Forbidden Love Chapter 10 (Part 2)

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Chapter 10 (Part 2)

“Bing’er, what are you doing?”

When Xiao Qing opened the door to Dong Fang Ling’s room, she saw Bing’er struggling to get up with one hand holding her wounded chest. Bing’er struggled to stand, but Xiao Qing ran over in time to stop her and and settled her back onto the bed.

“Xiao Qing, quit making a fuss about it. I have been lying in bed for seven days now, it’s gotten much better, so let me outside to take a walk.

If she kept staying in bed, she’s definitely going to go bad. If she doesn’t take advantage when Dong Fang Ling is away settling business, she’ll go crazy from staying indoors for so long.

“No, young master said I must carefully watch over you, in case you wanted to do something like this… Your wounds have not completely closed yet, what will we do if it opened again?”

Bing’er’s wound was very deep, not only was it coupled with excessive bleeding, she also suffered a high fever. In addition, because she had lost a lot of weight, her healing process was slowed down, and this had really worried young master.

Moreover, on top of the decoction the physicians had prescribed to her, Bing’er was fed medical cuisine. Though Bing’er was fed five meals a day, there was no visible signs of her putting on any weight. However, she is slowing getting back her color (as in she’s not pale anymore).

“I just want to go to Gu Yue Pavilion to sit a bit.” Bing’er said, while looking at the Xiao Qing in front of her. She was quite surprised by her own lack of strength, though… with just saying this sentence, she was already out of breath.

“Definitely not in this condition, you can not go out; just look at yourself. Just a few words, and already tired. Please Bing’er, be good and lie back down, please don’t cause trouble, young master will blame me for it.

“I don’t want to.”

In a deadlock, just when Xiao Qing was about to force Bing’er to lie down, a light cough was heard from outside the door. Elder Jiang said in a respectful voice: “Lady Luo, Lady Fang is here to see you.”

Ever since first young master brought Lady Lou back, she had stayed in young master’s bedroom since. The two had shared the same bed for several days, it was an open secret to everyone in the House. It was not going to be long until Lady Lou becomes Dong Fang House’s first lady.

“Lady Fang? Could it be Chu Chu? Elder Jiang, quickly, please let her in.”

Taking advantage as Bing’er was speaking, Xiao Qing helped her lay back onto the bed in a semi fowler’s position. Smiling, she also carefully added a blanket on top of her.

Bing’er could glare at her and helplessly follow Xiao Qing.

When Fang Chu Chu entered the inner room, she greeted Bing’er with a smile. Xiao Qing timely pulled a stool next to the bed so that they could talk properly.

Sitting onto the chair, Chu Chu nodded at Xiao Qing as a thanks before holding onto Bing’er’s hand. She happily said: “Binger, do remember me? Never thought that outside of that Yi Hong Brothel incident that we would meet once again.”

“Yes ah, I would have never dreamed that you then, was the long lost daughter of Fang House.”

Bing’er reciprocated her hand hold, thinking back to that incident.. Ah, everything was so unexpected ah.

Chu Chu looked at Bing’er who laid on the bed, and apologetically said: “Bing’er, I have come today to express my gratitude to you. You have saved both me and my mother, and you almost lost your life, you are our family’s benefactor. I really don’t know how to express my thanks and apologies to you…”

Her impression of Bing’er was that she was always lively, but now she’s bedridden. Even though she was no longer as pale as before, Chu Chu still felt sorry for Bing’er.

“Don’t say that, I have gotten a lot better! If you do not believe me, then come walk with me outside, I’ll show you.”

Bing’er could not bear to let Chu Chu to blame herself any longer. Trying to get up, Bing’er was stopped by a hand.

“Bing’er, if you dare walk out of your room, I will tell young master the truth.” Xiao Qing said with a warning. She knew that Bing’er was trying to take this opportunity to go outside…. Ah she really did not think of how her condition is.

Bing’er looked at Xiao Qing unhappily. Using Dong Fang Ling to pressure her, all she could do was grit her teeth angrily.

Looking at the two people bickering in front of her, Chu Chu could not help but laugh. She was glad that Bing’er was taken good care of in Dong Fang House. With Dong Fang Ling, Chu Chu was had nothing to worry about.

Thinking back to the time when she first met Dong Fang Ling, Chu Chu was very impressed with his seemingly unfazeable appearance. But after he heard that Bing’er was kidnapped, his calm facade quickly came off. His murderous aura… ah just thinking about it caused her heart to beat faster in fear.

“Oh yeah, Chu Chu, I heard that you had someone you liked, would you mind telling me?” Suddenly Bing’er remember the reason why Fang House had agreed to terminate the marriage. Curious, Bing’er could not help but ask.

Chu Chu’s delicate face blushed, her eyes flashed with a shy light, as she softly said: “It’s a long story”

Rain was heard trickling down, outside the window. From time to time, it was accompanied by sounds of laughter and teasing; creating a harmonious and leisurely afternoon.

The full moon was brightened by its yellow halo-like light, as it shone on the intertwining figures in Gu Yue pavilion.

Bing’er sat on the railing, comfortably leaning her back against Dong Fang Ling’s chest. Her fingers playing with his large hands which was tightly wrapped around her waist. Thinking about her almost dream-like experience from and ‘till after coming to Lou Yang city, Bing’er let out a sigh.

“Why are you sighing?” Dong Fang Ling raised his brows. Inhaling the light fragrance emitted by the person in his embrace, he was reminded of their first encounters. His handsome face shone with affection.

“Nothing, I just never expected that a simple trip would have turned out to be like this…”

Thinking about her past injuries and her near death experience, Dong Fang Ling tightened his hold around Bing’er’s waist. After days of meticulous care, Bing’er had finally recovered and was back to her healthy self.

“When your father comes, we will be able to get married.”

If not for Lou Xuan’s words, he would have already married Bing’er after she had recovered. Although they already share the same bed, he was still not assured because of her naughty personality.

“Just speaking about my father just makes me angry, without any word of explanation, he just throws me with you. He really puts a lot of faith in you.” Bing’er could not help but complain as her pink lips slightly pursed.

Dong Fang Ling laughed as his long finger poked at her pink lips. Taking out a silver bracelet, he put it on Bing’er’s thin wrist. He then adjusted the size, so that it wouldn’t fall off.
“What is this?” Binger curiously looked at the bracelet on her wrist. It was a silver bracelet and delicately carved on it were exquisite, life-like flowers and birds. The most breathtaking thing about it was that the fastener was actually a piece of jade, which had the word “Ling” carved on top of it.

Dong Fang Ling gently lifted Bing’er’s wrist, kissing the bracelet, he explained: “This is Dong Fang House’s keepsake (love token). The ‘Ling’ on the jade signifies that you are my, Dong Fang Ling’s, wife.”

After annulling his and Lady Fang’s marriage at Fang House, he had finally taken back this token to put on Bing’er. From now on, after seeing this bracelet, anyone of Dong Fang House would know Bing’er’s identity.

“There is also one thing I want to ask you. Where did you obtain all those knowledge of poisons from?” This question had been in his mind for a while, but had always forgotten to ask.

“Well it’s a long story… Have you heard of the three flowers of Pan Yangcheng (潘阳城)? Those three beautiful and elegant, glamorous, unparalleled women, well, they are like sisters to me. All three of them have their own specialties/strength, I had only learnt Yin Shuang sister’s face changing technique, but you quickly saw through it… as for the red scorpion powder, Wu Shuang sister had given it to me for self-defense. Actually out of the three, Qiu Shuang sister’s skill in medicine was the most favored, but I was too restless and never took the patience to learn. ”

(Remember like the term brother, sister can be used to signify close relationships)

After Bing’er had mentioned them, she let out a bitter laugh. She really did miss them ah.

“When we get married, I can take you to visit them.” Dong Fang Ling did not look at her face, but with her tone of voice, he knew what she was thinking.

“It’s a promise then!”

Bing’er happily laughed, her picky hooked onto his hand’s last digit at her waist. Leaning her head back, exchange smiles with Dong Fang Ling. They were both drunk in each other’s eyes in the moonlight of the night.

Dong Fang Ling tightened his arms around his beloved as he looked towards that dark sky which was lit by the bright moon.

Ah, a wonderful reunion under a full moon.


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