Assassin Farmer Chapter 96

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Chapter 096: Feng Yao Court’s Master

“Si Ling! Don’t forget who gave you all of what you currently have…” Feng Qing Ya was backed into the corner by Lin Si Yao, Si Tuo, and co. Standing in front of the entrance to Mount Da Shi, he turned around, gazing at Lin Si Yao, as he stressed each word. 

“I repeat, Si Ling had already died by your hands. One life is enough to end all favors and grudges.” Lin Si Yao was standing several feet away from Feng Qing Ya, when he coldly replied.

By him was Si Tuo, who had many wounds on his body. Si Chong and Si Luo guarded him on both sides. They all looked indifferently at Feng Qing Ya standing opposite, their eyes concealing their anger. 

“Ha! How funny. It was because of you that my father didn’t recognize my existence! Since I was young, you were the first one he had in his mind when something came up. Hmph! Si Ling, let alone you’re still alive, even if you’re dead, I’d still want to whip your corpse hundreds of thousands of times! What did you say before? Your death ended all favors and grudges? F*ck that…” 

“Feng Qing Ya, because you’re the Master’s son, we respect you. And, how about you? You forced our brothers to kill each other. You colluded with the Blood Sect, those outsiders. If the former Master in heaven knew that, he would raise a blade at you, no one could afford to have a son like you…” Si Chong coldly faced Feng Qing Ya’s accusations. 

“Haha! What a great group of sworn brothers! Such fools. You guys called each other brothers with close bonds! But as soon as you are ordered, you betray each other in a blink of an eye. Hahaha… how ironic! Si Ling, I think those three should be the first ones you need to deal with. As for me, I’m assuming you haven’t forgotten what the former Master had asked you to do before he died?” Feng Qing Ya smirked, gazing at Si Ling. 

“Feng Qing Ya, you shouldn’t drive a wedge between us before you die!” Si Luo snorted, supporting Si Tuo, whose body stiffened. Si Tuo took the biggest hit; at that time, it was him who had led them to kill Si Ling. 

“Driving a wedge between you guys? Hilarious! If your brotherhood is real, why would you be afraid of me making dissension…” Feng Qing Ya continued to mock them. Moreover, he had gone too far, attempting to make Si Ling change his target. 

It was true that Si Ling’s skills was the best among those people. Even though Feng Qing Ya hadn’t met him for two years and was unsure of how much the others had progressed (in cultivation)… However, just before when they were in Fan Hua Town, Si Ling could ‘rise the wind and roll the clouds’ instantly as easy as flipping his hand, which meant, even if Si Ling’s martial arts hadn’t reached Dà Yuánmǎn (大圆满), he was at least at Dà Chéng (大成).

(Cultivation levels and their weird names xD)

Thus, Feng Qing Ya was smart enough to sidestep, he didn’t dare to face him directly. 

No matter what, to Feng Qing Ya, his life was the most precious. 

Feng Yao Court could not change kins, but if it meant at the risk of his life, there are things to reconsider. 

And now, his life was endangered. He must be flexible. If he could stretch, he could shrink too. 

Dozens of years, he had lived under that damn old man’s pressure. He had learned early on how to read and assess different situations. Otherwise, this Master position wouldn’t belong to him but that damn foggy’s beloved student, Si Ling. 

“A grudge has a start, and a debt has a debtor. Si Tuo followed your order to kill him. Of course, I will calculate this debt for you…” Lin Si Yao wasn’t enraged by Feng Qing Ya’s provocation as he cooly replied. 

“Tsk, tsk! Si Ling, we haven’t met for just two years and you’ve changed your attitude? Si Ling, who was so resolute those years, has become a coward like this?” Feng Qing Ya turned to Si Tuo when he found that Si Ling unexpectedly remained calm. He was panicking and began to talk nonsense. 

“Hero or coward, it doesn’t matter. The former Si Ling has already passed. For the old Master’s sake, I won’t take that on you. Anyway, I spared your life once, but I can’t do it again. Today, you broke my house. If I don’t take your life now, wouldn’t I be too much of a coward?” Lin Si Yao talked coldly, moving several steps toward Feng Qing Ya. 

Listening to him, Feng Qing Ya was so indignant he had almost vomited blood. 

He had just broken some cheap roof tiles, and he hadn’t hurt anyone or broken any furniture, and this man declared to take his life! He even said that he would spare him because of the old Master, didn’t he? More indignantly, he mimicked his word “coward.” 

Si Luo and the other two’s bodies stiffened when they heard Lin Si Yao. However, their shivering bodies exposed the fact that they were trying hard not to laugh. Si Tuo felt his tense expression loosen. Did Si Ling forgive him for the wounds he had caused?

“Cough… Si Ling, don’t waste time with him! The sooner you start, the faster you finish! Don’t forget that our little sister in-law is waiting for you!” Si Chong looked at Si Tuo’s face, which was getting paler. He knew the poison was spreading through his veins. And that bastard, Feng Qing Ya, had the antidote. 

“Si Chong, don’t beat around the bushes! If you want the antidote, just say it. Don’t pull Si Ling into the mud with you…” Feng Qing Ya snorted, exposing Si Chong’s intention. 

But Si Ling wasn’t distracted by his words. His blow came fast and strong, aiming at the other’s most vulnerable spot. 

 “Si Ling, you can’t treat me like that!” Feng Qing Ya hissed, dashing toward Mount Da Shi. 

“You guys stay here, hold onto his heart (acupuncture) point. I’ll try to return as soon as possible…” Lin Si Yao didn’t turn his head back as he chased after Feng Qing Ya into Mount Da Shi. 

“Feng Qing Ya’s cunning and malicious. You should be careful!” Si Luo nodded, he sent Si Ling with a warning, but didn’t follow him. He and Si Chong  supported Si Tuo to find a hidden location and sat down cross-legged. They protected Si Tuo’s heart, preventing the poison from reaching his heart. 

They all understood that Si Ling had the best martial arts, so he could capture that Feng Qing Ya easily. However, that was with the premise that Feng Qing Ya wouldn’t trick him with his cunning plot, and that Si Ling wouldn’t fall for it. 


“Si Ling, How far do you plan to chase?!” Feng Qing Ya looked at Si Ling who was so cold as if he came out right of hell, just several steps away from him. His fear swelled bigger. He wouldn’t spare my life this time? 

Si Ling had been after him all the way, and didn’t give up no matter how hard he had tried to press that the former Master of Feng Yao Court had treated him better than his own son. If he didn’t have so many anesthesia smoke bombs, he would have been killed several times already. 

Just one more step back and he would fall down a steep cliff. Feng Qing Ya gave a miserable smile.  

Lin Si Yao looked at him coldly. His icy-cold face didn’t show any other emotions. 

Today, he decided to push this man into the dead corner because he feared the recurrence of today’s incident. It was fortunate that Shuilian wasn’t home today. She had dodged the disaster. Otherwise… Lin Si Yao clenched his fists. Thinking about Shuilian with her twins being buried under the broken roof tiles, he couldn’t control his wrath.

“Give me the antidote then finish yourself…” Lin Si Yao spat coldly. 

“Well played! Finish myself, good verse! I think my muddled old man in heaven would be very regretful now! Look at his favorite student now!” Feng Qingya gazed at Lin Si Yao, his words aiming at his heart. 

Lin Si Yao looked back at Feng Qing Ya and remembered what Si Chong had previously said: “Haven’t you sufficiently repaid the grace of the old Master by dozens of years of selling your life to Feng Yao Court? If not, plus that Feng Qing Ya has ordered to kill you, would it be enough? Si Ling, you are deemed a dead man once, and now you’re revived. You have a home; you have a family. Why would you trouble yourself like that…” 

“Woowoowoo…” Right at this moment, the familiar wolf howling arose behind Lin Si Yao. He cast a glance and saw it was indeed Xiao Xue who he had last seen half a year ago. Three wolf cubs stood behind her. They looked like they were asking if he needed help. 

“My goodness, wolves!” Feng Qing Ya screamed in panic. Not only that one big wolf and the three cubs, in the woods behind Lin Si Yao sat a pack of wolves that was standing in semi-circle formation around ten meters away. This time, even if he could escape Si Ling’s attack, how could he run away from the besiege of that pack of wolves?

Feng Qing Ya squinted then smiled evilly, “Si Ling, this is the antidote for Si Tuo’s poison. Dare to come and grab it?” His eyes were arrogant as if he was disdaining Si Ling for being a coward. 

Lin Si Yao glanced at the small, folded paper bag in Feng Qing Ya’s hand. He pondered shortly then moved forward. 

Indeed, when he reached out his hand to grab the antidote, Feng Qing Ya’s other hand made a blow with all of his remaining power. The palm went through the air. However, Lin Si Yao was persistent, taking the antidote, while his other hand mercilessly struck a blow. Unexpectedly, after Feng Qing Ya struck his attack, he flipped his hand and pulled Lin Si Yao’s wrist, resolutely trying to drag him down the cliff altogether. 

 “It’s not a bad death if I could make you my cushion before I die! Hahaha…”

At the moment he struck that blow, Lin Si Yao didn’t think much but hurled the antidote away. “Xiao Xue, bring it to the three men by the mountain foot…” Then, as Feng Qing Ya was pulling, his body dropped into the precipitous, deep cliff.

If the man survives the fall, he must personally beat him to death. The bottom of Lin Si Yao’s eyes gleamed with ruthlessness. 


 “Is that… the antidote? But where’s Si Ling?” Si Chong picked up the small paper pack on the ground, skeptically looked at the white wolf in front of him. He knew it was familiar. Right, it was the mother wolf Si Ling previously raised. 

“Awooo…” Xiao Xue faced the sky and let out a long howl. The dark eyes of the dog were watery. 

Master was pulled down the cliff by that evil man… Awoo… Madam would be so hurt. What to do now? But these three morons didn’t understand what I said. Nevermind, I should ask the pack to go with me to scout the bottom of the cliff then.

“It… Is it looking down on me?” Si Chong pointed at Xiao Xue, who was returning to Mount Da Shi. He had seen the disdain in the wolf’s eyes. Heavens! A mother wolf’s obvious scorn at him! If this were to spread out, his twenty-five disciples would laugh to death.

“Seems like it wanted to tell us something. Maybe something about Si Ling?” Si Luo poured the antidote into Si Tuo’s mouth, who was unconscious now. He squinted, thinking. Then, he handed Si Tuo to Si Chong. “You bring him to our little sister-in-law in Fan Hua Town. I’m going to find Si Ling…” He had actually already leapt several meters away before he finished his sentence, dashing in the direction that Xiao Xue had disappeared. 

After Si Tuo took in the antidote, his face regained some colors, but he was still unconscious. Xi Chong begrudgingly lifted him up, cursing as he made his way towards Fan Hua Town. 

That cunning Si Luo! He forced him to face their little sister-in-law’s questions. Sigh… He wanted to run away, too. The women’s tears were what he feared the most. Why was Si Tuo unconscious and where was Si Ling? How could he explain it to her? Sigh, all because of that damn Feng Qing Ya who couldn’t make up for his sins even if he had died ten thousand times! 


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