SMGT Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Ancient Tablet

An Xueyun’s innate talent caused a series of excited murmurs within the sea of students. Even Liangyu’s eyes revealed a deep envy.

With the ability to light up five Red Soul Crystals, this kind of innate talent made others feel ashamed of themselves.

Seeing the back of An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe’s eyes revealed a trace of admiration.

How great would it be if he possessed that kind of talent?

However, he understood very well himself that it was  wishful thinking. He rested his eyes on the seven Red Soul Crystals in front of him; what if his own innate talent was really poor?

The martial teachers glanced at each other from the side. As they saw Vice Principal Xu stroking his beard and laughing, their hearts felt gloomy. They reckoned that Vice Principal Xu definitely would not give such a talented disciple to them. Although Vice Principal Xu had not accepted a disciple for more than ten years, but with that broad smile covering his face, it was clear that he had no intention of conceding this rare gem.

When the children of the eight noble families at last finished their test, the audience’s gazes shifted to the students in the second row.

“Two Red Soul Crystals!”

“Two Red Soul Crystals!”

Out of the twenty disciples consisting of merchants and nobles, many could light up two Red Soul Crystals. Only two were able to light up three Red Soul Crystals.

Noble families had strong ancestral blood running through their veins, thus they usually performed better than the children of lesser families or merchants. If they were capable of enrolling into Heavenly Star Academy, it meant their talent was above average. However, there was still a large gap between these groups.

At last, everyone’s gaze shifted to the remaining eight commoners.

These commoners had been admitted from different provinces. There were thousands of children of noble and merchant families competing for a spot to enter Heavenly Star Academy, whereas millions of commoners had to compete against each other for a spot.

This was the Grand Zou Empire’s national policy, which gave commoners a chance to be promoted. Although they had a chance of entering into the academy, these commoners could not enter Grand Zou Empire’s upper class. But after they graduate from Heavenly Star Academy, they could change their fates by joining the military or the city guard.

Ye Xinghe was one of them. He had relied on his efforts and innate talent to enter Heavenly Star Academy, but even so, he was the worst amongst the eight commoners.

“Good luck.” Lin Hong said, patting Ye Xinghe’s shoulders.

Lin Hong turned around and began to focus on sensing the seven Red Soul Crystals.

Soon, red, orange, and yellow began to shine. Lin Hong then slowly retracted his hand when the third Red Soul Crystal lit up.

“Surprisingly, he was able to sense three Red Soul Crystals!”

The numerous students couldn’t help but revise their impression of Lin Hong. As a commoner, for Lin Hong to be able to achieve this level was astonishing. For the past few years, there were very few commoner students that were able to sense three Red Soul Crystals.

The last few students also began testing one by one. Out of the eight students, there were only two who could sense a Red Soul Crystal. Their expressions were despairing and evidently discouraged. Not sensing two Red Soul Crystals mean they didn’t pass. The journey here was not easy for any of the students. The fate had once again let them feel profoundly disappointed.

The other seven commoners also finished their test.

Ye Xinghe’s right hand was above the Red Soul Crystals as he continued trying to sense the Red Soul Crystals.

The Red Soul Crystals beneath his hands had no reaction whatsoever.

What did that mean?

Why was there no reaction whatsoever?

Ye Xinghe was so nervous that cold sweat seeped from his forehead.

The numerous students all gazed at Ye Xinghe; he was the last one testing. However, the Red Soul Crystals beneath his hand still didn’t react. The students thought Ye Xinghe hadn’t done anything, hence they still watched.

Everyone’s intense gaze made Ye Xinghe feel increasingly nervous. What was going on? Why couldn’t he sense any Red Soul Crystals?

A few moments passed again, but there was still no reaction whatsoever.

He felt awkward and stiff.

Not even a single Red Soul Crystal had reacted. How was that possible?

Liangyu suddenly started to laugh, “He really is trash, he can’t even feel a single Red Soul Crystal Hahaha, this really is laughable!”

The martial teachers on the stage looked at each other in dismay. This kind of situation had never appeared before. The previous students were at least able to sense one Red Soul Crystal. Someone who couldn’t sense even a single Red Soul Crystal, how did he even enter Heavenly Star Academy?

Ye Xinghe clenched his left hand, he couldn’t understand why it had turned out this way, just what is happening?

Looking at Ye Xinghe’s expression, Lin Hong whispered, “Don’t worry about what the people beside you, just focus on sensing those seven Red Soul Crystals! You are too nervous, you haven’t calmed your heart!

Hearing what Lin Hong said, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but to glance at Lin Hong in appreciation. When everyone was laughing at him, only Lin Hong had encouraged him.

I can’t believe that I’m really trash!

I put in great effort to enter Heavenly Star Academy. There’s no way I can leave miserably like this.

If I am kicked out of Heavenly Star Academy, then what will happen to my parents and my clansmen?

Ye Xinghe closed his eyes, paying no more attention to the noisy sounds in the surrounding;. He relaxed himself and calmed his heart. Vaguely, Ye Xinghe felt as though he had returned to the forest lakeside, the quiet and serene surroundings slowly calmed his heart.

Ye Xinghe was completely submerged in this profound state.

“What’s even the use of trying? You’re just trash who can’t sense a single Red Soul Crystal!” Liangyu laughed coldly as he mocked Ye Xinghe.

An Xueyun’s gaze landed on Ye Xinghe. With her good and honest temperament, she would definitely not wish for Ye Xinghe to be kicked out of the academy just for having bad innate talent.

Right at this moment, the numerous people’s gaze were attracted to the Red Soul Crystals beneath Ye Xinghe’s right fist.

The first Red Soul Crystal began to flicker dimly. It grew increasingly brighter until it became incomparably dazzling.

He finally got the first Red Soul Crystal to react.

Vice Principal Xu and the other teachers on stage relaxed slightly. Every one of them revealed a gratified smile. They didn’t want to think that trash that couldn’t sense even a single Red Soul Crystal had been admitted into Heavenly Star Academy. So Ye Xinghe  really had been too nervous at first and had not calmed his mind.

Seeing this scene, Liangyu couldn’t help but sneer. He hmph, “Count yourself lucky for sensing one Red Soul Crystal. If he hadn’t sensed a Red Soul Crystal, then he  would have definitely gotten kicked out.

At this point, Ye Xinghe wasn’t paying attention to anyone. With his eyes closed, he submerged himself in that tranquil feeling. It was as if he was floating within a void.

A moment late, a second Red Soul Crystal lit up with incomparably pure orange rays.

“There’s a second one!”

Everyone was a little surprised. They hadn’t imagined that Ye Xinghe would be able to light up the second Red Soul Crystal.

While they were still being startled, the third Red Soul Crystal slowly released out a yellow ray, then brightened further.

“There’s actually a third?”

Everybody couldn’t seem to believe their own eyes. Just a while ago, Ye Xinghe couldn’t even light a single Red Soul Crystal. They thought Ye Xinghe was completely useless. But who’d have believed that Ye Xinghe would unexpectedly light up a third Red Soul Crystal. Being a commoner while having the ability light up a third Red Soul Crystal, their innate talent could be counted as fabulous!

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