Little Phoenix Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Gods Also Break Promises (2)

The white tiger was very fast, in the blink of an eye, they had arrived outside Lu Xiaocan’s residence. It had the appearance of a small pagoda, it was surrounded by small houses and rocks. There were several strange rabbits, flowers, and plants. Several glittering gemstones and bright pearls were also embedded around and about, it was somewhat childish. Only, at this moment there was not even a trace of anyone in Lu Xiaocan’s Qin palace, it was absolutely empty.

Tian Zhen hurriedly asked, “Where did he go?”

The small white tiger called out ‘wūwū’, its voice seemed to have a pattern, presumably because this was the way he communicated with Lu Xiaocan normally. However, how will Tian Zhen understand the language of a beast. Without an alternative, she calmly and inwardly guessed— even though she wasn’t in time to see it herself, she knew that Lu Xiaocan was taken away forcefully. The kid was very smart, he knew to call the small white tiger to pass on a message, it was impossible for him to have left no clue.

At the time he was rushed, the place he had most likely left the clue was—

Tian Zhen carefully looked around at all corners of the Hall’s entrance. She immediately found it, there was an engraving which gave off an almost unnoticeable glow on the pillar outside the door, it was in the shape of a big bird.

She tested it with a hand, and immediately her fingertip was stained by a luminous powder.

 Tian Zhen recognised it, “Did His Majesty order him to find the Dapeng Mythical Bird?”

The small white tiger nodded his head, he went around in circles by her side.

Tian Zhen pushed him down, “Did His Majesty leave yet?”

The white tiger shook his head, and pointing towards Qiao Qin Hall, cried out.

With her guess confirmed, Tian Zhen sneered, it’s good that he didn’t go. The great God who claims he does as he speaks went back on his promise, who else had such great ability?

She crouched down and taking hold of the small white tiger’s paw, said, “Good boy, you can understand my words. Then quickly go and overtake him, let him know that no matter what conspiracy or plot there might be, let me take care of all of them. If you can’t beat it then run away, your life is the most important, leave the other matters to me.

The small white tiger held up his tail energetically and rushed towards the Hall’s entrance.

Watching him disappear, Tian Zhen rose up. She looked at the inscription of the legendary bird and thought, protecting one’s child is important. DaPeng Mythical Bird, I’ll have to let you down, who told you not to recognise an adoptive mother like me.

In the Qin Hall, the Devil God looked at the entrance, and then turned away again.

“As expected it’s her”, a dark figure rushed in accompanied by the sound of wind, her gaze swept through the Hall twice. She coldly said, “You forced Xiao Can to go with her to fight Chui Tian?”

The Devil God didn’t answer her, “Phoenix, you breached etiquette.”

This was an urgent matter, how could Tian Zhen care about etiquettes. She hurried towards him, grasped the front of his robe with her hands, and firmly said, “I know I breached etiquette, but I never thought Your Majesty will go back on your word.”

“Phoenix, don’t be impetuous.”

“Call her back! Bring back Xiao Can to me!”

“Bird woman!”

Owing to the difference in their stature, Tian Zhen did not have even the slightest effect as the God continued to stand firmly in the middle of the Hall, letting her push and shove. It made her actions seem ridiculously childish.

Tian Zhen also realised this wasn’t appropriate, and stopped with her actions, “Your Majesty, do you still not understand that you have broken your word?”

The Devil God single-handedly grabbed hold of both her hands and extricated himself from her grasp, “This matter, I will explain it to you.”

“No need, let me explain to you”, Tian Zhen withdrew her hands, “Who gave Your Majesty such a good plan to send my child to court death!”

The Devil God turned his face, “I sent him out to fight to give him more experience. You are over paranoid.”

“Wise Your Majesty, isn’t that just a  lie?”, Tian Zhen raised an eyebrow, “You dare say you sent him out only to let him gain more experience? Or are you changing your methods of recasting him?”

The Devil God did not speak.

“Chui Tian is a well-known General of the Heavenly Realm. In terms of real strength, how can Xiao Can beat him, you can’t trick me. He has gone to court death, after he dies he will be recast. What reason have I to blame Your Majesty for going back on your words?”, Tian Zhen sneered, and looked into his deep phoenix eyes, “Ok, now Your Majesty can explain it to me.”

The Devil God remained silent.

Having found a reason, Tian Zhen’s whole body exuded an imposing aura, “Tell me, I am waiting for your explanation. It must be an idea proposed by Heavenly Lady Huan, Your Majesty is very obedient.”

“Phoenix”, the Devil God couldn’t bear listening any more, “It was my idea, don’t blame others.”

What he said was the truth. But to Tian Zhen it sounded like he was covering (for Lady Huan), she became even more enraged. She grabbed the front of his robes again, “Do you want me to praise Your Majesty as one full of wisdom and resourcefulness? I don’t care if Your Majesty is protecting that woman, first save Xiao Can!”

With his dignity offended, the Devil God sternly told her, “Phoenix, you dare look down on divine power!”

“If you don’t give me back Xiao Can, I will despise you”, Tian Zhen, concerned about Lu Xiaocan’s safety, angrily retorted, “Despicable Your Majesty! Your Majesty is an oath breaker!”

The Devil God never expected himself to be addressed in such a manner, he warned her, “Do not make me angry.”

“Why are you angry?”, Tian Zhen scolded while gnashing her teeth, “Saying that one must do as one preaches, but Gods are also hypocrites, colluding with Heavenly Lady Huan to put against Xiao Can, despicable…..”


Seeing him raise his hands, Tian Zhen closed her eyes in fright.    

Recalling that this woman’s constitution would be unable to withstand a hit, the Devil God, in the end, did not hit her. After a long while, he said, “Recasting is for his good.”

It was rare for this God to hold onto reasoning in front of his temper. Tian Zhen opened her eyes, and with cold sweat, tremblingly said, “I…. I don’t care, I want the present Xiao Can! Your….. Your Majesty is changing his ways going back on his promise, no one will know if you kill me now!”

“Phoenix, you dare slander me!”

“Isn’t it (true)?    

Being accused of killing people to silence them, the Devil God raised his hand again in anger.

Even a cannon fodder can become a brave man after twenty years! Tian Zhen raised her head and howled, “I promised Xiao Can that I would protect him, Your Majesty has broken the word he made with me, and is also going to make me break the promise I made with him. Killing people so easily, do you think everyone is afraid? You sent your own son to his death, you have no humanity, I….. I….. I am disappointed!”

The hand still had yet to drop.    

Waiting silently, the atmosphere was tense, making one feel suffocated.

Long hair swaying in front of his forehead, the sullen pair of eyes had a glint of restrained anger and killing intent.

The most frightening moment isn’t when one is faced with death, rather it is the knowledge of that moment when one knows death is coming, but it has not come yet.

Tian Zhen couldn’t bear it anymore, and with a trembling voice, continued, “If…. you want to kill then kill, what are you waiting for!”    

For the first time coming across a matter that couldn’t be solved by force, the Devil God, in the end, took his hand back and made a fist. Then with a rather soft tone asked, “What can be done to make you understand my troubles?”

“I understand, nobody dares to say anything when Your Majesty breaks his promise. Afraid that I will be angry, you meticulously  planned this strategy,” Tian Zhen turned around to left, “But more than breaking your promise, the fact that you have sent Xiao Can to his death has angered me more!”


How would Tian Zhen acknowledge him, she left without even a backward glance.

The Devil God withdrew his gaze from her, for a short moment stood at the same place, unmoving. Then with a flick of his sleeves, turned into a blue ray of light, and exited the Hall.

Good Heavenly Lady Huan, the Devil God has more confidence in you, I have lost, but I cannot lose the life of (my) son. Presently, the priority was to save Xiao Can, I can only quickly catch up with him. Although it might not be enough to stop it, I might be no lesser than you in understanding the great God. Having eaten his words, the Devil God is now feeling ashamed. If this old lady were to unfortunately get injured or die, the incident would be due to your instigation. At least, his confidence in you will drop a notch. I will not anyone take advantage of me! Let’s fight it out!

As Tian Zhen hurried towards the exit of the Devil Kingdom, she saw Lu BingHe standing there.

“Are you here under orders to stop me?”, Tian Zhen wasn’t afraid of anything, she mocked him, “You were very anxious to send the woman to your Father Emperor, and harmed your brother. Heavenly King must be feeling very happy.”

“Xiao Can’s constitution is too low.”

“This kind of constitution was created by your Father Emperor, it has nothing to do with you.” Tian Zhen said sarcastically, “Think whatever you want, however you were also created from the spring, just as he was. Only, you were luckily a near perfect creation. How will you understand the feeling of the rejected one? Don’t forget that your superior position is also temporary.”

“If I was being recast too, I would have no complaints.”

“You only represent yourself. Xiao Can has his faults, he likes lying, he likes frolicking and scheming, but there are two people he would never lie to, one is His Majesty, another is his elder brother”, Tian Zhen looked at him and sneered, “To you, I’m weird, but those are just your words, (they’re) worthless.”

“It is not certain that you will be able to save him.”

“I know I’m an idler with no ability or competency. I shouldn’t be meddling in others’ business, but presently, everyone who can save him refuses to go, I can only thicken my own face and go.”

Lu BingHe didn’t speak anymore and got out of the way.

Tian Zhen transformed into her phoenix form and quickly flew away.

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