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Little Phoenix C40

Hi Guys! MissQ here! Sorry it’s not an Assassin Farmer chapter update, but its still good news! So we, FPT, are picking up a new novel!!!! (The next AF chapter will be posted by Thursday.)

The previous chapters were translated by Luen Translations, here’s the link to the chapters here.

We’re picking up where they had dropped off, at chapter 40. The first 3 chapters we are posting are translated by me, but after that, Mayern and her friend will be doing the honors!

I’ve been holding this novel in my folder for so long, and finally it can be published for ya’lls to read, all thanks to Mayern and her friend!!! Although these chapters are done by yours truly, they have been checked over by Mayern and her friend for consistently, but feel free to comment if there’s any confusion!

Anyways, enjoy!

Thank you again Mayern and Friend for helping!

P.S. Expect this novel to be a weekly update!


Also Fleeting Phoenix Translations now has a public discord channel! Join to chat with other readers and even translators!


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