Little Phoenix Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: God Realm’s Plot (1)

What does she mean by ‘let the rumour become the truth’? To destroy the corpse to destroy evidence is the best way to maintain secrecy. On hearing these words Tian Zhen felt both happy and afraid. She knew that Guan Heyue Wei wasn’t present, she would be completely considered a prey for the taking. Thus, without even returning to her residence she directly ran towards the Palace gates.

However her luck was bad, just as she was about to reach the gates of the garden, she was barred from reaching it by the sudden appearance of a silhouette.

“Dragon girl?”, Tian Zhen took two steps back. 

These domino effect chain of events started from the moment Tian Zhen left in anger upon witnessing the Dragon Girl in Zhao Hua Jun’s embrace. And now, meeting face to face, all the anger had already disappeared leaving behind only a somewhat awkward feeling.

“You have heard everything”, De Yin Dragon girl said looking at her, “Xian Hou was stalling time by speaking with me, was to give you an opportunity for you to run away, but you are too slow.”

Tian Zhen looked at her but did not speak.

No matter how gentle a woman is, in such matters she will also feel jealousy.

“It wasn’t hard to guess that you were in the Immortal Realm, only evidence was lacking”. De Yin Dragon Girl raised her hand and picked up a branch with flowers beside her. She shook her head, explaining, “You need not suspect the Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Emperor is set on protecting you. Except that he sent a letter to Yumo Palace. And I happened to see it since he did not conceal it from me.”

“So you concealed it from him and informed the Heavenly Emperor”, said Tian Zhen.

With reddened eyes, the Dragon girl said in a low voice, “I have heard about the affair between you and him. You aren’t wrong, but watching him go to great lengths to protect you, being perfunctory with me and continually postponing the wedding date, can you understand what it feels like? For the sake of seeing him once more, I bore the torment of being imprisoned for 20 years. I can’t lose him.”

Tian Zhen had a bitter taste in her mouth, taking another two steps back she said, “I and the King were acquitted with one another for only a few short months. How can it compare with the feelings of years shared between you and him? Can it be that Dragon girl has no faith? Between me and you, the King had already made his choice early on. He only feels guilt stricken, nothing more. That’s why he is trying his best to defend me. Moreover, if I had really wanted to return to the Heavenly Realm to find him, would I have waited till now?”

“Just think of me as a jealous and bad woman.” She continued resolutely, “I am handling this matter and reporting to His Majesty, both for my sake and his. He and His Majesty are cousins, there should be no suspicion between a Monarch and His subjects. Nowadays however, he has deceived our Monarch for your sake, if it goes on like this, there will be nothing good coming out of it for him.”

Knowing in her that there was no escaping from this misfortune, Tian Zhen helplessly said, “Does it have to be this way between us?”

“I don’t want it to be this way. Presently I am acting under orders.”

De Yin Dragon Girl raised her hand, and in her palm a blue coloured medicinal pill appeared. She took it and gave it to Tian Zhen saying, “You can do it yourself.”

In the split second as she was losing consciousness, Tian Zhen in response to her manner of withdrawal, filled in a blank—

Unfortunate Phoenix.


The Six Realms was vast, Shi Fang Void Country was just as wide, one could have gone anywhere. Despite everything, she came to the Immortal Realm. These people of the Heavenly and Immortal world are really very efficient, their character is many times lower than the citizens of the Demon World! But the information about her being in the Immortal Realm wasn’t hard to guess, if the Devil God calms down, he will definitely figure it out. It was unfortunate that presently her life was already lost…..

Discovering that she unexpectedly still had such thoughts, Tian Zhen was shocked.

“Bastard!”, the sound of a teacup breaking was followed by Guan Heyue Wei’s frigid cursing.

Realising she had regained consciousness, Tian Zhen felt very happy. However, the next moment she discovered that although she didn’t die, she couldn’t open her eyes, speak or even move. She was reclined stiffly, and could only feel something soft under her; probably a cotton padded mattress.

Guan Heyue Wei angrily rebuked Xian Hou, “The Heavenly Realm’s Dragon Girl was able to wilfully act in the Immortal Palace, how are you even managing the Harem?”

“Qianqie thought she was a guest who was visiting under the orders of the Heavenly Emperor concerning the friendship between the two Realms. So I let her live in the palace, I never thought that she would….”, weeped Xian Hou.

Guan Heyue Wei asked, “Imperial Doctor, how is she?”

An old man hurriedly answered, “If what subject suspects is correct, then this must be Shi Dan poison. The body of anyone affected by the poison will turn stiff, they will gradually lose their consciousness and after seven days their body will become petrified, like a…… dead person.”

“Does it have an antidote?”

“Not yet among the Six Realms.”

The surrounding became silent, the hope Tian Zhen had also died out.

I have been passed through a whirlwind of confusion and come out of it. Afterwards, I was thrown away by two handsome men in succession. First, I was changed into a bird, then into a Bird man, now it’s even better, since being a bird wasn’t enough, I have altogether become a vegetable.

Xian Hou was really frightened.

Originally she thought that the Heavenly Emperor wanted the phoenix to commit suicide by imperial order. So she tacitly acquiesced Dragon girl, but she never expected this result. Right now, the best method would be to have a ruthless heart and handle the matter without leaving a trace behind. But how will Guan Heyue Wei take action against his benefactor? The Heavenly Emperor’s idea was……. this happened in the Immortal Realm, how can the Immortal Realm get rid of the implication! If they really sent her back to the Demon World, wouldn’t it give way to the Immortal Realm bearing the Devil God’s fury?

She felt even more terrified, kneeling down she cried, “Qianqie has been careless, Your Majesty please punish me.”

“Enough, Empress need not cry, Zhen was just venting”, Guan Heyue Wei’s voice eased up a bit, “Leave for the time being.”

“Your Majesty!”

“First withdraw.”

Xian Hou dared not speak more, she took everyone and left with tears in her eyes.

Tian Zhen was calm.

After a while, she heard footsteps approaching her and felt someone sitting down beside her.

There was a short period of silence before Guan Heyue Wei spoke, “Little Phoenix, I, to some extent, fear the Demon Emperor. Thus I offered to cooperate with the Heavenly Realm to seal him. But if I tell you that I did not expect this to happen, would you or would you not believe it?”

It was somewhat too much of a coincidence that he wasn’t there when De Yin Dragon girl came to visit the Immortal Emperor. Tian Zhen  was a bit suspicious of him, so she listened attentively to what was being spoken.

“The recent whereabouts of the Demon Emperor is unknown, I suspect that he is looking for you. Expecting that he would sooner or later find you in the Immortal Realm, this time I went out to make some arrangements so that he can believe that you are lost outside the Six Realms. Since the Shifang Void Country is big, even if it’s hard to find out the truth for a while, he will not vent his anger on the other Five Realms too excessively. Who knew that the Heavenly Emperor realised you would be here and would take action first.”

Perceiving that his each sentence was sincere, Tian Zhen felt ashamed.

She had been beside the Devil God for too long, and got used to his disdain towards lying. This had made her a more skeptical person. She suspected him (Guan Heyue Wei), even though she was well aware that he wasn’t the same as the Heavenly Emperor.”

Guan Heyue Wei sighed, “Little Phoenix, I know you aren’t like others, but I was the crown prince chosen by my Fuhuang, I have inherited the power of the Immortal Emperor. To uphold the glory of the Guan He Royal Family, I must not run away. Our predestined relationship ends here and now. I never considered forcing you with anything. I just wanted to keep you by my side, and talk with you. Even addressing each other as brother and sister would have been fine, how would I ever gamble with your life?”

A hand lightly stroked her face.

Even with the ambiguity in his actions, Tian Zhen didn’t feel any awkwardness. She only had a sense of sadness and stuffiness in her heart. There was unexpectedly someone who understood her to this extent, what Zhao Hua Jun? What great Devil God? If he didn’t have the title of the Immortal Emperor as his yoke, perhaps he would have been the most suitable for her.

The sky outside the window was slowly dimming. Without an order, the immortal maids also dared not come in and light the lamps.

After an unknown period of time, Guan Heyue Wei finally grasped her hand, “Now the only one who can save you is perhaps….”

Tian Zhen was very anxious, but her body could not be moved, on reaching the peak of her anxiety, her forehead started sweating.

Observing these changes, Guan Heyue Wei indifferently said, “I need not hide my thoughts from you, the Demon Emperor must be sealed. I should have agreed with this move made by the Heavenly Emperor, now you will be sent to the Demon Realm. If the Demon Emperor is willing to save you, the price won’t be small.”

Tian Zhen became angry.

“You are unwilling to harm him”, Guan Heyue Wei haltingly said, “But the Demon Emperor is powerful, even if he is hurt to some extent, there may not be a person who can be his adversity. We are only half certain in grasping this opportunity. To you, this concerns your life and death and I also have a selfish motive behind doing it. But apart from this, I have no other way to save you.”

Seemingly understanding her state of mind, he said, “With the heart blood of the Phoenix King, maybe there is hope. But this concerns the King of the Bird Clan. You should be clear about what kind of a person Zhao Hua Jun is. I sent him a letter when you came to the Immortal Realm with the intention of putting to rest his worries. Now it has been passed onto to the Heavenly Emperor. How is one to know whether or not it was with his consent?”

Originally, Tian Zhen always felt indebted to Zhao Hua Jun because of the drop of heart blood. It was until Heavenly Lady Huan mentioned that the origin of her nèidān was very unusual, she had only vaguely felt that things weren’t so simple. Thinking back to the particulars of the past, his reaction after giving her the nèidān, and him rushing over when she had accidentally met the Devil God at Hu ZhongTian,…… after that he had started treating her with special regard seemingly with a particular purpose in mind. Her heart slowly grew cold.

However even if this was the reason, she was unwilling to return the Demon Realm and let these schemes prevail.

Guan Heyue Wei released her, getting up, he said, “This matter cannot be decided by you. I will think of a way to send you to the Demon Realm.”

Her body was not in pain, but it couldn’t be moved, and her head felt unnaturally stiff. It seemed like her thoughts were also becoming slow, and she felt drowsy. Although Tian Zhen knew she had to be the most clear minded in the present situation, she was unable to fight against the sensation and finally fell asleep.


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