The Bathroom Goddess Afterstory Part 2

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After Story Part2: A Certain Super Dark Prince

The fundamental building blocks of the tower were large, cold stones.

For the past year, these gray stone walls were the limit of the boy’s whole world.

At the beginning of his imprisonment, he had clawed at the large stone door many times, so many he had lost count already.

There were moments he would scream until he could scream no more and periods when he would shed countless tears because he longed to be outside.

But that had only lasted for a few days.

Now the blood on the door had been long dry, staining the stone.

–I will never be able to go outside again.

After accepting that fact, the boy began to spend the rest of his days in peace.

The only thing that disturbed his heart were small slips of rolled-up paper that would be secretly slipped in.

They offered words of encouragement and false promises never to be fulfilled; a fact that irritated him the most.

Why write such cruel words as, [We will definitely get you out], when the only key to the tower’s door was hanging around his neck?

After the first few, he left those notes that seemed to appear out of nowhere unopened, and they continued to pile up in a corner of the room.

All the boy had eyes for was an old map and some ancient tales he had found in the tower.

The dream of tying the map and the story together was the only thing that had kept the boy sane.

It was in that mental state that, one day, he saw a naked woman appear in front of him.

–Ah, I have finally become insane…

Was what he thought.

What a suitable hallucination for a madman to see, too – a deranged dream of a woman. However, the striking realism of it all bewildered the boy.  

He knew not whether he was dreaming or awake, yet he still entrusted the tower key to that woman. He had never discarded it but, at the same time, he had avoided to look at it with all his might.

Even he was unsure whether it was because he wanted to get rid of the last bit of hope, or because he desperately wanted to believe one last time.

A while after that brief encounter, the door that was never to be unlocked opened in front of his eyes.

And with that, the former Tower of the Silent Sinner crumble down.


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    aw, it’s a bittersweet story of that young prince, huh? the comfort is thqt he should be living fine right now, yay—!

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