Star Martial God Technique


Finally SMGT is no longer on hiatus! Since the previous translator (who honest is a nuthead) dropped the novel, we’ve invited a new translator! Say hello to Zizi!

She’s a slow translator and well… as a slow translator myself, I can understand, and I hope you guys will too. Zizi requested that she will only update once a month, and I will honor that. However, since we have a few chapters stockpiled, the next chapter will be updated next week and so will the following chapter.

Also, since we had mixed request of either continuing from where we left off (chapter 6) or where the lastest chapter was dropped (chapter 33), we decided to just alternate updating from both ends. So this update will be chapter 7, the next update will be chapter 34.


Edit: yeah I just realised that the latest chapter was 38, but since Zizi started at 34, we will update the next chapter from there.




TL: Zizi
PR: Mantou and MissQ
ED: Mochi


Also Fleeting Phoenix Translations now has a public discord channel! Join to chat with other readers and even translators!


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