, she was so scared and her memory was affected. Perhaps she had forgotten that they were the permanent maids Prince Jing’s mansion had bought. They weren’t short-term workers.  

Su Shuilian understood now, giving the other a light nod. The Su family also bought lifelong servants. Receiving an amount and they had to be a slave for the rest of their lives. These were people who had no other choice because they were so poor.

Although she had pitied them, she had never thought further about it. Today, Chun Lan’s words had risen the guilt in her heart one more time. 

Yeah, it was guilt. She felt guilty that her soul had reincarnated into a body of a lady from a good family. Previously, she was the elegant lady of a noble family, and now, she was a Young Lady of a Prince’s Mansion. She didn’t need to worry about the family’s livelihood or her family members. What she needed to do was to find a good husband and make her family proud. No more than that. 

Even now, in Da Hui Empire, which was completely different from Suzhou, China, she had found her spouse Lin Si Yao, who would share glory or shame with her for the rest of her life. 

Shouldn’t she celebrate her good fortune? If she hadn’t done it and become Mrs. Lin before the Prince’s mansion’s people found her, if she hadn’t got pregnant, the carriage of the prince’s mansion would have soon taken her back to the imperial city and meet her parents of this life. Then, she would show her filial piety to her parents, get married, and then give them a good in-law relationship. 

“Young Lady…?” Chun Lan thought that Su Shuilian felt uncomfortable as she didn’t answer for a long time. She hurried to feel her forehead, prattling, “It’s getting cold. You’d catch a cold as you stay out for a long time. Lady, are you okay? Don’t fool this servant, please. If something happens to you, Guye will hate us to death…” Anybody with a sound mind could see that their cold-faced Guye, who looked even more serious than their Wangye, would become even softer than silk when facing their Young Lady. 

“Nothing. We should go home. It’s almost noon time. What are we having for lunch?” Su Shuilian got a hold of herself, pulling her cloak closer. With the help of Chun Lan, she slowly made her way into the house. 

“Beautiful jiejie*.”

(elder sister) 

Situ Yun flew toward her, stopping Su Shuilian and the other who were walking forward, his face extremely worried. 

“Yun’er? What’s going on?” Seeing Situ Yun, who was always calm and lazy-looking, frowning angrily, Su Shuilian’s heart tembled. “Yun’er…” Did something bad happen?

“Lucky that… You weren’t there…” Sity Yun observed Su Shuilian for a while. Confirming that she was alright, he discreetly exhaled in relief. 

“Uncle’s going out. He asked me to take care of you…” He said simply just to change the topic. 

“A Yao? Where did he go?” Su Shuilian clutched her cloak, frowning and asked. He left before talking to her. It wasn’t like Lin Si Yao.

“Yun’er, what happened to him? If nothing happened, you wouldn’t have that face.” 

“No, Master and co. had just came back. They went out to work with Uncle. They asked me to stay and take care…” Situ Yun was afraid that it would affect her babies if she knew the truth. Thus, he carefully chose his words to sound more honest. 

“Really?” Su Shuilian looked at him skeptically. She didn’t believe him. With A Yao’s temperament, he would tell her every time he went out. Even if he just wanted to go to the field  to work, he would still tell her his whereabouts… Let alone going to the mountain or the city. 

“It’s true. I can use my life to pledge…” Situ Yun raised his hand to make a vow. It was true that Uncle and his teacher’s team had gone out to work. But the key point was that: the old house was destroyed. If beautiful jiejie had been there, perhaps Feng Qing Ya would have captured her to threaten his uncles. As she was alright, Uncle’s mind would be assured. As for Feng Qing Ya, Master and co. should have already pushed him into a corner. He should be struggling right now, he won’t be able to resist for long. 

Thinking about the Feng Yao Court that had stood dozens of years in the world of martial arts was about to be closed because of the external enemies and internal traitors. He had to say that Feng Qing Ya wasn’t a good boss. What kind of Boss of an assassinating organization didn’t trust his employees, and even wanted to uproot them? What kind of Boss that had joined hands with the outsiders to eliminate his subordinates? For Feng Yao Court to have come this far, the former Boss, that had raised every orphan, couldn’t deny his responsibility. How did end end up with such a useless but unscrupulous son? Why didn’t he polish his eyes to choose a competent leader who could carry the heavy burden before he died? 

Sigh… Too late now. Fortunately, Uncle Si Ling did not die so easily. Fortunately, Master and the other uncles had realised Feng Qing Ya’s real colors. However, Si Yun wondered how long this bloody war in Feng Yao Court would last… Would it be until the babies in beautiful jiejie came to this world? Would the battle end by then?

“My Lady, before Guye left, he had asked this servant to take care of you well. If you’ve thinner when he got back, this servant will suffer…” Liang-momo prattled, trying to talk to Su Shuilian who was leaning against a column in the long corridor in the courtyard, staring blankly at the bamboo forest. They had moved in one of the courtyards in the four-acre house. The Feng Yao Court’s Master or someone had ruined their old house. The tiles were broken and the rooms were collapsed. Some furniture items made of best wood that had survived were collected and moved here by Chief guard Xiao and the other guards. 

Fortunately, Su Shuilian suddenly had the mood to visit the newly-built cellar after the harvest time yesterday. It had saved her from the calamity, which caused by Feng Qing Ya in his desperation. When Lin Si Yao heard Xiao Chun grunting and barking alarmingly, he rushed to the place. When he saw the scene, he was so scared he had almost gone crazy. Liang-momo, had hidden under the table in the kitchen. Because she was previously cooking, she had ducked the calamity. She immediately reminded her Guye that Su Shuilian wasn’t in the room. Only after that, Lin Si Yao’s flame of anger was extinguished. No matter what, he didn’t intend to let that evil-doer, who was laughing crazily in front of him, go.  

Liang-momo clearly remembered the words her Guye had said then, “I used a life of mine to repay the former Master’s favor. From now on, Feng Yao Court and I are irreconcilable.” Then, the wind rose and everything was shrouded in a mist of dust. When she opened her eyes again, the madman who had just wreaked havoc was gone. The three stoic men who came after him had disappeared. Their Guye also disappeared…

Sigh, Young Lady, forgive this servant for overstepping bounds… Guye… Who is he? His skills were profound. Is he one of the legendary masters in the world of martial arts?” Liang-momo sighed. She recalled the pressure when the wind rose and the clouds drifted at that time that had blown the guards who had just arrived after hearing the loud commotion. If Liang-momo weren’t at the scene, she would never have believed that there were people with such powers in this world. The swing of a hand could even make the mountains roar and the rivers surge.

“Momo… It doesn’t matter who he is. The thing that matters is, he’s my husband, my babies’ father. Just that is enough…” Su Shuilian’s gentle but determined voice broke Liang-momo’s bewildered state.

“My lady is right. Our Guye looks frightening, but this servant know he’s a good guy. Not only giving us a big house to stay in, whenever a storm came, he would send someone to inform us in case we didn’t prepared. Moreover, Xiao Si had actually told us that Guye had done all the work in the fields. Although they are servants, they aren’t as strong as him. They could only assist him for a little bit. When Xiao Si was bit by a water snake, he had sent him home to rest…” Liang-momo smiled as she recalling all the good sides of Lin Si Yao. They had momentarily forget his suspicious identity. Su Shuilian chose not to interrupt her. When he wasn’t here, listening to the others’ compliments for him was pleasant to her. Gently rubbing her babies in her tummy, she continually prayed for him to return home safe and sound…


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