SMGT Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: To kneel or not to kneel

As he gazed at the seated students who dared not to retort his words, Liangyu revealed a satisfied smile.

Within Heavenly Ancestor City, the only other family which the Dark Moon family was somewhat afraid of was the City Lord Mansion.

However, there was not anyone from the City Lord Mansion within this class and the other students would not have the audacity to retort! The purpose of his words was to declare his power!

Liangyu’s gaze swept past the students and landed on Ye Xinghe’s body. At this moment, Ye Xinghe’s head was tilted downwards, his hair slightly covering his facial expression.

Liangyu’s eyebrow raised slightly. If he remembered correctly, the person before him was a youth from the Blue Carp Town’s Azure Feather family. Liangyu stood up and walked toward Ye Xinghe.

“You, raise your head!” Liangyu roared with a commanding tone.

The crowd’s gaze was fixed toward Ye Xinghe and the figure standing before him, Liangyu. They were unaware of what Ye Xinghe had done to offend Liangyu, but they secretly speculated to themselves that Ye Xinghe was going to have a difficult time.

Ye Xinghe’s figure stopped slightly, although the person before him belonged to the despicable Dark Moon family, he was still unable do anything. If he were to offend the Dark Moon family, then his Azure Family would meet a calamity.

Although Ye Xinghe was reluctant, he still slowly raised his head.

“What is your name?” Liangyu frowned, Ye Xinghe’s face seemed to display a trace of an unyielding will.

“Ye Xinghe!” Ye Xinghe answered.

Liangyu abruptly lifted his foot and fiercely slammed it into Ye Xinghe’s body, sending him flying.

The surrounding students were stupefied by Liangyu’s cruel actions and felt slightly frantic, a few girls even called out in alarm.

“Is this how you speak to your superior family?” Liangyu coldly shouted in fury, “Even though you entered the Heavenly Star Academy, the Azure Feather family is still the auxiliary family of my Dark Moon family. Your Azure Feather family will remain slaves of my Dark Moon family for generations upon generations!”

Ye Xinghe was sent flying and smashed into the ground with his face bleeding. Liangyu’s words were like a sharp sting, ruthlessly piercing his heart.

“Your Azure Feather family will remain slaves of my Dark Moon family for generations upon generations!”

Liangyu’s words reverberated within Ye Xinghe’s ears.  

Ye Xinghe was filled with immense rage, almost causing him to lose his reasoning.

In his mind, he wanted to ask, “Why? The provisions which the Azure Feather family had painstakingly grown was given to the Dark Moon family every six months. The amount could not be any less, even if a clansmen were to die from starvation! Why should the Azure Feather family be the slave of the Dark Moon family for generations after generations?”

Ye Xinghe recalled the despairing and dejected expression of his aunt after she returned home. At that time, he was still a child and due to this, he was unaware of what had happened. Only afterwards did he come to understand what kinds of inhuman acts his aunt had experienced.

This grudge was as deep as his bone marrow.

Ever since that moment, Ye Xinghe had sworn an oath to avenge his aunt.

Ye Xinghe grit his teeth and got up from the ground.

“Who told you to get up!” Liangyu kicked Ye Xinghe once again, causing him to overturn.

Ye Xinghe’s hand tightly clasped against ground as he bled, he grit his teeth; not a single teardrop could be seen from his eyes. The humiliation Liangyu had imposed upon his body was practically nothing compared to the years of humiliation the Azure Feather family had to suffer.

Glancing at Ye Xinghe who lay on the ground, Liangyu coldly laughed, “I’ll let you understand one thing, even if you have been admitted to the Heavenly Star Academy, you are still a slave of my Dark Moon family, don’t forget your own status! A proper course of conduct must be followed when meeting me! But you still had the audacity to sit down when I’m talking to you?”

“Liangyu, aren’t you being a bit too cruel? After all, we are all part of the same class!” A melodious voice could be heard from the side, it was from a charming and delicate girl. Her facial features were exquisite, her elegant hair seemed like a waterfall as it lay on her back, and the white silk long skirt outlined her exquisite upper body. The front of the sleeves exposed a small section of her jadelike arms, and on her wrist was a simple silver bracelet. She had a simple and elegant temperament. Although she was only fifteen years old, but her beauty was already beyond logic.

“Classmate? What a joke!” Liangyu laughed, “Xueyun, he is a serf of one of the territories possessed by my Dark Moon family. Your Eternal Heaven family doesn’t actually believe that a serf of our territories could possibly be on an equal standing with their superior family?

An Xueyun frowned, her gaze swept past Ye Xinghe and her eyes expressed a trace of reluctance as she spoke, “Even if he is the serf of your Dark Moon family, you still don’t have to pick this time to humiliate him in this manner. How will he be able to raise his head within the Heavenly Star Academy from now on?

“He’s just a serf, yet, he still want to raise his head?” Liangyu gazed at Ye Xinghe on the floor gave out three cold laughters, “Ye Xinghe, who would have thought that there’d be a beautiful girl who would unexpectedly plea for your leniency. Today is just the first day of admittance, so I’m not going to do anything to you. Ye Xinghe, I want you to kneel down and kowtow to me three times! Then I won’t investigate the matters of today, or else, you know what the consequences will be! Against a small Azure Feather family, I have millions of methods to deal with you serfs!”

“You…” An Xueyun did not expect Liangyu to still be this overbearing, openly commanding these types of instructions.

Ye Xinghe tightly clenched his fist, his nails dug into the flesh, exuding a trace of blood as he crawled up.

This was completely humiliating!

A man’s knees were priceless and they should only kneel for a good reason!

Anyone encountering this situation would be angry to the point of losing their reasoning!

The surrounding students observed Ye Xinghe’s every movement, being humiliated to this extent must cause him to furiously resist! A few students from other annexed territories were also displaying an angry reluctant expression. From the perspective of superior families, was our only purpose to be a serf?

Ye Xinghe lowered his head.

Liangyu coldly gazed at Ye Xinghe, the corner of his mouth revealed an icy smile.

Was Ye Xinghe still planning on resisting?

Ye Xinghe was brimming with hatred and loathe toward Liangyu, however, after remembering his parents and clansmen’s earnest expression, he knew that if he were to resist, then all that would await the Azure Feather family would be endless wrath! At that time, it won’t be as simple as kneeling, it was possible that Ye Xinghe would be the reason for the death of many Azure Feather family’s clansmen.

Although it was obvious that he was humiliated, there was nothing he could do about it.

Liangyu used his hands to repeatedly slap Ye Xinghe’s cheeks, causing deep red marks to appear on his face. Liangyu coldly asked, “Ye Xinghe, are you kneeling or not?”

Ye Xinghe tightly grit his teeth, even if he were to die, he still wouldn’t kneel in front of the numerous eyes gazing at him. However, if he were to die, what would happen to the clansmen of the Azure Feather family?

Ye Xinghe felt as though his heart was being incessantly pierced by a dagger. His self-esteem was being ruthlessly stomped on, but he was not able to do anything about it.

Ye Xinghe recalled the scene of when his parents and his clansmen had sent him off at the Blue Carp Town’s gate, their eyes had displayed an earnest expectation.

If he were to resist Liangyu here, then the ones to suffer would be the people of the Azure Feather family!

However, if he were to kneel, then he would never be able to raise his head within the Heavenly Star Academy, hence Ye Xinghe remained unmoving and still.


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