Star Martial God Technique

SMGT C8, C9, and C34

You guys are way too harsh. Damn it, it wasn’t even like I wanted to host this novel o3o. Tofu is a sh!thead for even pushing this on me. Anyways, to whoever doesn’t want to read the novel, just get out man, or I will to ban you IP address. I’m not even the translator of SMGT, so the translator herself isn’t even reading your mean comments; don’t waste you time, these comments are also manually approved by yours truly.

To the actual good readers, don’t worry, this novel isn’t dropped, the tler is just a bit slow. Also I’m looking for a kind proofreader or editor for SMGT because I have none. Help, you can send an email if you want to help, just go to the Misc tab, it’s there. Thanks.

Here’s three chapters, I’ll post another batch next month. Bye.

Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 34 (yeah yeah, its random, but we’re trying to meet in the middle so yeah owo)b

Thank for Mantou and Mochi for the edits and Kuro and Zag for Proofreading~

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3 thoughts on “SMGT C8, C9, and C34

  1. I love the Manhua and I want the novel to be translated. I can check your english translations if you want. It would be amazing if more people support this really good story.

    Best regards,

    Roderick from Belgium.

  2. I really appreciate you guys picking this up. Thanks so much. I sent a message about being willing to help with the proofreading on this project.

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