Little Phoenix Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Gods Also Break Promises (1)

At the summit of Rock Mountain, two figures, one big and one small, were sitting silently, looking at the lights.

Finally after having made a little progress I unfortunately met with an obstacle, have I offended something? Otherwise, why is that whenever one’s goal is reached, the other side will, at the right time, come up with a woman vying for attention like an old love.

Tian Zhen couldn’t help but sneeze, then tugging his small hands she said, “Let’s go, it’s too windy here. Let’s go down.” 

Lu Xiao Can shook off her hands and turned his head.

Tian Zhen embraced the kid and comforted, “Don’t worry, I’m here. No one will touch you.”

Lu Xiao Can whispered, “Your ability is lesser than mine, what can you do with it?”

“You little thing, you dare look down on me?”, Tian Zhen said harshly, pinching his cheeks. “Last time, who was it that changed your Father Emperor’s mind?”

“Things have changed, Father Emperor has the beautiful snake lady, you still think he will listen to you”, Lu Xiao Can curled his lips in contempt. “Women, so gullible.”

Tian Zhen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, with a straight face she said, “What women and men. Child, you shouldn’t speak ignorantly.”

Lu Xiao Can snorted and stopped talking.

Tian Zhen, looking at those reddened big eyes, and softly said, “Alright, now quickly go back. If there is anything, just come find me, I will help you.”

Lu Xiao Can jumped out of her embrace. He lifted his chin up and looking down at her said, “Who wants your help, I’m not afraid!” before immediately disappearing into a red light.

He was obviously very afraid, yet he stubbornly acted tough, Tian Zhen narrowed her eyes.

In this chaotic period of Gods and Demons, everyone is willing to use cannon fodders to achieve their goals. When your strength is not enough to change anything, you can only work hard to adjust to it and find your own place. This is the basis of survival, wherever you are born.

Tian Zhen clearly understood this truth, and decided not to interfere in other people’s business. But since she has taken herself to be the mother of that kid, and has been familiar with him for this long, she is unable to unfeelingly look on as he is turned into cannon fodder. Besides, her persistence is not only for this matter alone, it’s also secretly, a contest.

Tian Zhen looked at the Time Reporting Flower. It was nearing afternoon, finally she got up deciding to go back. Who knew that she’ll turn only to find someone standing behind her so quietly that it was hard to tell how long they had been there. 



Heavenly Lady Huan leisurely walked in front of Tian Zhen, and pulled her hand.

Feeling that something was strange, Tian Zhen was secretly taken aback. She forced herself to stay calm and asked, “What does the Goddess want to do?”

“You don’t have to be afraid”, Heavenly Lady Huan smiled slightly, “I saw that your constitution is different, and your Nei Dan is unusual, I wanted to examine it.”

Tian Zhen quickly responded, concealing the truth she half jokingly said, “I have the lowest Godly Trait, Goddess isn’t planning to cast me again as well right?”

Heavenly Lady Huan let her go before replying, “That year, His Highness Xi was besieged because of me.”

“I heard everything before.”

 “Do you know why he is still willing to pardon me?”   

Tian Zhen said, “His Majesty treats his subordinates with tolerance and generosity. I do not know the details about the incidents from his and Goddess’s past, I am only concerned about Xiao Can.”

Heavenly Lady Huan carried on as though she didn’t hear, “That year His Highness and fuwang threatened me with fuwang’s life, and I was forced to comply. They used me to lure him into the killing formation.”

Tian Zhen muttered ‘Oh’ in understanding, “Goddess didn’t have any other choice, His Majesty will understand.”

Heavenly Lady Huan nodded her head, “I have been acquainted with His Highness Xi since childhood. Afterwards when His Majesty bestowed me to him, I followed him for many years. All my decisions have been for his sake. His Highness believes that I am better than anyone else.”

Tian Zhen didn’t lose her temper after being differentiated as just ‘someone’‘. “Goddess has returned. His Majesty has a capable assistant by his side, it’s truly worthy of celebration.”

Realising that this conversation was having no effect on her, Heavenly Lady Huan said, “As a devoted subordinate, I hope you understand.”

I understand, I understand, he believed that you are better than me, thought Tian Zhen and said, “In my opinion, His Majesty has always been fair, showing no favouritism. The people of the Demon World all know this, Goddess need not to worry.”

Heavenly Lady Huan replied, “I will recast Little Heavenly King.”

“No one can harm my child.”

“He is His Highness’s child.”

“He is my adopted son”, said Tian Zhen calmly.  

“I understand your desire to want to take care of him. But you should be clear about your own capabilities”, Heavenly Lady Huan smiled, “You have been and brought up under the protection of others. You shouldn’t have so many demands. Concerning the prophecy of the Bird Clan, I hope you stay away from His Highness Xi.”

Saying so, she nimbly departed. Tian Zhen watched her leave and calmed herself down. Truly, she was worthy of being called an ancient Goddess who lived tens of millions of years, I have already lost to this truly developed glorious aura. Such belligerent words “Shouldn’t demand too much”? It’s clearly to accuse me of being too brazen.

“Aiya, she’s mocking you!”, came Lu Xiao Can’s voice from over her head.

“You haven’t left?”, Tian Zhen hadn’t even taken a complete breath before she raised her head and with a ferocious expression, “Ungrateful little thing,it seems this old mother of yours ain’t enough for you. You dare laugh! See how I beat you to death!”

Lu Xiao Can blinked his red eyes, he then bound over to stand in front of her, “She isn’t a good person, don’t be angry.”

“That’s more like it”, Tian Zhen hugged him, “Let your mother kiss you, to calm down.”

“Gross!”, Lu Xiao Can quickly escaped from her bosom and scurried away, and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Tian Zhen couldn’t help but laugh. Then, turning her head she gazed into the distance in the direction of Qin Hall before gnashing her teeth and cursing, “Crap!”

The whole day had passed by with her mood aptly described by the word ‘crap’.

Actually the past of the Goddess and the Devil God was presently still not clear. The fog will always disperse by itself. Tian Zhen understood this. But when night came, she couldn’t help but exit her bedroom to climb up the nearby rock mountain.

More than half of the illuminating pearl lights had already gone out. The entire Demon palace had become still and silent. The towering Qin Hall could faintly be discerned, and through the entrance of the Hall, a familiar blue ray of light could faintly be seen.

This God was by no means lascivious, he even arranges himself in the meditative pose to sleep. If anything happened, at most one will become cannon fodder and nothing more.

In that torrential downpour, with lightning and the sound of thunder, surrounded by the gentle protective light of the God, that big hand…….

The memory suddenly became very clear, Tian Zhen stroked her hand. Initially, she had followed him because of fear and being under the pressure of having to explain herself. Later the feeling of being indebted for being saved led her to be on more intimate terms with him. One’s choices were mostly spurred on by dealing wisely with matters, but last night at the boundary of the void of four cardinal points, on seeing his silhouette amidst the rain, it had truly moved her heart.   

She grew more vexed thinking, Tian Zhen beat her own chest and let out a sigh, actually I really don’t want to become a cannon fodder.

In the instant she had lowered her head, a section of a gilded edged gown appeared in the field of her vision.

Tian Zhen jerked her head up.

An imposing figure, with long hair parting to reveal a handsome face, the pearl’s light cast half of his face in light, who else could it be other than the Supreme Devil God!

Only compared to the past, that intangible oppressive feeling seems to have reduced a lot.

“Your Majesty?”

“Oversensitive Phoenix.”

Since following this God, countless numbers of adjectives have been used to describe her. This one, undeniably made her the most happy. Tian Zhen was suddenly enlightened, pondering, she felt she really had no face, “I…… I am not oversensitive, I am anxious for Xiao Can.”

The Devil God didn’t expose her, “My child’s constitution is unable to bear a lot of strength, it is more beneficial to recast him.”

“I want to ask something.”


“Will Your Majesty leave Little Heavenly King alone for my sake?”

The Devil God frowned, “These two matters have nothing to do with each other.”

“What if it has a connection?”, Tian Zhen said, “Between me and recasting little Heavenly King, what will you choose?”

“If he is recast, will you leave?”

“You can say it like that.”

His long eyelashes quivered slightly, the Devil God gradually shifted his line of sight, “Then do you care about my son more than you care about your love for me?”

Tian Zhen looked at him and said, “I love you, Your Majesty. Similar to how I am willing to forgive Big Heavenly King for Your Majesty’s sake. At the same time, I wish Your Majesty will care about the people I care about. This is very important.”

The Devil God let out an “en” in agreement and said, “Permitted.”

God ah, you still have such a lofty tone, Tian Zhen restrained her smile and said, “Your Majesty, you mustn’t go back on your word.”

“I will do as I have said.”

“I’m sorry for making Your Majesty give up on the opportunity to have a more formidable son.”

“It does not matter, I will consider your suggestion.”

Suggestion? Tian Zhen suddenly realised as her face darkened, “I take it back!”

The Devil God tilted his head and looked at her.

“Your Majesty, if you and Heavenly Lady Huan have a closer relationship, I will leave immediately.” 

“Phoenix, you have too many demands.”

“I also want Your Majesty to accompany me back.”


“Your residence is right here.”

Looking at the nearby house, Tian Zhen started to regret, wondering why she didn’t go a bit further when she left the house.

The Devil God said. “Go back, I’ll be here.”

Tian Zhen deliberately walked sluggishly down the Rock Mountain. Standing at the threshold of the house it was easy to spot his silhouette  standing unmoving on top of the Rock Mountain, the sleeves of his robes rising in the wind. Her mood suddenly improved, and feeling satisfied, she closed the door to rest.

“Your Majesty Xi, you have consoled her. Have you decided what’s to be done?”, asked Heavenly Lady Huan, appearing with her eyelashes lowered. 

“I  have already assented to the demands of my subordinate.”

“Your Majesty is giving up the future of the Demon World for this reason?”

The Devil God frowned, appearing annoyed.

Heavenly Lady Huan gently sighed and said, “Your Highness, no matter what your decision is, I will stand by you.”

The Devil God said, “I approve of your suggestion, nevertheless, I cannot go back on my word.”

Smiling slightly, Heavenly Lady Huan said, “Your Majesty already agreed with me, then you won’t break our promise.”

The Devil God did not reply, he raised his hand to dismiss her.

In the early hours of the morning, the window and the door resounded with a banging sound. The fast asleep Tian Zhen was woken up with a start. She called out inquisitively, but no one replied. Feeling strange, she got up from the bed to go and check. Who would have thought that just as she opened the door she would be knocked down by a huge monster.

It was lined by soft and thick fur. Tian Zhen was frightened so much that she got goosebumps, she opened her mouth, about to scream.

“Wu—Wu—” the whimpering of the wild beast was a bit familiar. 

Tian Zhen came to recognise it, she hastily closed her mouth. Stroking its head, she said, “Frightened me to death!”

The small white tiger removed its paws, letting her get up. But it didn’t release its mouth from the edge of her gown and kept crying out “wuwu”, seeming very anxious.

Tian Zhen had a foreboding feeling, “Was it Lu Xiaocan who asked you to come?”

The small white tiger let out a cry.    

“How come he didn’t come himself?”, Tian Zhen’s suspicion deepened, “Is he unable to come? Did he have an accident?”

The small white tiger softly held her hands in its mouth and dragged her out.

Tian Zhen understood, she patted his head with the other hand, and shifted herself, she got on his back, “Take me there.”

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