SMGT Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Ice Dragon

This treasure had a spirit!

A sentence from an age old record flashed through Ye Xinghe’s mind. This Heavenly Halberd was so unexpectedly strong that it had spiritual intelligence!

Ye Xinghe could tell that the Heavenly Halberd was definitely a spiritual item of extraordinary quality!

When he sensed that the Heavenly Halberd was a spiritual item, Ye Xinghe realised that he couldn’t allow it to break away from his grasp. His right hand firmly gripped it. However, at that moment, he saw the Heavenly Halberd transform into an Ice Dragon as it escaped towards the icy pool.

“Not good!” Ye Xinghe felt the Heavenly Halberd transform into the Ice Dragon. He clenched his fist as the Halberd tried to jump into the icy pool.

Ye Xinghe was absolutely unwilling to let it escape, letting out a low cry, he transformed the Power of Stars into a Blade of Celestial Fire and bombarded the Ice Dragon.

If there was a Flame Martial Artist instead of Ye Xinghe, then they could forget about condensing even a single trace of the Power of Flames. But Ye Xinghe’s Power of the Stars was actually still unimpeded.

Bang bang bang! (sound of rumbling)

Ye Xinghe continuously bombarded the Ice Dragon with raging flames, incessantly allowing them to explode.

“What’s happening?” Xia Yuning and An Xueyun were extremely shocked. Ye Xinghe clearly said  that the spirit treasure was a Heavenly Halberd. How did it turn into an Ice Dragon in a blink of an eye? The fight was unexpectedly fierce.

“I’ll help him, Xueyun! Hurry up and leave!” Xia Yuning let out a low cry. Her frozen body, which was unable to move, suddenly leapt up to fight. A disk appeared in the middle of her hand. The moment the Moon Wheel appeared, it instantly illuminated the whole area.

This Moon Disk was one of the Heavenly Ancestor City’s top three magical treasures, it was passed onto Xia Yuning by her mother. She usually wouldn’t use it and hid it in her sleeves as it was the size of a fist. It had quite formidable spiritual intelligence. It even had the ability to protect its owner at critical times/moments.

The Moon Disk turned into a ray of coldness as it attacked the Ice Dragon.

An Xueyun stood below, worrying about Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning. Unfortunately, the cold environment restrained Flame Martial Artists. She was unable to put use to any traces of the Power of Flames. Defending herself was already hard, let alone lending a hand.

Unable to display the strength of a Flame Martial Artist was equivalent to rubbish!

An Xueyun watched Ye Xinghe fight, she slightly loathed herself. Why was she so weak? She couldn’t do anything to help.

The fight between Ye Xinghe and the Ice Dragon was daunting. The Ice Dragon was too strong, Ye Xinghe simply couldn’t control it. Although within his body the Power of Stars was unceasing, he still found it very hard to resist the Ice Dragon.

Following the Ice Dragon’s actions, Ye Xinghe faced the icy pond/pool and jumped in.

Not good!

As soon as he entered the icy pool, he lost all means to resist the Ice Dragon.

It seems that he couldn’t force the spiritual item to surrender. While this thought was a pity, Ye Xinghe realized that it would be better not to force himself.

It was when he was prepared to give up and leave that he saw a ray of dazzling white light coming his way. Ye Xinghe used his Star Eyes to see through the mist to discover that it was from the Moon Disk that Xia Yuning was holding.


The Moon Disk bombarded the Ice Dragon’s body with loud banging sounds. The Moon Disk was unexpectedly reflected, flying out.

It was too late for Xia Yuning for it had not occurred to Xia Yuning that the Ice Dragon would have such formidable strength. After the Ice Dragon had been injured, it had unexpectedly used its large strength to heavily strike around it, as it angrily roared. It severely smashed Xia Yuning’s body with its tailrear. Xia Yuning groaned as her whole entire body was sent flying into the icy pool/pond.


Water was sent flying in all directions.

A spiritual item without an owner unexpectedly sent not only Xia Yuning’s Moon Disk flying, but also struck Xia Yuning into the icy pond/pool.

But after suffering this attack, the Ice Dragon incessantly cried piteously as it rolled around struggling.

Seeing Xia Yuning fall into the icy pond/pool, Ye Xinghe’s heart was suddenly filled with boundless fury. Although Xia Yuning was rather haughty and conceited, but all together, she wasn’t that bad. In a split second, in his mind, he swept past the memories of Xia Yuning waking up in his embrace. It was that pretty, yet foolish image that he felt affection for. He didn’t expect that she would take risks and hardships thanks to it. Ye Xinghe bellowed loudly. His left hand grasped the Ice Dragon, his right hand was clenched in a fist as he incessantly pummelled the Ice Dragon’s body.

“Evil creature! I will extinguish you!”

Bang bang bang!

Ye Xinghe earnestly bombarded the Ice Dragon’s body, even his fist was punching till it bled and yet he did not stop. Boundless waves of the Power of Stars surged up violently along with every punch.

The Ice Dragon incessantly whined under Ye Xinghe’s berserk bombardment, as it crashed down beside the icy pond/pool and changed back into a Heavenly Halberd.

Ye Xinghe sensed a indistinct thread of connection arise from the Heavenly Halberd.

The wrath that was originally in his heart was completely erased without a trace. After all this was just a treasure.

Without any intention to rest for even a moment, Ye Xinghe leaped into the middle of the icy pool and opened up his Star Eyes to search for Xia Yuning’s tracks.

Suddenly Ye Xinghe realised, if Xia Yuning died, he wouldn’t ever forgive himself for a lifetime. After all, she was hit into the icy pond trying to help was because in order to help him that she was hit into the icy pond/pool.

In the icy pond, Xia Yuning felt a frightening chill advancing towards her to attack. She felt that she would instantly become an ice block. In her heart, countless thoughts and moments flashed through her mind. She recalled her childhood, cultivating under her mother and father’s supervision. Later when her mother died, even until the end, she didn’t know how she died. Her mother gave the Moon Disk to her through her father. Since then, her father had not smiled once.

The huge North Prince’s Palace was the kind that made people dread the cold and lonelinesslonesome.

Later, she made a friend, and that was An Xueyun. She finally had a thread of happiness, but every time she returned home, she had to face her ice cold father. He was always pushing her to cultivate. If she ever goofed off even a little, her father would immediately brandish his whip to lash her.

When her mother was still alive, her father was good, his smile was very warm. But after her mother passed away, her father became a scary and unfeeling man.

Xia Yuning always wanted to know why, but her father never spoke. She felt that her father’s heart was full of pain.

After this, she started thinking about Ye Xinghe. He was truly a reckless person. Unexpectedly, he also always took advantage of her, groping her body, causing her face to turn black. This was simply unforgivable, she was the sole female of the North Prince’s Palace. Ye Xinghe was audacious, was he not afraid of being decapitated?

In the pastfuture, when she wokewakes up in Ye Xinghe’s embrace, she knew that the situation wasn’t his fault. She gathered herself together, but her innermost feelings werewas currently in chaos. But she gradually discovered that Ye Xinghe wasn’t a disagreeable person at all.

Only, the person that Ye Xinghe liked was probably An Xueyun.

“I’m finished!” Xia Yuning sighed in her heart. From when she was small till now, there were still so many things that she hadn’t done. She still didn’t know how her mother had died, or why her father treated her with such a cold attitude. She hadn’t been like other girls, talking about world shaking love with other boys.

She was goingwanted to die here quietlypeacefully without being found by other people.

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