Little Phoenix Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: God and Phoenix

When she still had her gray wings, Tian Zhen envied those exquisitely dressed goddesses. But now that her wings were taken away, she somehow lost the interest in beautiful clothing. After trying on different outfits, she ended up choosing the gray-black dress which she thinks is more pleasing to her eyes.

She cannot help but to mock herself: “Since I’m not the world’s most beautiful woman, no matter how I try to dress, I will still not look like those goddesses.”

In the soft blue lighting, Devil God could be seen leaning against the door.

Tian Zhen walked over and called out: “Your Majesty.”

With his face facing to the side, the Devil God responded with an “hmm”.

Tian Zhen pretended to not have noticed it, then turned to the other side. She moved his long hair away from his forehead, looked at his injured face and comforted: “Your majesty is still beautiful.”

Without any hesitation, the Devil God blatantly replied “Words contrary to one’s heart.”

Tian Zhen felt embarrassed. She slowly got on her tiptoed and said “I spoke the truth. The minor injury has no effect on your majesty’s appearance.”

The Devil God looked at her and replied: “There is some sincerity.”

This god may seem very prideful and violent, but he knew everything. It is not easy to deceive him. Tian Zhen smiled and said: “this subordinate is not very good at talking, why should you be angry?”

Devil God directly confessed: “It was my fault to hurt my subordinate to vent my anger.”

Tian Zhen touches her chin.

This God is very principled and reasonable. Unfortunately, the powerful strength and the nature of killing gods made it impossible for his behavior to be completely controlled by the principles. The moment he loses his temper, all the principles must be set aside. For example, he does not kill women; however, Hengyue Ji provoked him and was killed. If you follow him and don’t know this characteristic, then you will be unfortunate. The consequence may be: this God is angry, almost kills you; then when he calms down, he will self-criticize that “it was my fault.”

You feel wronged, angry; the question is, do you dare to beat him back?

Tian Zhen said: “This is just a small wound. It won’t need too much of my blood. Let’s try it, your majesty.”

The Devil God sat down on the couch and said: “I am a heavenly body, and the blood of the Phoenix is useless.”

Tian Zhen suddenly realized. No wonder he refused to use medicine for internal injuries last time. Instead, he used Tianyuan divine light to treat his own injuries. Now that it is an external injury, he will probably need to heal himself this time. It is sometimes not a good thing to be born too extravagant, just like an expensive car. It will work great but the moment a breaks a little, it will be very troublesome to fix.

While thinking about it, Tian Zhen sat down beside him.

Devil God reminds her: “Phoenix”.

Tian Zhen replied: “I am tired, won’t you even allow me to sit down?”

Apart from this couch, there are no other decorations in the hall. It’s too inconsiderate to make the subordinate stand all the time. The Devil God did not comment on the matter again. He looked at her for a while and asked: “Phoenix, what do you like about me?”

Tian Zhen deliberately thought about it and replied: “It’s still your majesty’s face.”

“What a cunning phoenix trying to please me,” said the Devil God as he shifted his eyes slightly. 

“All the things my son, Bing He did was for me and the Devil World.”

Tian Zhen was stunned before she responded: “Your majesty, are you trying to say……”

“I don’t blame him for his mistake.”

Tian Zhen stared at him for a long time and asked: “Your majesty could have just pretended to not know anything, why did you explain it to me?”

The Devil God replied: “I am showing favoritism and it is unfair to you.”

“Your majesty had decided to take his side?”

“My son has done a lot for the Devil World. The future of the Devil World needs him.”

“I’m very grateful for your majesty’s explanation; however, the question is that can my answer change your majesty’s decision? If I say I disagree, will your majesty punish him?”

“I don’t need your answer to whether I should punish him or not.” The Devil God said, “I’m asking if you would forgive him for me.”

Who said this God is stupid, he is obviously the smartest one in the six worlds! Tian Zhen smiled and said: “Since your majesty already asked, if I still disagree, wouldn’t it prove that my feelings for your majesty aren’t sincere?”

“I don’t mean it that way.”

“He knew what could happen to me if I leave the Devil’s World. If your majesty wasn’t able to reach me on time, I would have died. There is no way I could have ignored it.” Tian Zhen stopped and said: “But I am willing to forgive him for your majesty. What I am worried about is whether there will be a second time.”

Devil God replied: “Your tolerance will change him.”

Feeling a bit relieved, Tian Zhen replied: “I believe your majesty’s words.”

The Devil God stared at her and said nothing.

Being aware that his gaze seemed different from the usual, Tian Zhen approached him with a restrained smile and said: “I realized that I was getting more and more fond of Your Majesty.”

The Devil God turned his head and looked at the door.

“My dear Your Majesty?”

“A Phoenix skilled in flattery.”


Suddenly there was a whirling wind sound coming from the outside. Through the pearlescent reflection on the tall pillar of the opposite end, a heroic figure landed outside the door casting a long shadow on the ground.

Tian Zhen quickly halted the conversation.

Lu Bing He stepped into the hall. He knelt down on one knee then stood up and asked: “Father Emperor, I was wondering if you found anything during your trip to Mount Youpo?”

“It was just a divine snake, nothing important.”

“How can such a small wicked animal hurt Father Emperor?”

“What hurt me was the Taishang Mirror’s killing formation.”

In just a few sentences, Lu Bing He was able to get to the key point: “How can the killing formation occur on Mount Youpo if Tai Shang Mirror is outside of the six worlds?”

The Devil God replied: “That year when my father and brother led the gods, I accidentally entered the formation.  Due to my physical constraints, they got the opportunity. Now that the primordial divine snake broke out of the ground, it resulted in changes of the earth and triggered this formation.”

Lu Bing He said: “Then Mount You Po is a dangerous place. It will be better if Father Emperor visits there less.”

The Devil God answered: “It is okay, I’m not worried about this formation anymore.”

Lu Bing He looked at Tian Zhen and said: “Your son has one more thing to say. Father Emperor, please stay away from this girl.”

Who says tolerance will change him? Tian Zhen almost got an internal injury from the anger. She regretted the kind thoughts she had before. Who wants to forgive you? Forgiveness never pays off!

The Devil God also thought it was too direct and reminded him: “Phoenix is not at fault, my son. Please watch what you are saying!”

“Your son not only did not suspect she was a spy, but also believed she did not intentionally harm father. It’s just that certain things are unpredictable.” Lu Bing He paused and said: “Who could have thought that since this girl appeared has resulted in Emperor Father, who rules over the six worlds, to get injured countless of times. It is just too coincidental. Although rumors are not credible, they should not be ignored either.”

Without even waiting for the Devil God to reply, he added: “Through the alliance of the gods and the immortals worlds, although there are a lot of brave generals but the help from the monster world is also limited. If Father Emperor really goes to Tai Shang Mirror now, it will affect the Devil World. Please think twice before deciding.”

The Devil God became silent and slowly shifted his eyes. It is obvious that he is in deep thought.

For the future of the Devil World, he brought up such a great reason. Tian Zhen calmly stared at him without saying anything.

The Devil God thought about it for a long time and finally said: “Phoenix, move out of the chamber first.”

Tian Zhen also waited for a long time. She stood up and said: “Since Your Majesty believed in what he said, you don’t have to tell me, I dare not to step into this hall again.”

As for Tian Zhen’s experience of moving in and out of the chamber multiple times, the other demons sighed endlessly. It is undeniable that Tian Zhen spoke words of anger at that time, but even low status people have self-esteem. In the next two months, not only did she not step into the chamber again, she also refused to attend any discussions which was exactly what Elder Heavenly King Lu wanted.

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