SMGT Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: The Cavern

I’m screwed!

Ye Xinghe cursed endlessly in his heart.

Thanks to Xia Yuning – who was equivalent to a rough, female tyrannosaurus – Ye Xinghe knew that he was finished. This woman wouldn’t kill him, right?

He wasn’t at fault for the incident the night before, he had only sat cross-legged and meditated. It was Xia Yuning, who had grabbed onto him as though she were an octopus. Although he had accidentally touched her breasts once before, that was an accident.

He was at a loss of what to do! Xia Yuning’s eyelashes slightly trembled as her eyes slowly opened.    

Xia Yuning vacantly stared at Ye Xinghe, she was still situated in a blank train of thought as she ruffled Ye Xinghe’s hair a couple of times.

Ye Xinghe was rendered speechless as he gazed at Xia Yuning who had just woken with a foolish expression appearing on her face.

Before he had always believed Xia Yuning to be an unfeeling, arrogant girl with a powerful tyrannosaurus like personality. However, Ye Xinghe hadn’t thought that Xia Yuning’s half-awake appearance would unexpectedly be cute.

Xia Yuning seemed rather uncomfortable as she restlessly tossed and turned.

Ye Xinghe took a deep breath of cold air. With Xia Yuning, a hot young lady in his embrace, he was already put in an awkward state. However, she also had to roll around in her sleep, really ah, this is asking for his ‘ol life!

It seemed like Xia Yuning felt uncomfortable. Her lifeless and obscured eyes eventually cleared up, her gaze landed on Ye Xinghe’s body, their eyes was facing each other.

“Ahh! Pervert!” Xia Yuning shrieked and slapped Ye Xinghe, then jumped up like a cat getting stepped on its tail. Her sight fell onto the surrounding as she remembered everything that had happened last night.

Last night, she felt that it was very cold and that she needed to lie down and rest.

She thought that she would have frozen to death and had stopped resisting. She had felt a sliver of warmth and followed the warmth and slowly touched it. It felt like a warm and firm embrace, she even felt rather infatuated with that sensation.

She recalled last night’s event with boiling red cheeks, it wasn’t that Ye Xinghe was a frivolous person, rather she had delivered herself to his door.

Seeing Xia Yuning’s face flash with doubt, shyness and other facial expressions. Ye Xinghe thought of himself as innocent, who was provoking who? As soon as he woke up he was slapped, but seeing Xia Yuning’s lively appearance, he knew that she was fine.

Xia Yuning glanced at An Xueyun to find her curled up like a kitten against Ye Xinghe with her head resting on his thigh revealed a happy smile in her heart – who is it?

“Like I said Big Sister, what happened last night wasn’t my fault. As soon as you woke up you slapped me, isn’t that a bit too excessive?” Ye Xinghe covered his burning cheek.

But this woman, Xia Yuning was a 5th Heavenly Layer Dragon Martial Artist, to be able to slap someone so casually, her strength was not a simple matter! Ye Xinghe felt that half of his face had been slapped swollen.

“You called me Elder Sister! Are you saying I’m older than you?” Xia Yuning opened her eyes widely to glare at Ye Xinghe.

Ye Xinghe slightly gazed at her, who did what? After saying all those words why was she focused on being called Elder Sister?

“You deserved that slap, we’ll just count that this morning’s events weren’t your fault, but then how am I supposed to judge you touching me twice yesterday? ” Xia Yuning pouted furiously as she spoke.

“This…” Ye Xinghe raised his head wanting to defend himself and sighed. “Ok then, I admit my mistakes.”

“Hmph! As long as you know, that’s good.” Xia Yuning’s mouth twitched/curled.

While they were speaking, An Xueyun let out a little cry indicating that she had woken up.

Xia Yuning immediately became anxious and shyly said “I don’t care what happens, but you cannot tell An Xueyun what happened this morning, otherwise I will definitely not let you go!” Xia Yuning’s fists were tightly clenched as she threatened him.

Thinking about this morning’s events and Death’s tight grasp on his head. Xia Yuning’s charming face was crimson. If An Xueyun were to know of this matter, her face would be all gone.

Seeing Xia Yuning’s appearance, Ye Xinghe slightly laughed as he stared at her. He had not known her well before, but now he knew that she was actually pretty cute. She didn’t resemble an arrogant, ice-cold person anymore.

“What is it that you can’t tell me?” An Xueyun opened her bright and clear/distinct bright eyes and raised her head towards Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning as she asked. Her voice had a trace of confusion.

“Nothing much” Xia Yuning’s heart was tense as she hastily glared at Ye Xinghe.

“Yesterday, you nearly fainted. It was Xia Yuning who helped you warm up” Ye Xinghe smiled at An Xueyun as he spoke.

“Yuning, thank you” Au Xueyun gratefully glanced at Xia Yuning as she spoke…

Xia Yuning looked at Ye Xinghe with puzzlement. Last night, both An Xueyun and herself had been saved by him. A normal person, in front of An Xueyun, would have taken the credit, but Ye Xinghe had unexpectedly pushed all the contribution away from himself.

Ye Xinghe, what kind of person are you? Xia Yuning slightly thought to herself.

If it wasn’t for Ye Xinghe last night, both of them would have surely frozen to death.

When all is said and done, the kindness of saving one’s life made Xia Yuning have a little bit of thankfulness towards Ye Xinghe in her heart.

“It’s pretty good, the sky is brightening, the sun is also coming out. The fact that we weren’t frozen to death here was truly escaping from a calamity.” Ye Xinghe let out a relaxed sigh.

An Xueyun discovered that her head was resting on Ye Xinghe’s thigh, she hastily sat up straight. What had happened last night? She had no idea that she was fortunately still alive?

“Tonight we definitely cannot stay in the cavern. I discovered that outside wasn’t actually that cold, the cold air was actually coming from the interior of the cavern!” As Ye Xinghe spoke, he glanced towards the depths of the cavern. This cavern’s appearance was only of ten metres or more, but at the interior, one of the sides was a stone wall.

“It was transmitted from the interior of the cavern? That can’t be right?” Xia Yuning was in doubt, but certainty since the sun came up the cavern had warmed up quite a lot. It wasn’t like last night’s temperature at all.

Xia Yuning faced the interior of the cavern as she walked to one side to observe. She suddenly discovered that the end of the cavern seemed rather peculiar, thought for a bit, then using her right fist, she attacked in front of her with a punch.

Dragon Aura Fist!

BANG! The stone wall had a gigantic hole opened up by Xia Yuning’s fist. The wall rapidly went collapsing down.

“We can still go further into the back of the cavern!” Xia Yuning shouted.

Looking inside, the cavern was pitch black, even if you put your whole hand in you could not see your five fingers. Some cold wind would often come whizzing past.

Before, it had been blocked by a stone wall, otherwise last night would have been even colder!

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