Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal

Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal / 小凤不是仙:
Shu Ke / 蜀客

Synopsis: (taken from shusheng bar – translated by Decembi)

From the moment the heavens were born, was there any Phoenix as unlucky as her? From the start, she was a stranded Phoenix that was bullied by chickens! Luckily, she met the elegant and distinguished Phoenix King, Zhao Hua Jun. From then on, she entered the realm of the gods and enjoyed the good life where she only needed to open her mouth to be fed. Unknowingly, she saved the Prince of the Realm of the Immortals He Yue Wei, and even experienced an unexpected blessing through a disaster, by eating the internal divine essence of the previous Phoenix God and gaining the form of a person. She thought her life was finally improving, and her relationship with the Phoenix King was deepening, but who knew that everything would change suddenly?

The Demon King, the reincarnation of the Death God, he had the aura and power of the Ancient Gods and looked down upon the six realms. No one could control him, but in the realm of the gods, there is a rumour spreading of a prediction that will be able to seal him again…

When Little Phoenix personally saw the reunion of Zhao Hua Jun and his old lover, she left in a fit of temper. Coincidentally, she met the uncontrollable Demon King. Should she “leave the light and head towards the dark” or “be loyal to the end”? The destiny of the three realms will be turned upside down by this Little Phoenix. It seems that deep within this destiny… is a fate decided by Heaven…

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Xianxia


Chapter 1-39 (Luen Translations)
Chapter 40: God’s Former Residence (2)
Chapter 41: God and Phoenix (1)
Chapter 42: God and Phoenix (2)
Chapter 43: Divine Python’s Master (1)
Chapter 44: Divine Python’s Master (2)
Chapter 45
Chapter 46

Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49

Chapter 50


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