SMGT Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Heavenly Halberd

Moreover, this cold air, wasn’t the same as normal cold air. After the cold air passed through their bodies, they felt their bodies go stiff.

“This cave entrance was probably blocked by other people without knowing what was hidden inside.” Ye Xinghe thought for a moment before he spoke, “Do you want to go in and have a look?”

Xia Yuning and An Xueyun both wanted to see, but they still held some fear within their hearts as they had no idea of what was within the cavern.

“We should still enter, if there is something there that feels wrong, then we will quickly escape.” Xia Yuning thought to herself as she stepped onto the uneven ground and walked towards the interior of the cave.

As a Dragon Martial Artist, she couldn’t let a Star Martial Artist or a Flame Martial Artist lead her.

Ye Xinghe supported An Xueyun with his arm as they walked inside.

As they walked within the long tunnel for approximately ten minutes, the chilliness in the air increasingly became stronger, but due to the fact that Ye Xinghe continuously channeled the Power of the Stars into An Xueyun, she did not dread the cold.

Although it was obvious that she was a 4th Heavenly Layer Flame Martial Artist whereas Ye Xinghe was a mere 3rd Heavenly Layer, she was still a burden towards Ye Xinghe. An Xueyun’s heart was full of guilt.

Feeling the cold wind whistling past, Xia Yuning couldn’t help but shiver. She turned her head and only to see Ye Xinghe carefully supporting An Xueyun, in fear that she would slip. He also continuously poured the Power of Stars into her to keep her warm. For some reason, Xia Yuning felt a hint of dissatisfaction.

In his heart, Ye Xinghe itched to hold An Xueyun’s hand, but she was looking for a path ahead of them. Although it was already cold, neither of them paid any attention to their constant shivering.

“Ye Xinghe, you can’t favour someone then discriminate against another! I’m about to be frozen into an ice block! Quick, transfer some of the Power of Stars!” Xia Yuning stopped walking as she spoke indignantly.   

“What?” Ye Xinge stared at her blankly, to help one person warm up was nothing much, but to also warm up Xia Yuning? They may have as well have stayed outside, but they themselves came in! After thinking for a bit, he stretched out his right hand “Give your hand to me.”    

Xia Yuning’s cheeks turned red as she placed her left hand on Ye Xinghe’s palm.

An Xueyun opened her eyes in astonishment. Xia Yuning knew her personality well, she wasn’t the kind of person who would say nice things to men. Yet, she was now pulling Ye Xinghe by his hand of her own accord. This simply exceeded her imagination.

What exactly did she miss last night?

Nevertheless, seeing Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning’s relationship ease, made An Xueyun feel a little gratified, she didn’t want to see those two resist each other. If Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning became friends, he would also earn Xia Yuning’s protection, that way, when they returned, Liang Yu wouldn’t go to him to look for trouble.

However, thinking this way, she had a sour feeling in her heart. Why was that?

The three of them then passed through the long and narrow cavern, their surroundings unexpectedly widened, it was unexpectedly a place of charm and beauty, a completely different world.

This place had the circumference of about ten meters of space. The interior was completely covered in ice. From some unknown place, light beams shone, filling the cavern with gorgeous multi coloured rays of light. For a moment it was too beautiful to behold.

In the middle of this area was an icy pool, that was around about two metres wide. It emitted threads of cold air left and right.

Unexpectedly, there was something floating overhead the icy pond. Threads of chilling air circled around it, which made it appear to be hiding in the clouds and mists, barely even visible.

“What is that?” An Xueyun asked doubtfully because the mist lingering above the icy pond rendered her unable to distinguish what the item was. All she could see was a slim silhouette.

Xia Yuning wrinkled her brows, her face appearing to show a faint trace of vigilance.

Ye Xinghe let out a low cry before his eyes erupted within a golden light. With this, he was able to see through the fog and make out the thing’s exact shape.

It wasn’t even a living organism!

It was a Heavenly Halberd!

The Heavenly Halberd had a sparkling, translucent carved body, it was splendid and magnificent, about two metres long. It had an indescribable/overbearing aura.

It kept on revolving around gracefully without stopping in the mist, like an angry dragon swimming out to sea.

“You don’t need to be afraid. That’s not a monster, rather, it’s a Heavenly Halberd!” Ye Xinghe sensed Xia Yuning and An Xueyun nervously grips tighter as he explained.

“Heavenly Halberd? Do you think that you can obtain it?” Xia Yuning asked in awe/astonishment/amazement.

“I may be able to try/have a go! You stay here and try to keep warm while I try to obtain it!” said Ye Xinghe.

“Be careful!” An Xueyun couldn’t help but say worriedly.

“Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any problems!” Ye Xinghe laughed whilst releasing their hands, leaping towards the Heavenly Halberd.

As he got closer to the Heavenly Halberd, Ye Xinghe perceived a bone-chilling wind directly in his face. His eyebrows lifted slightly. Instantly the Power of Stars burst out of his body, warding off the frightful cold. His speed didn’t reduce, as he reached out for the halberd.

Seeing Ye Xinghe throw himself into the middle of the lingering mist, An Xueyun and Xia Yuning’s hearts couldn’t help but tense up.

“So cold!” An Xueyun shivered, without Ye Xinghe channeling the Power of the Stars, she immediately sensed the surrounding cold environment, she simply had no means of resisting it.

Even Xia Yuning’s whole body felt frozen.

This cold was frightening, what was even scarier was that a 6 to 7th Heavenly Layer Martial Artist wouldn’t even last for two hours! They really couldn’t understand how Ye Xinghe could resist such cold conditions for so long!

Ye Xinghe grabbed onto the halberd. It was at that moment, under the frightening coldness, his right arm to the fingers were instantly turned into an ice block, immediately right after, his elbow and half of his body were turned into ice chunks.

The coldness was dreadful!

Ye Xinghe was greatly alarmed inside his heart. If this continued this way, he feared that he would soon be frozen into a snowman!

Ye Xinghe let out a low shout, he hurriedly stimulated his dantian to resist the spreading coldness.

In the middle of his dantian, there seemed to be an old ancient sounding voice. The ancient voice was reciting the age-old ancient law-secret art.

The Star Martial Cultivation technique chant unceasingly channeled into Ye Xinghe’s mind and the two stars in his dantian. A portion of the thermal energy from the Power of Stars surged violently towards the rest of his body.

The frightening cold air was slowly forced out from within his body, Ye Xinghe suddenly gave a little cry. The frozen ice on his body quickly disintegrated. He stubbornly gripped the Heavenly Halberd and poured a faint trace of the Power of Stars into it.

The Heavenly Halberd trembled in Ye Xinghe’s hand like an angry dragon going out to sea, as if it wanted to struggle its way out of Ye Xinghe’s hand.

What amazing strength!

Ye Xinghe felt his whole arm go numb. This Heavenly Halberd’s powerful strength simply exceeded Ye Xinghe’s imagination.

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