Little Phoenix Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: God’s Former Residence (2)

Entering the palace hall, at the top of the stairs directly in front of her, the Devil God was standing in front of a pillar.

“They’re gone! My wings are gone!” Tian Zhen pounced over to him and kowtowed, “Your Majesty is formidable! Long live His Majesty!”

In regards to her fawning, the Devil God had an expression of enjoyment: “A common god with the most inferior constitution and yet you possess an unusual neidan. It’s hard to support a millenia’s worth of cultivation. You ended up being controlled by it instead which led to the manifestation of your gray wings. I sealed it for the time being. Your gray wings immediately disappeared afterwards.”

It’s great that it disappeared. The reasoning and process didn’t matter. Tian Zhen repeatedly nodded her head: “Many thanks Your Majesty!”

The Devil God found it odd and said: “I mentioned this once before, but at the time you didn’t seem to mind. Why are you so happy now?”

“Just because someone doesn’t insist on something doesn’t mean that they don’t want to.” Tian Zhen explained, “I’m a woman so I naturally want to be beautiful. I won’t be disappointed even if I have to keep my wings. It’s just that since Your Majesty was willing to get rid of them for me, I’m even happier.”

The Devil God gave an “mn” in response and said: “Apropos.”

At the very least, no one will be able to cut off my wings next time. Tian Zhen crawled up and with a shake, returned to her original form. She flew a lap around the interior of the palace.

Seeing this, the Devil God asked: “Phoenix, what are you doing?”
Tian Zhen landed on the floor and returned to her human form. She calmly replied: “I can’t use magic so later on I’ll need to return to my original form in order to travel faster.” Beauty came with a cost after all.

The Devil God said: “No matter. I’ll take you.”

Her faith in him had greatly increased after the removal of her wings, Tian Zhen’s face began to redden and her heart raced. Looking at the injury on his face, she extended her arm out for a blood donation without hesitation. Like she was advertising, she blurted out: “Your Majesty, my blood is very effective for healing injuries. It takes three minutes for it to heal injuries and there won’t be any scarring.”
The Devil God pushed her away: “We’re returning to the Devil Realm.”

After they exited the palace hall, Tian Zhen made a request: “I can’t fly. Your Majesty, carry me in your arms.”

“I’ll allow it.”

Tian Zhen was pleased. She suddenly caught a glimpse of a faint five-colored glow coming from the back of the palace hall before it abruptly disappeared. It was probably that colorful python. Tian Zhen soon stopped caring about it and threw herself into his arms.

The Devil God changed her back into her original form and carried her in his arms as he left.

On the way back, the mood was different from how it was in the past and it felt like time was moving particularly fast. The Devil God had always cherished his words like gold. Tian Zhen had long since understood the Devil God’s personality and had discovered that he wasn’t in a good mood. After failing twice to strike up a conversation with him, she didn’t bother him for the rest of the journey back. She just slept in his arms while comforting herself by telling herself that no matter what, their relationship had taken a step forward. This god came from the distant past times so she couldn’t be impatient.

After a few days, the two entered the Void Heaven Devil Realm. They stopped outside of the ten thousand miles of rocky mountain.

The Devil God threw her to the ground: “Sleepyhead Phoenix, wake up.”

Tian Zhen returned to her human form, and got up rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes, she then took in her surroundings. Afterwards, she was at a loss, “But we haven’t reached the Demon Palace yet, right?”

“I will go first.”

The Lord Devil God, who attracted the attention of people everywhere, will definitely not let others know that he had carried his subordinate in his arms when he was traveling. Tian Zhen soon understood the reason and laughed secretly. She suddenly remembered a very important thing. She stretched out her arms and said: “Your Majesty, let me heal your wounds first before you return to the Devil Palace.”

Devil God looked up and said: “It’s fine.”

Her hand was pushed back by an incorporeal force. Tian Zhen explained, “I know Your Majesty doesn’t mind this small wound, but others might not think in the same manner. I come from the heavenly bird race, your Majesty got injured because of me, although it isn’t serious, observant people will blame me.”

The Devil God slightly turned his head and expressionlessly glanced at her. Then in the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Tian Zhen sighed, helpless. Turning into a phoenix she flew towards the rock mountain, she was not worried, after returning to the Demon World, her personal safety is guaranteed, Heavenly King Lu will also dare not raise his hand against her. Tian Zhen  imagined his face on seeing her come back alive and sneered.

Coincidentally, as she landed before the entrance of the Demon palace she saw him giving orders to a few soldiers. 

Tian Zhen stood there and stared at him.

As a testament to Heavenly King Lu’s mental strength surpassed his father’s, seeing the safely returned Tian Zhen, he only wrinkled his eyebrows, before immediately assuming his usual expression, appearing as though nothing was related to him. He emotionlessly ignored her, and went about his business, passing by her without a word.

Deserving of being called the Heavenly King, Tian Zhen called to mind the fact that this time she had almost lost her life, really making one want to vomit blood. Looking at his back she secretly cursed him for being too treacherous, this stomach full of plotting, no wonder he aged prematurely, very similar to his father and his brother.

“Ah! Grey phoenix!”, a red shadow said appearing from seemingly nowhere. Circling around her, he said with a pleasantly surprised tone, “You came back alive, that’s very good!”

Tian Zhen hearing him became more incensed, she ruthlessly pinched his cheeks, “Little thing, you dared lie to me?”

“Hey hey! What are you doing?” Lu Xiao Can struggled to free himself from her hold.  

“What am I doing?” Tian Zhen angrily said, “What do you mean by asking if I returned alive? You already knew this was a trap right? But you joined with other people to plot against me! I helped you, and this is how you repaid me, did you know or not that I would have almost lost my life? I shouldn’t have pleaded at that time, I should have just let your Father tear you down!”

Lu Xiao Can did not say anything, he hung his head down, moved a few steps away, and then secretly gave her a glance.

Tian Zhen had a cold expression on her face.


After a long time, Lu Xiao Can pulled at her hand , saying in a small voice, “Hey, it wasn’t that I wanted to lie to you, the trap was set by Elder brother.”

Tian Zhen said, “You are so smart, you should have already known it was a trap right?”

“Exactly!” Lu Xiao Can clapped his hands, “The moment you left, I understood it was a trap!”

This little thing is still in the mood to be proud of himself! Tian Zhen sighed, in the end they aren’t biologically related, she speedily pulled at his ear, “You knew but still didn’t come save me?”

Lu Xiao Can defended himself saying, “I wanted to go find you, it was my elder brother who didn’t allow me.”

“Will you listen to him or to me!”, Tian Zhen let him go, “Next time, don’t count on me, let him plead for you, see if I care about you anymore, you little demon!”

Lu Xiao Can didn’t complain.

Tian Zhen hummed as she left.

By luck as she went past the palace hall, she saw Jiu Si Cang coming in a rush, when she saw Tian Zhen she was pleasantly surprised, “ Bird lady, why did you suddenly run off? That day when you left, we were worried for several days, we thought that you might have been arrested by Heaven’s people. Originally, we planned to search for you, but later the Heavenly king said he had already ordered some people to specially search for you, did he find you?”

Found a fart! (really is there nothing else we can substitute that word for haha) Tian Zhen cursed but didn’t say it, she smiled drily, “Yes, yes, I let you guys worry.”

JiuSi Cang was about to continue speaking, but she suddenly Lu Xiao Can glaring ferociously at her from behind, she immediately greeted with a smile, “Little heavenly king.”

Tian Zhen jumped in fright, and turned around, realizing Lu Xiao Can was behind her!

The relationship between the two brothers was good, the child didn’t fear anyone, he only listened to his father and brother, he probably would dare not go against his brother’s orders. Thinking he is scared and thus following her like a tail without a word, Tian Zhen’s heart also softened. “Alright, I know you didn’t do it on purpose, if this happens next time, see if I have mercy or not!”

After seeing that she spoke genuinely, Lu Xiao Can asked, “how come you didn’t complain to Father Emperor?”

“Isn’t it for you, you little demon”, Tian Zhen said angrily, “You heard your elder brother convince me to go, is that the only thing you heard, it is as you have told me, what did he do?”

In this whole matter big Heavenly king Lu had done nothing, at least he could have also said that he sent some more people to search for her, it was very troubling. The only one implicated is Lu Xiao Can and he would never sell out his elder brother, everyone along with herself would take into consideration Lu Xiao Can, everything was carefully planned by Big heavenly king Lu, too treacherous, too treacherous!

Lu Xiao Can peeped at her, this action seemed to show his guilt.

Formidable mother goddess Tian! Tian Zhen sighed with emotion, bending down she hugged him and kissed him saying, “I am your mother, of course it will hurt you.”

JiuSi Cang immediately looked towards the sky.

Lu Xiao Can quickly got out of her hug, and rubbed his face with the back of his face. He glowered at her with wide eyes, suddenly he looked surprised, as if he had just seen a very unusual thing, “Yi, your wings, why can’t they be even?”

At the shout JiuSi Cang also looked astonished and said, “No wonder when I saw you just now I couldn’t recognise you.”

Profiting from a disaster, Tian Zhen felt happy again, she quickly stretched out her hands and rotated around once, repeatedly saying, “How? How? Isn’t it… easier on the eye?”

Lu Xiao Can circled around with her to her back, and touched her back, “Aiya, it’s really not there, how is this possible?”

JiuSi Cang interrupted, “It must be His majesty.”

Tian Zhen happily said, “Cang elder brother guessed correctly!”

Lu Xiao Can understood and said, “Right! Other than Father emperor who else has this kind of godly power, it’s he who removed it for you right? You (Liu is Cang) really are smart, I’m really an idiot!”

Liu Si Cang nodded without control, saying, “Little heavenly king is really an idiot, it’s his majesty who removed…..”

Before he could finish speaking he was kicked and sent flying.

“I won’t let you live!” Lu Xiao Can flew after him to continue the beating, “You dare say I’m an idiot?”

“Your servant doesn’t dare! Little heavenly king said so yourself! Little heavenly king have mercy!”

 “This heavenly king said it about himself, so you will also say?”


The big dais, shone with pearly lustre like the holy temple of the western paradise. The Devil God was standing on the seventh step of the purely white jade stairs, looking down and speaking with the Minister Mo Ye.

“Your Highness’s face…..” Minister Mo Ye said in an astonished tone.

As expected, in the end all subordinates are always attentive, the Devil God raised his hand and touched his the bruise on his face and concealed his rage while speaking with a calm voice, “The Yue Clan’s detestable female damaged my appearance.”

They didn’t need to guess what happened as a result.  Minister Mo Ye cautiously consoled him saying, “Such a small injury, your majesty need not care about it.”

The Devil God clasped his hands behind his back, “It’s a very ugly bruise.”

Scars don’t concern men. Other than fighting with Gods and supervising to make sure everyone’s ideology and intentions were of moral character, His majesty has taken very little notice of other matters. Minister Mo Ye didn’t understand why he was brooding and was forced to follow along, saying with an appeasing smile, “Even so….”  

“En?”, he said, voice full of danger and admonishment.

Minister Mo Ye was intimidated, he didn’t understand what he had said wrongly, he quickly added, “Subordinate is saying, even if the scar is ugly…..”

As soon as the words came out, Tian Zhen knew he was out of luck, and as expected, the next moment the minister of protection was vaulted out of the palace by a hit.

The Devil God snorted coldly, before suddenly disappearing up the stairs.

Deserving of being called father and son, Tian Zhen placed a hand on her forehead. This God emphasising on his ugliness, was just because he wanted to hear flattering words like “your graceful bearing is unchanged”, are you stupid?

Sympathising, Tian Zhen went over and supported Minister Mo Ye, and put a small medical pellet into his mouth, “Big Brother, even if you couldn’t say his majesty is eminently talented and handsome, with a bearing like the tree against the wind, couldn’t you have called him ugly?”

“It’s nothing more than a small bruise. Where is it ugly?” Minister Mo Ye swallowed the medicine and bitterly complained, “When did I say that, it was his majesty himself who said it!”

Seeing he didn’t understand, Tian Zhen gave him a helping hand, “His majesty called himself that, so can you also say the same?”

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