Little Phoenix Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Divine Python’s Master

The Devil God narrowed his eyes, the aftermath will be dire. A smart person would not oppose him at this moment as it would only increase his anger, lest they wanted to be scapegoats along with their friend.

Looking at it one way, this God would probably kill and then think with self-criticism, “I killed wrongly.”

Afterwards, one can die in peace.

Most people would be completely unable to accept such a result. Tian Zhen being unable to bear the critical situation, shamelessly acted like a young girl, “Your Majesty you finally came! Did you come searching for me?”

A furious face met a smiling one, the Devil God also did not expect this. She successfully stumped him with the question. His hands were raised, but he did not continue with his actions.

“His Majesty came to find me, you can leave first,” said Tian Zhen, shoving Wen Xi’s hand away while hinting at him. She then speedily rushed till she was in front of the Devil God and held the raised hand, “Your Majesty, it’s been so long since I have seen you, I thought you completely forgot about me.”

“En?” the Devil God’s killing intent still hadn’t decreased, he could clearly see through her intentions.

“Your Majesty, cool your anger,” said Tian Zhen hugging him, then raising her head she smiled calmly, “He is a friend I made when I was in the Heavenly World, please Your Majesty, don’t hurt him.”

“Friend?” The Devil God finally spoke, “A friend who is instigating you to betray me!”

“The Heavenly Emperor has given the order to find and kill me. He took the risk of coming into the Demon World to warn me, advising me to leave was out of concern for me. Your Majesty, don’t you think it’s hard to come across such a friend?”, Tian Zhen did her best to guide his thoughts, “Your Majesty, don’t worry I absolutely will not betray the Demon World.”

 “Little Phoenix!”, said Wen Xi, taking two steps forward.

“Thank you for thinking about me,” Tian Zhen said, timely cutting him off, her tone was frank and sincere, “But I am willingly staying in the Demon World, so please go back. Don’t worry about me.” To guarantee his safety, she continued, fiercely saying, “Regardless of Heaven’s plan to kill me, even if the five realms come together, His Majesty will not let them hurt me even a little.”

Anger will naturally be reduced when you are regarded as the victor. This is especially true for people who love saving face.

The Devil God was begrudgingly satisfied upon hearing her words, his killing intent also decreased by a great extent.   

Wen Xi understood her intention. Thinking that his status will not easily let him meet with mishap, only continued saying as calmly as possible, “The Heavenly World giving orders to kill, is not a small matter…..”

“Enough!”. Tian Zhen indifferently said, “You don’t have to repeat it, I won’t leave with you.”     

Noticing that his image was being destroyed, the Devil God admonished her saying, “Phoenix, let go.”   

A God with an inborn killing talent, it’s a habit to make cannon fodders. Without confirming that he has calmed down, Tian Zhen refused to let go. She just grabbed his hand and put it against her face, saying in a low voice, “Your Majesty, I only have you in my heart, don’t worry, I won’t leave you.”


Usually the Devil God would unhesitantly kill such unbridled people with a single hit from his hand. Only there has never been a person as unbridled as this before, so it seemed a pity to kill this girl. However if it continued he didn’t  know what else she would say to explain herself. Weighing his options, the Devil God thought that the matter of his image was still comparatively more important. As for the man who went so far as to instigate his subordinate, he wasn’t anxious, he can kill him slowly later.

In the end, the Devil God didn’t deal with Wen Xi, he took Tian Zhen and swiftly disappeared.     

In the eternal night of the Void Heaven Demon Realm sporadic bursts of thunder could be heard, the storm fell on the thousand mile Rock mountain washing over it. Ahead the light of the pillars of jade had already given out. The Qin Hall, which was like a rooftop garden, was silent in the midst of the rain.

In the blink of an eye, two people suddenly appeared outside.

The Devil God released Tian Zhen, and walked towards the door.

At this moment, Tian Zhen had finally let go of her worries, having lost her anxiousness, she became bold. She purposefully stopped at the entrance with an appearance of wanting to make things difficult, “Your Majesty, since you care about the prophecy of the Godly Birds, I have no reason to enter Qin Hall….”

“En?” the Devil God turned around, and reaching out his hand, took hold of her, before dragging her inside.

Tian Zhen opened her mouth, before closing it again.

Fine… The Demon Palace has many subordinates, normally one disappearing would not have made him go search personally, tolerating even the rain. Considering this, he was expressing the importance he attaches to her. So she could cause a bit of fuss.

It would be discouraging if the other party does not respond to one’ consistent nagging. However, once the other gives some sort of acknowledgment, the courage and confidence returns doubled. Tian Zhen waited for the Devil God to let her go, and once he did, she immediately sat on the divan. She criticised him, saying, “Your majesty, you were too unreasonable just now.”

The Devil God said, “The Immortal, was your friend.”

“Yes”, Tian Zhen confessed, “He is called Wen Xi, presently he is an official of the Immortal realm, but his reason for coming to the Demon World was only to find me, he had no other objectives.”

The Devil God tilted his face, “I don’t care.”    

You don’t care but still put on such a face? Tian Zhen was speechless, by coincidence, outside the hall there was a clap of thunder, and the ground also shook in its wake. A cold draught flowed in. The previously soaked clothes were yet to dry, and she shivered in the cold.

Tian Zhen’s heart jolted, “At that time I felt very cold under the rain, so leaned against him for warmth.”

“Inferior God constitution”, said the Devil God, then to confirm that she hadn’t lied, asked, “Your friend is the Immortal Realm’s lesser official?” 

Tian Zhan nodded her head. 

The Devil God’s eyes moved slightly, and then slowly he turned away his line of sight.

There was no more guilt in Tian Zhen’s heart, the pressure she felt had also decreased. She stressed, “Your Majesty, I’m cold!”

The Devil God gave her permission and said, “Go back and change your clothes.”

Tian Zhen was unwilling to go, “I haven’t betrayed the Demon World.”

The Devil God clasped his hands behind his back and replied, “I know.”

Taking advantage of the reason, Tian Zhen said, “Your Majesty said I am fickle.”

The Devil God slightly turned and said, “I take it back.”    

“How can you take back all the rebuke?”


“Your Majesty, you hurt me.”

“Insatiable Phoenix.”

Tian Zhen restrained her laughter with great difficulty saying, “I am not wrong, it’s obviously your majesty who is wrong. How can you say I am insatiable?”

The Devil God straightforwardly exposed her, “What do you want?”

What she wanted? Tian Zhen immediately felt indignation, not feeling cold anymore, she instead stated, “How will I dare to propose conditions to you, Your Majesty.”

“A false declaration.”

“Then tell me Your Majesty, what do I want?”    

The Devil God did not answer, instead he raised his hand and dismissed her, saying , “Go back to your residence.”  

“It’s raining so heavily outside!” Tian Zhen was angry, and jumped up, “Since your majesty has this much misgivings, I’ll leave the Demon World and stay far away, what are you keeping me here for?”



 At the sound of the admonishment, the big hall fell into a brief silence.

“I was worried about your safety, and even went to find you in spite of the rain… what else do you want,” the Devil God slightly bent his body, and reaching out a hand pulled her, “I will send you back.”

Originally this God was also very proficient as a leader, when he suddenly showed a gentle expression, Tian Zhen became overwhelmed. With her mouth half open, and her face full of shock, she silently followed him out.

The night passed by very quickly, calmly, yet not tranquil. Early morning, Tian Zhen climbed out of bed, and thought back to the matters she had discovered yesterday. She couldn’t help but find it unbelievable. The Devil Lord unexpectedly took the initiative of pulling her hands? He unexpectedly took the initiative of sending her back? He….. went as far as to accompany her all the way back. Even now Tian Zhen was in a daze, as if she was dreaming. She wanted to know what it felt like to be held by those hands, but had no recollection. What she could definitely remember was that, at that time, she didn’t speak one word.

Had Wen Xi returned safely? Tian Zhen thought for a moment. She decided to go to work and ask for any news. Who would have thought, just as she left the room, she saw Liu Sicang and a few others rushing in her direction with bitter faces, looking as if they were being chased by a ghost.

“Bird woman!” Jiu Sicang saw her, and without stopping to give out a greeting, quickly ran towards her, and exclaimed, “Quickly ask His Majesty to put away this evil creature, everyone is at their wit’s end trying to contain it!”

Tian Zhen’s mind seemed to be full of fog, “Put away what?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt a strong wind blow against her face, and a multicoloured ribbon-like cylindrical form passed by her with great speed. 

“It’s that python, how did it come here!?”, Tian Zhen, beyond frightened, wasn’t this the Godly python from Mount Youpo!  

Actually, this heavenly born snake was very powerful and intelligent, it also had an arrogant personality. It has protected YouPo Mountain for ten million years and rarely came down the mountain with its master for strolls. Jiu Sican and the others had mistakenly regarded it as any other demonic snake, provoking its anger.

Many demons were being chased by it.

Tian Zhen was uncertain as to why it had come down from YouPo Mountain to the Demon World to cause trouble. Looking at the situation she felt like laughing, but also knew it would not be good for this to continue, so she quickly went over to the Devil God’s Qin Hall.

Lu Xiaocan, who was seated on the top of the stairs, upon seeing her, stood up and said, “Aiya, finally, you’re here!”    

Tian Zhen waved at him asking, “Little demon, were you waiting for me?”

Lu Xiaocan did not make a fuss about the way he was addressed. Instead he happily bounced over to her, and nodded his head, “Of course.”  

Tian Zhen was baffled, “Why didn’t you just visit me? What are you waiting here for?”

“I was waiting here so that I can see you get angry,” said Lu Xiao Can pointing towards the palace, “You came to find Fuhuang so you can deal with that big snake right? He’s busy meeting with that beautiful snake lady inside.”


“Beautiful snake lady?”

“That big snake was reared by her.”

Tian Zhen was inwardly shocked, she didn’t say anything at first. She had lived alone on YouPo Mountain and also reared the Godly Python, it can be understood that this woman was not a common God.

Lu Xiao Can said, “Fuhuang knows her very well.”

Tian Zhen looked at him and rebutted, “Your Father Emperor has lived for so many years, it’s common to know a lot of people.”

“You are jealous!”

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