Reviews for Alcoholic Drinks

Hi guys, this is MissQ here~ Firstly I commend ya’ll for finding this page… And I also wanna thank ya’ll for taking the time to roam around this site…. <3 I appreciate that

Many people may not know this, but my family owns a wine and liquor store. And because of that, I get to try many different types of alcoholic beverages on a regular basis. Trying doesn’t mean I drink a whole glass at a time, but small sips because the sales reps bring them to us to taste.

Before we bought this store, we use to own a take out restaurant, but that was really stressful, so we sold it.

Oh and other than the sales reps coming and allowing us to try new products, my father likes to open bottles to try and get familiar with the items that we have. I’ve actually developed a taste for dry red wines because of it.

This was a sporadic decision, but hopefully I can update this whenever I can.

Please drink when you are of legal drinking age, these reviews are just made as a past-time and is not to be taken as an excuse to drink below the legal drinking age.


So onto the reviews:

May 15th, 2019 – High Noon Sun Sips Grapefruit





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