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Hi guys! MissQ here!

So after yesterday’s four sponsors, I decided that I need to change something about my sponsor/donation chapters.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all the support I receive and I love how so many of you guys enjoy reading Assassin Farmer.

However, as most of you guys know, I am currently in nursing school and it’s hard for me to translate so many chapters during my semester.

So I decided to put a cap on the amount of sponsor chapters that I will be releasing every week:
I will only be translating a maximum of two sponsor chapters each week. If I receive more sponsors, I will translate and release it the following week.

(This cap will be lifted once my semester is over in mid-May)

I was only able to release so many chapters yesterday and today because I am on Spring Break this week. Since I have three test next week, I can not do anymore sponsor chapters this week….

I’m sorry about this and thank you for understanding!



10 thoughts on “New Announcement

  1. Awesome ! Your in nursing school too and your still able to do this ! Absolutely amazing, I’m also in nursing school so I hope all is well and you keep up the good work because I definetly know that it is no joke

    1. Thank you! Aha I’m happy to know there another person suffering with me XD. Thanks for understanding and also for your support!!! ouo)b

  2. Ew exams. I get it because I just finished one today and I’m currently burnt out.
    Thanks for continuing to translate for us despite being busy!

  3. You don’t have to apologize :3
    After all translating is your initiative and we the viewer are the one spoiled by you <3
    Good luck in your school 😀

  4. have you considered looking for another translator to help.
    maybe that will decrease the workload for you and increase the output for us

    1. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion! If I could find another translator, that maybe so will happen. But with another translator, I would also need to find more proofreaders and editors. Moreover, there have been fights when more than one translator work on the same series due to their different styles and preferences of translating. There are and cons along with the pros with that concept.

      And it is quite hard for me to find a translator as there are more popular series that people are more willing to work for. However, if you know someone who’s willing to join my tiny team and help me translate, contact me in the misc tab!

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