SMGT Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: What’s going on?


The section of people who jeered at Ye Xinghe immediately shut their mouth.


Within them were a lot of people who only sensed two Red Soul Crystal, what rights did they have to ridicule Ye Xinghe now?


Previously, it was clear that Ye Xinghe wasn’t able to sense a single Red Soul Crystal, so how was he able to suddenly sense three Red Soul Crystal now?


The few Martial Teachers on stage slightly nodded, To one’s surprise, Ye Xinghe was able to sense three Red Soul Crystal, this was equivalent to doing very well.


A commoner’s bloodline are simply incomparable to the bloodline of a noble family. Sensing three Red Soul Crystal was already the extent of a commoners ability.


Right when everyone thought the test was over, Ye Xinghe creased his eyebrows. A kind of faint intent circled around him, causing his pores to seemingly open up.


A moment after, the fourth Red Soul Crystal slowly emitted green rays.


A fourth one?


For a long period of time, the students stared blankly at the Red Soul Crystal in front of Ye Xinghe in astonishment.


The Martial Teachers on stage were also incomparably astonished.


This is impossible!


Liangyu suddenly widened his eyes, he was simply unable to fathom how a commoner was the same as him; sensing four Red Soul Crystal!


One had to know that his Dark Moon Family were the inheritors of the Dark Flame bloodline. Each and every one of the Dark Moon Family’s descendents have been a Flame Martial Artist genius! Ye Xinghe, someone whose social standing was below even ordinary people, his innate talent was actually on par with Liangyu himself. How could Liang yu possibly accept that?


“Even if you can sense four Red Soul Crystal, you are still only a Star Martial Artist, it’s impossible for you to be equal with me!” Liangyu secretly humphed for himself. Since a few hundred years ago, the few Star Martial Inheritors super families had gradually started to decline. The glorious Star Martial inheritance was no longer here.


Presently, the most powerful and magnificent ones were the two great Martial Arts, Flame and Dragon Martial!


An Xueyuan’s eyes also flashed a radiance of amazement. Ye Xinghe’s innate talent truly made her feel somewhat flabbergasted.


Ye Xinghe being able to sense four Red Soul Crystal meant he had squeezed himself into the top three of the class.


While others were still gasping in surprise, Ye Xinghe was currently still submerged within the fantastic realm. He didn’t know that he had sensed four Red Soul Crystal. It was as if he had immersed himself within lukewarm water from head to toe; warm and extremely comfortable.




A series of buzz sounds resounded within Ye Xinghe’s mind.


A portion of intent emitted from his palm.


It surged out like raging waves during a stormy weather.


A fifth Red Soul Crystal lit up along with an azure ray blossoming, followed with a sixth Red Soul Crystal also shone with a dazzling cyan ray. The ray of the sixth Red Soul Crystal was much more magnificent and dazzling compared to the fifth Red Soul Crystal.  


He sensed six Red Soul Crystals!


Even the Vice Principal had to stand up along with others after seeing this scene.


If one were to say a person capable of sensing five Red Soul Crystal was a genius one would rarely come across every hundred years, then one who could sense six Red Soul Crystal would be an once in a thousand years! Throughout the history of the entire Heavenly Ancestor City, there were only a few people who was capable of sensing six Red Soul Crystals.


Those super geniuses capable of sensing six Red Soul Crystals were all prominent during their time and had established powerful families!


Although everyone felt astonished, however, they didn’t mutter a single word. Instead, they were carefully watching the seventh Red Soul Crystal.


That was because just now, the seventh Red Soul Crystal seemed to be reacting!


Their eyes were firmly gazing at the seventh Red Soul Crystal. If Ye Xinghe really could sense the seventh Red Soul Crystal, then his existence would be on par with the Heavenly Emperors in the legends!


The seventh Red Soul Crystal slightly reacted and radiated a trace of a faint violet ray, however it quickly dimmed down. Afterwards, it no longer emitted any trace of radiance.


The seventh Red Soul Crystal ultimately did not shine.


For whatever reason, everybody seemed to breathe out.


“Yeah, how could he possibly light up a seventh Red Soul Crystal!”


That would be an existence within legends, there’s no way it could appear in reality!


However, Ye Xinghe still caused many people to feel profoundly astonished.


Six Red Soul Crystals!


Previously, they thought An Xueyun’s five Red Soul Crystal was already very monstrous, however, who would’ve thought that there would be an even more monstrous person!


An Xueyun’s background was a child of a prominent noble family and one of the two most outstanding geniuses amongst the girls, hence it made sense she was able to sense five Red Soul Crystal. However, Ye Xinghe exceeded everyone’s expectations. Who would’ve thought that Ye Xinghe, a commoners child was capable of having such an astonishing innate talent!


Liangyu tightly gripped the corner of the table, revealing the veins on his arm. His eyes revealed a profound unwillingness.


Why does Ye Xinghe have this kind of innate talent?


Ye Xinghe is only a slave servant of our Dark Moon family.


An Xueyun’s eyes flashed a trace of astonishment. Ye Xinghe had definitely surpassed her expectations!


“This kid’s innate talent isn’t bad at all!” Vice Principal Xu said with a smile as he stroked his beard, he didn’t care about Ye Xinghe’s background. With Vice Principal Xu’s identity, he naturally didn’t put any of the noble families in Heavenly Ancestor City in his eyes. What he truly cared about was the talents within the academy!


Vice Principal’s assessment of this innate talent was only “Not bad”?


This is a super genius that sensed six Red Soul Crystals!


The crowd of Martial Teachers felt gloomy. They knew that Vice Principal Xu would definitely not hand Ye Xinghe over to them!


“Alright, we’re now going on to distribute the students. According to our usual practice, I will be the first to pick three students. These three students will be Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun and Liangyu!” Vice Principal glanced at the list of names and said with a smile.


These were the three students with the best innate talent, and now they will receive the guidance of Vice Principal Xu.


The other Martial Teachers felt bitter, if Vice Principal Xu were to choose other students then it wouldn’t have mattered. However, Ye Xinghe was a super talent that one would rarely come across even in a thousand years. With this degree of talent, even after they get buried, there probably won’t be another one in the future.


Ye Xinghe opened his eyes and saw the six Red Soul Crystals beneath his palm emitting dazzling radiance. Seeing this, he got startled and quickly retracted his hands.


What is this?


Could it be that I just sensed six Red Soul Crystals?


What kind of innate talent was six Red Soul Crystals?


Ye Xinghe glanced to his side and was met with all of the students staring at him as if they saw a ghost. Lin Hong looked at Ye Xinghe while seemingly dumbstruck.


After Ye Xinghe retracted his hand, the light within the Red Soul Crystals quickly faded away.


“What just happened?” Ye Xinghe asked Lin Hong, he still hadn’t gathered his thoughts as being able to sense six Red Soul Crystals was simply unimaginable. He only felt that he was submerged within a wonderful feeling without doing anything.


When he was about to enter an even more profound state, he got woken up by a noise.


After he woke up, he saw the six dazzling Red Soul Crystals!


Seeing how Ye Xinghe at loss, Lin Hong forced a smile and said, “You actually don’t know? That sure makes one frustrated. Just now, you had actually sensed six Red Soul Crystals!”


“Six Red Soul Crystals? Me?” Ye Xinghe still couldn’t make sense of that. Just a while ago, he was unable to sense a single Red Soul Crystal, so how come he suddenly sensed six Red Soul Crystal? That’s a whole six Red Soul Crystals! Even An Xueyun and Liangyu was only able to respectively sense five and four Red Soul Crystals!

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