SMGT Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Not Intentionally

In the following days, Vice Principal Xu’s mood was very bad, Ye Xinghe didn’t dare to ask about it, Liang Yu was secretly delighted. Ye Xinghe, that blockhead had actually offended Vice Principal Xu.

For the past few days, Ye Xinghe had been desperately cultivating.

For unknown reasons, even though Ye Xinghe hadn’t slept for multiple days, he felt no sense of fatigue. Ye Xinghe had a faint inkling that it was connected to that piece of the ancient monument that he has seen the other day. However, Ye Xinghe didn’t dare go find someone to ask about it.

Since Ye Xinghe was still as energetic as before, he naturally didn’t waste any of his time and began cultivating like crazy.

Since other people spend 10 hours everyday cultivating, then he will cultivate for 20 hours!
With double the invested time, he don’t believe that his cultivation would be worse than others!

Ye Xinghe continued to induce the qi with his body in circulation again and again. He followed the instructions on the Star Martial God Technique to induce a reaction from the Star Power from within heaven and earth.

Every time it became dusk, Ye Xinghe would sense that in between heaven and earth, there seemed to be a bizarre force. This must be the legendary Star Power. He unceasingly pulled this force into his body.

Ye Xinghe gazed at the boundless sky; groups of stars twinkled, ten million drops of starlight formed an endless and mystical star chart.

The brightest star was in the middle of the countless drops of starlight. The other stars surrounding this magnum star revolved around it, and it created multicoloured rays of light.

It dazzled the eyes, unexpectedly, even the bright moon was somewhat inferior.

Ye Xinghe gazed at this star spellbound, at the same time he could sense a faint and mysterious change in his dantian.


A vast and mighty stream of qi shot straight into his dantian, it violently shook like an earthquake. Ye Xinghe looked into his dantian, a single flickering drop of light had faintly formed.

This drop of light, contained a type of energy that made people feel warm.

Ye Xinghe was endlessly excited. This must be the phenomenon of drawing star power into the body and dantian described in the Star Martial God Technique!

That brightest star must be his!

“I unexpectedly can gather star power in my dantian, the description in the star martial god technique hit the nail on the head! Then I’m assuming that I have stepped into the second heavenly layer?” Ye Xinghe was somewhat unconvinced. According to what Vice Principal Xu said, he would need ten days to be able step to the boundary of the first heavenly layer. To be able to step into the second heavenly layer, it should have required him to cultivate for a few months!

After it was all said and done, then how do you truely cultivate to the second heavenly layer?

Ye Xinghe was ignorant to the basic fundamentals, he didn’t even know the state of his cultivation.

Star power is a very mysterious force, when he stated cultivating, Ye Xinghe felt that the power in the middle of his dantian was continuously nourishing his corporeal body, causing his body to unceasingly become stronger.

A single fist attack seemed to indistinctly create a sound of thunder. It seemed his star power surged up violently like an ocean.

This upgrade in strength motivated Ye Xinghe even more. He continued to crazily cultivate, even if he felt tired and was resting, he would still continuously polish and refine the Star Martial God Technique and occasionally look at a few books of various kinds.

Multiple days later, in the Heavenly Sky Academy martial arts room.

Inside the martial arts room, Vice Principal Xu was standing at the front, beside him was three people, An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe and Liang Yu.

“I have instructed your cultivation for seven whole days now, now I will lecture to you about some martial skills.” Vice Principal Xu laughed faintly as he said, “An Xueyun, come up!”

“Yes, Teacher!” An Xueyun stood up,  she stood straight, her figure was slender, clothed from head to toe in skintight martial arts clothes, perfectly outlining her valiant and formidable stature.

Vice Principal Xu looked at Ye Xinghe and Liang Yu as he said: “Liang Yu, you watch from the side. As for Xinghe, you haven’t cultivated to the first heavenly layer, so try to invoke a reaction from the qi in your veins on the side!”

“Wait a moment Teacher!” Ye Xinghe hurriedly called out.

“What is it?” Vice Principal Xu turned his head to face Ye Xinghe as he asked in a puzzled manner.

“Teacher…it seems that I have already cultivated to the first heavenly layer!” Ye Xinghe hesitated not daring to ask for confirmation.

An Xueyun and Liang Yu couldn’t help but turn their gazes towards Ye Xinghe as they revealed a thread of amazement on their faces.

“Oh? You have already cultivated to the first heavenly layer?” Vice Principal Xu’s figure paused, astounded, he asked, “This fast? Ye Xinghe didn’t’ have even a little bit of a martial foundation, following logic, Vice Principal Xu’s estimate of ten days to be able to step onto the boundary of the first heavenly layer was already very fast.

“This isn’t possible, you really think that cultivating to the boundary of the first heavenly layer is that easy? Liang Yu coldly snorted on the side.

Ye Xinghe also didn’t dare to be certain, it seemed like he had incessantly cultivated past the first heavenly layer into the second heavenly layer. This was because he felt that the strength of his fist was equivalent to the second heavenly layer. But he didn’t dare to make any irresponsible remarks.

“Have you formed a stream of qi in your dantian that is the size of the tip of a needle?” Vice Principal Xu asked.

Ye Xinghe hesitated for a moment, why did it have to be the size of the tip of a needle? He felt that his qi was as thick as a thumb and was solid! Perhaps this wasn’t too normal?

“Um… seems to be this way!” Ye Xinghe hesitated as he spoke.

“When someone cultivates to the first heavenly layer, their strength will uninterruptedly increase. Wait for a bit, I will slightly test your strength to see how much it has improved.” Vice Principal Xu thought for a bit before saying.

“Yes!” Ye Xinghe nodded his head.

Liang Yu slanted his mouth, Ye Xinghe could not possibly cultivate to the boundary of the first heavenly layer in such a short amount of time. He guessed that Ye Xinghe wanted to get Vice Principal Xu’s attention leading to him lie like this!

An Xueyun stood to the site with her clear eyes looking at Ye Xinghe’s body. She also felt a bit of doubt regarding that Ye Xinghe had cultivated to the first heavenly layer.

“Xinghe, since you have already cultivated to the boundary of the first heavenly layer, the you should also come up to cultivate martial skills.” Vice Principal Xu waved his hand as he spoke.

“Yes!” Ye Xinghe excitedly walked up.

Vice Principal Xu got An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe and Liang Yu to stand beside a wooden stake as he said: “You are to imagine the wooden stake before your eyes as your enemy. First, stabilise your pace, then contain your right fist….”

Vice Principal Xu began to explain the martial skill, over and over again, he patiently guided An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe and Liang Yu. Ye Xinghe discovered that despite the fact ath Vice Principal Xu had a grumpy look on his face every once in a while, he was actually a benevolent senior.

“Use your whole body’s power to burst out, use your qi to protect your fist, then immerse the qi into your dantian and attack with your fist aiming at the heart!” Vice Principal Xu shouted loudly.

Hearing Vice Principal Xu’s words, only two banging sounds sounded, An Xueyun and Liang Yu’s fists could be distinguished, their fists bombarded the wooden stake, creating layers of dull echos.

“While you are fully using all of your energy, you have to feel that there is a steady stream of qi in your dantian, then allow your strength to erupt forth!” Said Vice Principal Xu as he walked.

“Your strength is still not enough…”

As Vice Principal Xu’s voice fell, only the loud sounds of banging could be heard.

After Ye Xinghe had attacked, looking at his circumstances, his eyes already had a lifeless look in it.  He could only see that the solid wooden stake that was as thick as a thigh in front of him, unexpectedly the wooden stake had been broken, sent flying, layer upon layer had been smashed three to four metres away from only one attacking fist. That wooden stake had been left with a very deep imprint of a fist.

Ye Xinghe followed what Vice Principal Xu had said, urging the power in his dantian, commanding the qi in the middle of his dantian to become a steady stream.

But he didn’t expect that his strength was so powerful. His attacking strength directly broke the wooden stake. His fist had been covered in a faint cover of the power of stars allowing Ye Xinghe’s fist to sustain no injuries.

“Teacher! I didn’t mean to do that on purpose!” Ye Xinghe hastily said. Immediately he felt nervous in his heart. He didn’t expect that he would damage the wooden stake.

Liang Yu immediately opened his eyes widely. What the hell? Before when he had attacked the wooden stake, he could sense that the wooden stake was very sturdy, after all it was no less than the size of a thigh and was very solid. How could it break so easily?

“It must be that the wooden stake tha Ye Xinghe used was rotten! It was definitely like this!” Liang Yu retorted.

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