Ling Qi

Ling Qi C1

Hey Everyone! This is Turtle and I’m one of the editors for Fleeting Phoenix. We have some very exciting news to announce today! I know we’ve mainly been doing novel translations, but we’re also going to take on manhua/manga translations too. Anyone ever heard of Ling Qi (Soul Contract)? Because that’s our first series we’re going to pick up! Along with me working on this, I have my wonderful translator SpiderontheWindow who is going to dual host the chapters.

Now a word from Spider:

“Hey people I’m Spider, the new recruit. I’m helping out the translations of soul contract here but I’m also working on Twin Spirit Detectives and Shen Me Gui (What the Hell) on my tumblr.”

Without further ado, here’s the first chapter, we’re looking forward to it!

Chapter 1



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