Evil King Step Aside!

Rebellious Peasant Girl: Evil King Step Aside! / 逆天小农女:邪王靠边站:
Xiong Xiao Xiong / 熊小熊

Nani*? To have transmigrated to such a barren and deserted place? As a lolita? Well that’s fine with me, being an adult is too exhausting. It would be pretty nice to have a caring daddy and mommy.

Nani? Daddy and mommy passed away? And there’s three younger brothers and sisters to take care of?

Fine. Let’s just resign to the misfortunes of fate.

First visit to town and almost got stomped to death by a horse? Even if the murderer is a hunk, my animosity towards you is absolutely irreconcilable!

*(Nani is what in japanese and yes that’s what is written in the raws.)


She was an orphan without a father nor mother. Along with three younger brothers and sister, they had all lived in a thatched hut that could neither shield them from wind nor rain. But she was a person with extraordinary abilities as she soon overturned their fate and became the most wealthy person in the continent.

He was from the Southern Xia Dynasty, his name could strike terror in many; an almighty Wangye. When he met her, moral principle became a stranger.

He said: “Xiao Xiaxia, come lay a bit closer, this lord will serve you.”

She replied, “Scram*, move further to the side.”
*(滚 = can mean either roll or scram)

He said, “Ok, then let’s roll together…”

She said: “Hey! I told you to scram, not for you to roll with me! And definitely not for you to hold me while rolling!”


Genre: Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural


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8 thoughts on “Evil King Step Aside!

  1. This looks REALLY interesting, I’d love to read it But unfortunately I’m a broke student. Would you consider releasing free chapters anywhere in the future ?

    1. I do plan to release chapters to the public later on. Just I don’t know when, won’t be more than a year though. For now, its just a ‘thank you’ present for my patreon.

      1. Hello ^^
        Can I ask if this novel will be released?

        I love yours works as you translate extremely carefully ! It’s really a pleasure to read yours translations <3

        Thank you for all the hard work!

        1. Hi, thanks so much! This novel is currently in translation hiatus since I’m still busy with school. I’m unsure when I will release this to the public… sorry. But thank you again, I really do appreciate your support!

  2. Hi! How many chapters will this translation be? It sounds so interesting but I don’t want to commit to it and then rip my hair out when it takes forever. :p

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