SMGT Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Red Soul Crystals

On the stage, seated in the middle was an azure clothed old man with his head filled with grey hair, he had the appearance that gave off a certain aura of an immortal.

As his gaze swept across the crowd of students, he said, “Children, I am Heavenly Star Academy’s vice-principal, surnamed Xu, and today I will be in charge of testing you. On top of each table, there are seven different red soul crystals, you must use your thoughts to feel the seven red soul crystals. By doing this, we will be able to determine your innate ability.

“Whoever is able to sense over two red soul crystals will have reached the standard requirement, three red spirit crystals, your innate skills would be considered to be outstanding, four red spirit crystals, you would be an exceptional genius. After the test has finished, the people who got a response from over three red spirit crystals will be able to become a disciple of several different teachers, they are Heavenly Star College’s most remarkable teachers to be taught by. They are all in the sixth heavenly layer or above!”

This is an opportunity that can only be discovered but not sought! If you are unable to cause reaction from the red soul crystals, then it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance anymore, You could follow the young teacher and practice more before attempting once more next year!”

Although Vice-Principal Xu’s voice wasn’t loud, but everybody could still hear him clearly. His voice was transmitted into every student’s ear.

Many of the students couldn’t help but to nervously stand up.

This was one of the more important tests in their lives, if they were unable to pass the test, they would have to wait a year to have another chance. Although Vice-Principal Xu did explain how there would be another chance next year, it was actually him trying to comfort them, most of the time, one’s innate skill would be natural. There was nothing that could be done about their success, the next year would probably end with the same result.

The teacher who lead them inside, Teacher Chu Xian, was an instructor, they were responsible for the student’s everyday life. Usually, a instructor’s cultivation would be at most around the fourth heavenly layer. While the martial teachers were usually experts above the sixth layer, hence, if one would to receive the guidance of an martial teacher, then it would an enormous fortune.

In the Great Zou Empire, the relation between a master and its disciple are very intimate, as if they were child and parent, if one were to to disciple himself under a great teacher, then he would be the glory of his family!

“Alright, Chu Xian, let them begin!” Vice-Principal Xu said indifferently.

“Yes!” Chu Xian immediately bowed in response and assigned the crowd of students to a table. On top of the table laid seven Red Soul Crystals, the crystals were sparkling and translucent without a single trace of discoloration.

The crowd of students stared at the Red Soul Crystals, they felt at a loss and a bit nervous. The test this time was far too important for their lives in the future.

“Place your hands two Cun above the seven Red Soul Crystals location, then use your heart to sense their existence!” Teacher Chu Xian said with a flat tone, his gaze paying attention to every students, “There’s no need to be nervous, just let it flow its natural course.” 

Hearing what Teacher Chu Xian said, the crowd of students placed their hands above the Red Soul Crystals.  

They carefully attempted to sense the Red Soul Crystals. 

On the very front row was Liangyu, An Xueyuan as well as her family members. Soon enough, there was already people beginning to sense the Red Soul Crystals. 

These members of the noble families also have Red Soul Crystals, so they’ve already experimented with it before, hence they had quickly gotten a response. The first Red Soul Crystal started to shine, and soon another youth from a noble family had response from three Red soul Crystals. 

These three shining Red Soul Crystals were divided in three different colors; Red, Orange and Yellow.

This youth from the noble family displayed an arrogance on his face, him being able to sense three Red Soul Crystals was already a pretty good achievement.  

The elderly men to the front also slightly nodded, the ones capable of achieving an excellent Innate talent were few in numbers, only about five to six. Therefore, the elders were very favorable towards the students with an excellent innate talent.  

The crowd of students in the back revealed a trace of envy and admiration in their eyes, then without delay, they carefully tried to sense the Red Soul Crystals in front of them.  

The corner of Liangyu’s mouth curved, showing a trace of an arrogance, his right hand hovered above the seven Red Soul Crystals, fingers spread, his thoughts assembled within his palm. A short moment later, the first Red Soul Crystal brightened and radiated.  

The red colored Red Soul Crystal was the easiest one to sense, so it quickly turned dazzling. A short while after, one turned orange and another turned yellow followed by that.  

“Also three Red Soul Crystals!”  

“That’s amazing!” The crowd of students in the back displayed admiration on their faces.  

“He deserves to be called a member of the Dark Moon family, his innate gifts are different.” 

While everybody was talking about it, the fourth Red Soul Crystal light up, it was a green one, its green luster light was pure like a beryl. 

“Heavens, a fourth!”

The Vice President Xu’s original solemn face showed a slight trace of a smile. Four Red Soul Crystal, that’s already a genius worthy of his name.

The gains they have harvested on the test this time was not bad at all!

The fifth Red Soul Crystal didn’t light up, Liangyu crudely gasped for air, he could faintly sense the fifth Red Soul Crystal, but he couldn’t light it up. However, even if there’s only four, it was still sufficient!

Liangyu proudly glanced at the crowd of students in his surroundings, seeing their exclamation in admiration, his face revealed a somewhat content complexion.  

Soon after, the eight members of noble families except for An Xueyuan finished their test.

There was only one who light up four crystals, three who lighted up three crystals, and another three who light up two crystals.

Everyone’s gaze were projected toward An Xueyuan.

An xueyun without caring for other people gaze, stretched out her white pure arms and placed them above the seven crystals. She started to try to sense them.

First red soul crystal shone quickly, and then second and third.

Soon a glow of red, orange, yellow, green and blue could be seen. When fifth soul crystal shone all the spectators quickly sucked breath and didn’t even dare to breathe. Everyone was shocked watching those five glows.

Five Red Soul Crystals.

If a talent who can sense four crystals could only be found once in several years, then what about one who can sense five crystals.

Vice-Headmaster Xu’s countenance changed after seeing An Xueyun’s test results.

“The Eternal Heaven Family’s young lady is really extraordinary. Five crystals have shined for her; this type of talent can only be found once in a hundred years. People having this type of talent are really few.”

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