SMGT Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Lin Hong

“The teacher has returned!” An Xueyuan to the side suddenly said.

Hearing An Xueyuan, Liangyu felt his heart tense up, immediately looking into the distance, seeing the teacher walking over from afar.

“Today’s your lucky day, I’ll slowly discipline you in the future.” Liangyu snorted and turned around to leave.


Ye Xinghe raised his head and glanced at An Xueyuan to the side, only to see her sweet smile as she was gracefully returning to her former seat.


Ye Xinghe sat down with his head lowered, still unable to forget what Liangyu had said as the words reverberated within his ears. Without strength, one could only be humiliated.  


I have to become stronger, whether it is for myself or for my clansmen.


A short moment after, the young teacher returned, his gaze swept past all the students. He noticed the blood on the corner of Ye Xinghe’s mouth as well as the palm marks on his face. The young teacher frowned and said with a sinking voice, “What happened there?”


  Hearing the teacher’s voice, Liangyu’s eyes flashed a trace of frantic. The Heavenly Star Academy isn’t like any other places, this is an academy under the Grand Zou Empire, even the City Lord Mansion can’t do anything here. If the teacher were to just let off what just happened to Ye Xinghe, then that would be alright, but if he were to investigate it, then the matter would turn very serious.


The crowd of students had a wishful look in their eye as they looked toward Ye Xinghe, they were hoping for Ye Xinghe to help them ruthlessly destroy Liangyu’s arrogance.


“Reporting to Teacher, I fell down by myself just now.” Ye Xinghe said with his head lowered.


Hearing what Ye Xinghe said, the crowd of students immediately let out a disappointed expression.


“Coward!” A student next to Ye Xinghe sneered in ridicule.


Ye Xinghe remained silent.


The young teacher muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment, he understood what had happened to a certain extent. Seeing Ye Xinghe’s sorry figure, he faintly sighed, he understood there were certain things that he shouldn’t delve upon further.


“The test will be in a while, you should prepare now!” the young teacher said.


Seeing the teacher no longer pursuing the matter, Liangyu’s mind gave out a sigh of relief, it seems like Ye Xinghe knew his place! If he were to say something in front of the teacher, then Liangyu would make it difficult for the Azure Feather family!


The crowds of students were calmly waiting for the test.


At this moment, the inside of Ye Xinghe’s mind had a buzzing sound, viciously pressuring his mind, was suppressing emotions really that hard? The qi and blood within his body seemed to be crashing into his head, the inside of his mind was like a blank space, nothing could be heard, and his heart was filled with anger and hatred.


Although he sat down, but the Ye Xinghe right now haven’t returned back to his normal mentality, it was as if he was the only one remaining in the entire world, even the surrounding east and west was vaguely indistinct.


The sun rays was reflected on his face, feeling exceptionally dazzling.


Suddenly, it was as if something caused his state of mine to slowly become tranquil and calm. He didn’t know why, but he could only feel himself being immersed within a white ray.


“Where is this?” Ye Xinghe’s eyes were filled with astonishment and strained himself to see what’s in the front, only to discover what seemed to be a scene as beautiful as a paradise.


It was a lake within a forest, the atmosphere seemed tranquil and the snow white moon light was reflected on the peaceful lake in the distance.


Ye Xinghe couldn’t understand why such a scene existed within his mind, furthermore, everything seemed so genuine, as if it was real.


He was attracted to this tranquil world, while at same time, he vaguely saw a trace of bright ray project from within the lake.


He opened his eyes with great efforts in hope of seeing the bright ray clearer, only to discover the ray was getting closer and closer. The ray grew from a trace to somewhat dazzling.  


Although Ye Xinghe felt the light to be a bit dazzling, but he still wanted to find out what it really was.


Within the dazzling ray, one could faintly see an ancient monument. No one knew how many months have passed for this ancient monument, the surface of it was already covered in cracks, and on top of it were a series of mysterious writings. A single glimpse gave one the feeling of a millennia had passed by in single a moment.


Suddenly, an ancient and majestic voice exploded within the mind of Ye Xinghe.


“Condensing pellets from void, transform the paths into its origin, memories of cultivation fades into emptiness, a meaning the world knows, a memory engraved within the soul.”


Every word and stanza spoken by the ancient voice erupted on the inside of Ye Xinghe’s mind.


The ferocious power exploded throughout his four limbs and hundred meridians. .


The light on the ancient monument was getting increasingly brighter and dazzling, it was like a combustion of a colossal white flame sphere. Ye Xinghe felt a series of a burning pain gthroughout his body. The turbulent and surging white flame was like a vicious wave in a stormy sea assaulting Ye Xinghe.


Every pore within his body felt like it was being fried!


“No!” Ye Xinghe felt himself being engulfed by the dreadful white flame, unable to let out a sound.


Within that moment, it was as if his body was being completely disintegrated by the flames!


Ye Xinghe mind returned from the tranquil world and opened his eyes, while he was gasping for air. He was still sitting on the practice ground with his classmates sitting around him.


The surrounding students eyes showed astonishment as they swept past Ye Xinghe’s body, “What is this he doing?”


Ye Xinghe was at loss for words as he swept past his surroundings, what just happened? What was the ancient monument within the sphere of light? Or is it possible that I was just dreaming? Why was that dream so realistic, I can even feel a series of pain coming from my skin.


Ye Xinghe moved his body, there didn’t seem to be any abnormalities.


But there was a vague feeling of an immense scorching power remaining within his body.


His breath slowly returned to normal, although he really wanted to find out what this was, but Ye Xinghe still wanted to conceal this secret within his heart. If he were to tell anyone about what just happened, people would think he has a delusional disorder, letting his imagination run loose.


Besides, he was new to the Heavenly Star Academy, with no friends and no one to take him seriously.


Ye Xinghe then silently sat down, he appeared to be normal within the group of people.


Soon after, the young teacher said, “Alright, it’s your turn to take the test, follow me!”


The students quickly stood up, formed a line and followed behind the teacher, and walked toward the other courtyard in the distance.

Although the line was slightly messy, but the students quickly rearranged themselves and walking in the very front was Liangyu and An Xueyuan along with the members of her family. In the middle were some of the members from the Heavenly Ancestor City’s wealthy merchants families, and following by the end of the line was Ye Xinghe and the commoners from auxiliary families.


Every student were equal in Heavenly Star Academy, but completely disregard the different distinction was simply not possible.

While Ye Xinghe was walking in silence, a youth near him moved closer, this youth’s height was equal to Ye Xinghe. Although the youth was wearing a plain and simple outfit, but he was still extremely handsome. He had middle length hair, white skin, elegant and sharp facial features, his pair of eyes was like stars, his lips slightly raised, forming a lazy smile.


“Are you alright? You were breathing quite heavily, I thought you got sick!” The youth laughed.


“I’m fine!” Ye Xinghe shook his head.

“As long as you’re fine, we’ll be classmates in the future, nice to meet you!” the youth said with a bright laughter.


Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but to raise his head and glanced at youth, his smile was bright like a sunlight, it gave people a feeling of fresh air.

“You’re not laughing at me?” Ye Xinghe’s gaze stared into the distance as he tightly gripped his fist, he still felt the humiliation within his heart.


“Laugh at you? Why would I laugh at you?” the youth asked in doubt, then he suddenly came to the realization and laughed, “Why would I laugh at you? Getting angry is easy, but what about the clansmen behind us? If lady An Xueyun wants me to kneel, then I reckon I would kneel for her. As someone who belongs to an auxiliary family, we don’t have a choice, but Lady An has a good heart, she would never want someone to kneel. Retaliating against the main family is something even more unthinkable. Oh, by the way, nice to meet you, my name is Lin Hong, I’m from the Anyang town!”


“Then, aren’t you afraid of offending Liangyu?” Ye Xinghe asked.


“What is there to fear? My family is an auxiliary family of the Eternal Heaven family, not an auxiliary family of the Dark Moon family. I have Lady An supporting me!” Lin Hong laughed indifferently.


Seeing this youth in front of him with a sincere smile, Ye Xinghe’s heart felt a wave of warmth, “Thank you.”


After being humiliated in that manner, there was finally someone who could understand him. It made Ye Xinghe feel like he found a good friend.


During their conversation, the teacher had brought the students into a wide hall, in the very front of the hall was a high platform with over ten people sitting atop of it. These people were all above the age of 40 to 50 years and were discussing something in low voice, each of them had simple clothes but seemed very grandeur.


On the empty floor below the platform was thirty or so tables, atop of these thirty or so tables were a bunch of strange tools that made the people couldn’t help but to wonder what they were for.

The atmosphere sunk, the students didn’t dare to continue talk in low voices, they understood that today could very well be the day where their fate will be decided.

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