SMGT Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Accepting disciples

It was only after a some time that Ye Xinghe was able to accept this fact..

He felt extremely nervous. Am I really a super genius? Or are the heavens playing a prank on me?  

What if this was just a hoax?

However, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but feel emotional after Chu Xian announced the news. Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun, and Liang Yu would all be under the personal guidance of Vice Principal Xu!

What kind of person was Vice Principal Xu? He was among Heavenly Star Academy’s top three figures and had absolute authority. By becoming a disciple of Vice Principal Xu,  nobody would treat the Azure Feather family in the same way as they had done in the past!

‘Becoming the disciple of Vice Principal Xu means I must give my utmost effort and perform well. I must not let my parents or the clansmen down.’ Ye Xinghe vowed to himself.

‘Entering Heavenly Ancestor City and being able to enroll into Heavenly Star Academy have already been a massive and extravagant opportunity. And now becoming the disciple of Vice Principal Xu!? Who would’ve guessed?’ Ye Xinghe thought excitedly.

Seeing Ye Xinghe’s excited appearance, Liang Yu felt as if he had swallowed a fly. His own innate talent was actually inferior to a slave servant like Ye Xinghe. Furthermore, he would have to study under the same teacher as Ye Xinghe! This put Liang Yu in a extremely foul mood.

Liang Yu was so angry, to the point where his lungs almost exploded.

However, even if he could sense the six Red Soul Crystals, ultimately, he was still only a Star Martial Artist. I would prove to Vice Principal Xu that even if he could sense the six Red Soul Crystals, he was still useless! If we were to compare in terms of innate talent, then this slave servant Ye Xinghe  definitely wouldn’t be better than me!

I was the child of the direct descendant of the Dark Moon family which possessed the Dark Flame Inheritance; how could I possibly lose against a slave servant?

Liang Yu snorted.

An Xueyun walked toward Ye Xinghe. After arriving in front of him, she couldn’t help but cover her smiling face as she reached out with her fair right hand and said, “Congratulations, from now on we will be under the same master. Nice to meet you!”

Seeing An Xueyun’s creamy white hand, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward. He hadn’t talked to a young girl like this before. One couldn’t help but say that An Xueyun was extremely beautiful, as if she was a goddess. Moreover, she also smelled nice.

“I…..Hello!” Ye Xinghe was so nervous that his cheeks turned red while he extended his right hand to shake it with An Xueyun.

An Xueyun’s skin was fair and satiny, Ye Xinghe only slightly touched it before he withdrew his hands. He stammered as he didn’t know what to say. (Zi Han: Starting from here is ZiZi’s translation *^^* pls enjoy) An Xueyun thoughtlessly laughed out loud; she thought that Ye Xinghe, as a person, was not bad.

At this moment, Liang Yu was standing nearby; he sneered as he said “Don’t think just because you caused six Red Soul Crystals to react that you have instantly become someone big. Only those with strength would be able to speak later on. How high can the cultivation of a Star Martial Expert go? Heng!”

Hearing Liang Yu’s words, Ye Xinghe slightly ground his teeth. Although he hated Liang Yu, he couldn’t refute his words. He didn’t want to bring any trouble to his family, so he could only endure.

The words that Liang Yu had said was something that Ye Xinghe could definitely not approve of.

No matter what, even if he was a Star Martial Expert. He would double his efforts and become the strongest of them all!

I want to change my clan’s fate!

I won’t surrender to destiny!

Ye Xinghe resolutely thought.

Just then, Ye Xinghe was clearly unable to cause any Red Soul Crystals to react, but as soon as he closed his eyes, he actually caused six Red Soul Crystals to react! The other students were unwilling to give up and ceaselessly closed their eyes.

But, no matter how much they tried, their performance was still exactly the same as before and couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged.

Regarding Ye Xinghe becoming the Vice-Principal’s disciple, they all felt extremely envious inside their hearts.

Apparently, Vice-Principal Xu was one of Heavenly Star Academy’s only martial experts that was on the seventh Heavenly Layer!

The students closes their eyes and made another attempt, but they still ended up with the same result. Taking in this sight, Vice-Principal Xu smiled benevolently as he said: “The results of the Red Soul Crystals are related to Soul Strength, so during normal circumstances, the first test will usually be the final results; it is very rare that there is an exception.”

“The stronger someone’s Soul Strength, the better their innate talent. Either way, they must still be very diligent in their cultivation, otherwise they won’t be able to become an expert. You must engrave this in your memory!”

Hearing Vice-Principal Xu’s words, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but become grim. He would definitely work hard in his cultivation.

“The cultivation path has a total of nine Heavenly Layers, with each layer being more difficult than the one before it. You have all just embarked on the path of cultivation. Some of the aristocratic family children might have already cultivated to the first Heavenly Layer or maybe even the second Heavenly Layer. As for the students here, most of you probably haven’t even stepped onto the doorstep of the first Heavenly Layer. But there is no need for concern, the teachers will patiently instruct you. Your cultivation classes will begin tomorrow!” Vice-Principal Xu slightly smiled as he said, “ Today for the time being, you should all go back. Teacher Chu Xian, it is high time you organised their residences.”

“Yes!” Chu Xian respectfully said. He looked at the students, “Everybody follow me”

Chu Xian took the crowd of students and left.

Vice-Principal Xu’s eyes followed Ye Xinghe as he(YXH) left; afterwards, he retracted his vision with a comfortable smile on his face.

“Congratulations Vice-Principal Xu! This time you managed to gain three disciples, all of which possess extraordinary innate talents. There was even a disciple who could  sense the six Red Soul Crystals. In the incoming war against the Tower of God, you will surely be able to beat Vice-Principal He,” a nearby teacher spoke flattering words with beaming eyes.

There were two Vice-Principals at the Heavenly Star Academy; Vice-Principal Xu was only one of the two. They took turns hosting the event in which new students were admitted. This year  luckily happened to be Vice-Principal Xu’s turn. He hadn’t expected to run into those two geniuses, Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun. Liang Yu’s innate gift was also decent, but he was inferior compared to Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun.

“Ha ha, all he did was sense the six Red Soul Crystals; his innate gift for cultivation can only be accurately assessed once he starts cultivating. We must wait and see!” Vice-Principal Xu’s words were modest, yet a corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a satisfied smile.

Vice Principal Xu felt very satisfied to be able to receive such a good student.

Upon seeing Vice Principal Xu’s complacent smile, a wisp of coldness flashed through a nearby instructing teacher’s eyes. The corners of his lip rose ever so slightly.

“For this kind of genius to be taught by Vice Principal Xu, his future would certainly be full of promise. Isn’t that a given?” Nearby, several teachers all laughed.

Ye Xinghe and the other students were led to the student dormitories by Teacher Chu Xian. As the younger generations of the aristocratic families had all given the academy monetary support, they were each given their own courtyard. However, for the common students, six or seven students had to be squeezed into one courtyard.Ye Xinghe on the contrary was an exception; Teacher Chu Xian had organised an independent courtyard for him, with An Xueyun and Liang Yu as his neighbours.

This situation made Ye Xinghe feel very anxious.

With the rest of the common students living together, knowing that he himself was given special treatment left him feeling unsure of what to do. He knew the reason that offsprings of aristocratic households could live in an independent courtyard was because their families had paid large amounts of money and support, several hundred tales of silver every year.

“Teacher Chu Xian, I think it would better for me to live with the other students!” Ye Xinghe hesitated at the door of his given courtyard as he spoke to Teacher Chu Xian.

Seeing Ye Xinghe’s unaffected and noble mindset, Teacher Chu Xian couldn’t help but admire him; it was hard to come by someone like Ye Xinghe who had a prodigal level of innate talent, yet was very modest and didn’t even show off.

“You don’t need to worry about living here, this is Vice Principal’s arrangement. You need to remember that you aren’t an ordinary student anymore, but rather Vice Principal Xu’s disciple. From now on you have to work hard; don’t let Vice Principal Xu lose face!” Chu Xian patted Ye Xinghe’s shoulder.

“En, I will definitely double my efforts!” Hearing Chu Xian’s words, Ye Xinghe immediately straightened his back and earnestly nodded his head.

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