Little Phoenix Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Immortal Realm’s Emperor (2)

“I’m from the Divine Bird clan of phoenixes, greeting to Empress”, Tian Zhen followed suit and paid her respect. 

After waiting for her to finish paying obeisance, Xian Hou immediately hurried over to support her. Holding onto her hand, she smiled, “You are the little sister of the Divine Bird clan. His Majesty has already spoken to me about your matters. You saved His Majesty, so you are also bengong’s benefactor, forego such formalities.”

Hearing her call her “little sister”, Tian Zhen immediately said, “Niángniang is exaggerating. His Majesty has the mandate of Heaven. Even if I had not been there, his luck would have turned good. Niángniang’s position is very respectable, I am nothing more than an insignificant woman of the Bird Clan. Being offered protection in this Realm is already satisfactory, I dare not hold myself up high.”

Xian Hou was first surprised, then afterwards she nodded and said, “Be at ease and continue to live here, other matters can be thought through and discussed later.”

She already knew that entering the palace was not a good thing. Where in the palace is there a simple woman? The imperial harem of the Heavenly Palace is an example. This Niángniang claimed to be just passing by, but the expression on her face seemed to indicate that she had already known her identity. Tian Zhen dared not be negligent, she respectfully made her sit down, and let the maid pour her tea. While accompanying her, she spoke a bit. Afterwards she probed her saying, “Since the days I’ve been living here, I have not heard about any news from outside. I don’t know if something big has happened?”

Xian Hou took up the cup of tea, and calmly said, “The matters outside (the palace), Bengong also does not know too much. His Majesty has not spoken of it with you?”

Tian Zhen replied saying, “His Majesty has several matters to attend to in the day. On the occasional visit he makes to me, he doesn’t stay long. Where will I have the opportunity to ask him about these matters.”

Xian Hou put aside teacup, and smiled, “The matter of you coming to the Immortal Realm has been concealed by His Majesty and Bengong. He must be planning something.”

After saying so, one of her phoenix eyes lifted up, and she mildly said, “All the members of the harem know propriety. They will definitely not spread gossip, you shouldn’t worry.”

All the palace maids lowered their heads at the severe gaze.

Tian Zhen supported her forehead.   

All these wives chosen by the Heavenly and Immortal Emperors, really must be selected according to their aura, it’s better not to provoke them.

Xian Hou pondered for a moment before speaking, “Nothing big happened in Heaven, only Zhao HuaJun and De Yin dragon woman’s wedding day has been postponed again, maybe…. there might have been an unforeseen event.”

Tian Zhen choked on her words.

Was this karma? One shouldn’t be too high key about a relationship. As many people know, when it ends in break up, the loss of face will make you regret it.

“I just heard a little about it from His Majesty, it is strange”, Xian Hou spoke about it because she thought that she (Tian Zhen) still cares about Zhao Hua Jun. As if making an indiscreet remark, she hurriedly moved away from the topic, “There’s one more matter, a few days ago, your Bird Clan’s General Chui Tian received orders to go on an inspection. He happened to meet Little Heavenly King, however he was careless and got injured. He has yet to regain consciousness.”

Hearing the key point, Tian Zhen continued to say, “I’m afraid that Little Heavenly King also did not have an easy time?”

Xian Hou, “I heard he was also gravely injured, he was saved and taken back. Bengong doesn’t know what happened after that.”

That pitiful Peng Niao, Tian Zhen saluted him in her heart.

Good, Heavenly Lady Huan is trustworthy. My son’s life has been retained, but I couldn’t get the father. It’s like saving the child only to give him away freely to be raised by others.

Seeing her bitter face, Xian Hou was baffled. She was about to speak, when she heard people outside calling out “Your Majesty”, she hurriedly got up and went up to greet him.

Guan Heyue Wei saw her, knitted his eyebrows and frowned before smiling slightly, “Empress.”

“Qianqie* was passing by just now, and happened to meet little sister, so sat for a bit”, explained Xian Hou. 

(* a form address used by wives in reference to themselves in front of the Emperor.)

Then with a soft voice she continued, “If Your Majesty  has matters to discuss with little sister, Qianqie won’t disturb and will withdraw first.”

Tian Zhen remained silent, ‘happened to meet’. It came across as though I myself invited her in.

Guan Heyue Wei nodded. He waited for her and the palace maids to leave before he explained, “She is the granddaughter of Jiu Ci taigong. I was able to become the Emperor mainly because of his backing.

Tian Zhen said, “Empress Xian Hou is very good, she’s really a good wife to His Majesty.”

“Are you intentionally alienating me?”, he asked. 

With the current situation, how can we not drift apart? 

Tian Zhen implicitly said, “It’s been days since I came to the palace. Your Majesty has kept it a secret, however many people still know. It’s not wrong to be cautious about everything.”

Guan Heyue Wei walked towards the window and sat beside it. After a long while, he said, “I often miss those days when we accompanied each other when I was a fugitive.”

Tian Zhen moved away from the topic, “Did anything happen over at the Demon palace after I ran away?”

“You want to ask about the Demon Emperor?”, Guan Heyue Wei asked.

“Yes, I have left the Demon Palace and became a traitor. I am worried that he will find out that I am here and take out his anger on you and your people”, Tian Zhen replied.

Guan He Yue Wei said, “Last time….”

Tian Zhen cut him off, “Last time I spoke those in words in front him, it was a matter of survival. I had to act according to the circumstances.”

“You want to say that you are only his subordinate.”    


Guan Heyue Wei smiled“So the situation is that the Demon Emperor personally went all the way to the Qi Yue palace of the Heavenly Realm for the sake of finding a traitorous subordinate.”

Tian Zhen didn’t say a word.

This God’s ability to take out his anger on others, is as good as his destructive power. Because last time she was tormented by Heng Yue Ji. It can be assumed that her disappearing this time has made him vent his anger on the Moon Clan. He conveniently settled old debts. “The Moon Clan will pay the price” wasn’t empty talk.


“The Moon Clan did not suffer many casualties, only three sacred objects were destroyed.”

Tian Zhen let out a breath, she was happy but also worried.

“You want to go back?”, Guan Heyue Wei asked.

Realising what she had done, she hurriedly shook her head saying, “No.”

“Next time, don’t lie in front of me”, Guan Heyue Wei stood up, “You can accept that I am Guan He Yue Wei, but I am still Wen Xi. Little phoenix, I hope you are not concerned with news about the Demon Emperor, but more than that I hope you don’t conceal anything from me.”

Tian Zhen remained silent.

Guan Heyue Wei patted her hands and left.

He clearly knew that she wasn’t in the Moon Clan, but still went and destroyed the sacred objects in their house. Was this in response to the face injury made by Heng Yue Ji, or……. was it taking revenge to apologise?

Tian Zhen thought about it for a few days. It was a bit of self indulgence.

Perhaps this God thought that if the traitor, who turned her back on the Demon Realm, got injured then his face and prestige will be lost. So, he is searching everywhere for her, wanting to take her back and dispose of her as cannon fodder.

Life in the harem was boring, and surprisingly, Tian Zhen often felt like going out. But she would always be barred by the palace maids, saying that it was by the order of Guan Heyue Wei. 

Guan Heyue Wei has also not visited her as often these past few days. This however, did not impede Tian Zhen, she quickly dismissed the palace maids, then secretly put on a palace maid’s clothes and went out.

There were clusters of flowers among a few small buildings. The path that led to it was lined on both sides by unusually dignified palace maids. Among them Tian Zhen recognised one, and realised that Xian Hou was inside. So she took the narrower path beside it and decided to walk around her own building.

Just as she was nearing the residence, she overheard Xian Hou’s voice, “Where did the Heavenly Emperor hear such a baseless accusation from?”

“Empress thinks it’s baseless?”, the other person’s voice was soft and graceful, it was somewhat familiar.

Xian Hou laughed, and with a slightly cold voice said, “Dragon Lady’s meaning is that we are sheltering the Heavenly Realm’s rebel?”

De Yin Dragon girl? No wonder Guan Heyue Wei prohibited her from going outside, it was because she was there. Tian Zhen suddenly recalled this long past love rival and had a bad premonition. She promptly held her breath and shrank into the corner.

Realising she had made an indiscreet remark, the Dragon girl quickly appeased, “Empress, it’s a misunderstanding, I (absolutely) did not mean that. The two Realms have already formed an alliance, why would our friendship be harmed by baseless rumors? His Majesty the Emperor of the Immortal Realm is my benefactor, with that alone, how could I suspect Empress’s words? If Empress says its baseless rumors, I will go and report to His Majesty as such. The purpose of my coming here to speak with you is in the interest of this realm.”

“Oh”, said Xian Hou, “Even if this girl has the favour of His Majesty, in regards to the friendship between the two realms, I believe His Majesty has a knows which is important and which is not.”

“Empress is without a doubt correct, but she is still just a girl”, said the Dragon girl, “Pardon my fear, she allegedly used to be a friend of His Majesty, the Immortal’s Emperor. If His Majesty really did come across her, one cannot guarantee that there would be no feelings of protectiveness. Empress, please have an eye out.”

Sowing discord! Tian Zhen fumed in anger.

Xian Hou wasn’t fooled, and with a smile on her face said, “This is also pardonable, before. She was the most revered maid of Zhao Hua Jun. She is witty and (born) clever. It’s not surprising that His Majesty was fond of her. Moreover, His Majesty attaches great importance to gratitude and loyalty, there is a possibility that he will want to repay the debt of gratitude.” 

She stopped, and suddenly asked in a deeply concerned manner, “As for Zhao Hua Jun, when will the good news for the both of you come? Bengong is planning on sending over gifts.

There was a silence.

Tian Zhen almost split her abdomen in laughter.

Xian Hou, that counterattack was calm and graceful, it’s a pity that I was used as a weapon by you two.

In a moment, there was a sound of a teacup being put aside upstairs, and the Dragon Girl started to talk with a voice full of shame and caution, “I was ordered to come here, not with the intention of breaking off from him. I hope that the Empress will listen to my words, that girl, she not only betrayed the Heavenly Realm, but also the Demon Realm; a wilful (fickle) person. Presently, the Demon Emperor is searching high and low for her, to capture and condemn her. The rumours about her being in the Immortal Realm has already spread. If it has spread to the Heavenly Realm, there is no guarantee that it hasn’t spread to the Demon Realm. If the Demon Emperor is in want of someone to vent on, then Empress…… the best thing to do would be to change the rumour into the truth.”

Tian Zhen could no longer maintain her smile.

The Dragon girl stressed, “Empress, please don’t misunderstand. It was originally because of His Majesty, the Immortal Emperor, that I was able to return to the Heavenly Realm, this talk is all out of gratitude. If it had been anyone else, I would not have dared spoken as such.”

Xian Hou smiled, “The credit of informing His Majesty about the news that she is in the Immortal Realm, is mostly likely credited to Dragon Girl.”

The Dragon girl did not deny it, “This matter must not be delayed. Empress is the master of the back palace, why not check, just in case?”

Xian Hou sighed, “Such a big harem, even though I am not at ease, His Majesty is not here.  When handling matters I must put into utmost consideration these sisters, how can I allow them to be frightened. For the time being, I request Dragon girl to remain in the palace for a few days, and wait for His Majesty’s return.”

Stopping for a moment, she said with a seemingly thoughtful voice, “With so much leisure time, it might not be a bad idea to walk around.”

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