High Noon Sun Sips Grapefruit


First review ever~

Nose wise, it has an authentic mineral-ly grapefruit smell.

Clear in color, this drink is refreshing for a hot summer day. Maybe because it’s only 4.5% in alcohol content, it tastes like a light grapefruit soda.

What I don’t like about this drink is that it’s 100 calories. Sure, it may sounds very little considering it’s a 355 ml can, however keep in mind that it’s mostly vodka and club soda.

In this drink, there should only be about half an ounce of vodka, which is roughly 32 calories. And sparkling water should not contain any calories. So does the other calories come from the fruit juice? There’s only 96 calories in a cup (237 ml) of grapefruit juice. And I doubt for a $2 can, there would be 155ml of real grapefruit juice. Doesn’t taste like it either.

However overall, it’s a decent drink to have. It’s light and has a medium finish.

I do enjoy how thin and tall the can is, it makes it very convenient to hold as a female with small hands.

7.5/10 stars  6/10 stars

Edit: Oof, I just finish the can, the last sip was…. to but it bluntly… bad. It was really strong in flavor at the end, maybe because I drank from out of the can with a straw… however, it almost tasted like there was a lot that settled at the bottom….

Can’t really shake the can either since it’s carbonated…. I’m changing my rating….




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