Ling Qi

Ling Qi C79-80

Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying this spring weather because it is still snowing where I am somehow (damn you global warming!)

Spidey and I have another chapter update for you all. We’ve been getting a lot of comments on how often we update, and honestly…it’s not a set schedule but we try to keep it so that we’re not gone for longer than a month at a time. Also if you want to keep updated on when we do release, I think there’s a way to subscribe to the page so that it e-mails you (idk I’m bad with technology lol). Also another question to address: Chapter 162 is from when I was just fan translating on my own and used shitty mobile quality scan images for the translation. We’re not up to that point yet, but we WILL make it there eventually don’t worry!

Finally, a shout out to all of you who donated, thank you Wendy, Roberta, and Elodie!!! You guys help keep us posting and getting raws and get caffeine to keep us running. <3

Chapter 79
Chapter 80


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