SMGT Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Divine Art


Ye Xinghe finally got used to everything in the courtyard, except for the area that he was living in. There was even a room for studying full of all kinds of ancient books and records.

But there weren’t any cultivation books to prevent the students from recklessly cultivating without the guidance of a teacher.

Ye Xinghe looked at the ancient books and records.

“Hundred Grasses Classic, Mixed Astronomical Explanation, Divination Trigram Unabridged book……” Ye Xinghe flipped through some miscellaneous books; there were about five to six hundred of them, simply all-encompassing.

He would only start cultivation tomorrow; without the guidance of a teacher he couldn’t recklessly cultivate martial arts. Ye Xinghe had to pass thirty six tests of all kinds including a language test to be able to come to Heavenly Star Academy. He enjoyed reading books and picked up the Hundred Grasses Classic to read.

As soon as he started reading, he entered a state where he would completely forget about the time.

Two hours quickly passed. Ye Xinghe unexpectedly wasn’t tired at all, slivers of power rising from his dantian and rushing through his four limbs and hundreds of veins.

His body felt completely no exhaustion(think of another word?). His head was particularly clear; the characters had all without exception been imprinted into his mind, not a single word omitted, to that point that he could even deduce many things from he had learnt.

At this moment if someone was to stand by Ye Xinghe’s side, they would be able to see that the middle of his pupil was filled with wisps of a mysterious gold ray of light that was faintly flickering.

After Ye Xinghe finished reading the Hundred Grasses Classic in about two hours, he could unexpectedly remember most of the content in the book very clearly. He was slightly flabbergasted, while being attracted to the second book at the same time. This thick book was the Complete Explanation of the Art of Healing.

A night passed without a word being spoken; unexpectedly, Ye Xinghe had spent the whole night reading and finishing the Hundred Grasses Classic and the Complete Explanation of the Art of Healing.

It was only when Ye Xinghe had closed the Complete Explanation of the Art of Healing that he looked out of the window to find that the sky was already bright.

“Not good, I’m going to be late!” Without delay, Ye Xinghe hurriedly ran outside. This was Vice Principal Xu’s first day of lessons; if he arrived late, Vice Principal Xu would definitely be angry.

Although he had read throughout the night, Ye Xinghe found out that the energy in his body was flowing steadily he didn’t feel a trace of exhaustion as he madly dashed all the way.

Training grounds.

A few people who had arrived a long time ago were standing in the distance, waiting for Ye Xinghe. Wearing a white chang pao (the male version of a cheongsam) with an immortal aura that penetrated into the bone was Vice Principal Xu. Standing in front of him were An Xueyun and Liang Yu. He was giving An Xueyun and Liang Yu a lecture.

Ye Xinghe hurriedly ran towards them.

“You’ve here?” When Vice Principal Xu saw Ye Xinghe, he wrinkled his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry!” Seeing Vice Principal Xu’s displeased appearance, he blamed himself inside his heart, but didn’t dare to defend himself.

Seeing the frown on Vice Principal Xu’s face, Liang Yu was exhilarated(he’s really happy). He really wanted to laugh out loud. Ye Xinghe, this blockhead, unexpectedly arrived late on the very first day; he would definitely be ruthlessly punished! Ye Xinghe guessed that he had left a bad impression in Vice Principal Xu’s heart.

For a while, Vice Principal Xu had been very crossed in his heart. Ye Xinghe had managed to sense six Red Soul Crystals and his innate gift was very good; however, even if his innate gift was better, Ye Xinghe wouldn’t be able to become strong if he was lazy!

What time was it now!

He had already taught An Xueyun and Liang Yu for an hour and Ye Xinghe had only just arrived.

He cared a lot about Ye Xinghe; it was only because he cared about Ye Xinghe that he got angry.

Ye Xinghe worried him because his innate gift was good, but he didn’t seem to care about cultivation; he had seen too many geniuses fade away and disappear because they didn’t put in enough effort.

But witnessing the sight of Ye Xinghe blaming himself and his guilty appearance, Vice Principal Xu was alleviated as he narrated: “From this day on, you cannot be like this! At six in the morning you must have already started cultivating. Solely having a good innate gift is not enough; not putting in enough effort is out of the question! An Xueyun and Liang Yu are already at the 2nd Heavenly Layer Boundary, and you haven’t even stepped up onto the door of the 1st Heavenly Layer! You need to catch up! How can you afford to be lazy?”

“Yes, Master, I was wrong!” Ye Xinghe lowered his head as he spoke.

It was all because he had lost track of time when he was reading that he was late to the first day of class.

Liang Yu took joy in Ye Xinghe’s misfortune; An Xueyun shook her head in disappointment and continued to cultivate.

An Xueyun also believed that it was because Ye Xinghe had slept in that he was late, not at all knowing that Ye Xinghe had spent the whole night reading the Hundred Grasses Classic and the Complete Explanation of the Art of Healing, and finished them.

“Ok, that’s enough; for the time being let’s put aside the issue of your tardiness. Let’s start cultivating.” Vice Principal Xu didn’t harshly criticize Ye Xinghe; he waved his hands as he said :  “Start practising your martial art.”

“Yes!” Ye Xinghe straightened his body as he respectfully answered.

Liang Yu was a little stunned. Vice Principal Xu didn’t even scold him and the matter was ended? Liang Yu was extremely depressed; he thought that with Vice Principal Xu’s personality, he would continue to reprimand Ye Xinghe!

“An Xueyun and Liang Yu have already cultivated to the 2nd Heavenly Layer, yet you haven’t even stepped into the 1st Heavenly Layer. I will first teach you how to compact the qi in your dantian” Vice Principal Xu said, “Get into the horse stance and close your eyes, immerse the qi into your dantian, then direct your consciousness to gather into your dantian. When you feel a slight heat in your dantian you have completed the first step!”

Having heard Vice Principal Xu’s words, Ye Xinghe immediately got into the horse stance, following Vice Principal Xu’s instructions.

He directed his consciousness into his dantian, and in a few breaths he began to feel currents of heat violently surging up into his dantian and attacking it recklessly.

Could it be that this was the qi in the dantian? Having felt the existence of qi at last immediately left Ye Xinghe feeling endlessly excited.

“Why do you open your eyes again?” Vice Principal Xu’s wrinkled his eyebrows as he asked. He was about to walk away because usually a new beginning student would take around about two hours to be able to feel the qi in his or her dantian. He was about to go instruct An Xueyun and Liang Yu in martial arts, planning to only return to guide Ye Xinghe when he had a reaction with his qi.

“Master, I seem to have already felt a response from my qi!” Ye Xinghe weakly said; not understanding if the heat that he was feeling was qi or not.

“En? How can it be that quick?” Vice Principal Xu blankly stared, following which he asked “Right, have you ever got a reaction before?”

Ye Xinghe didn’t know how to respond; this was the first time he had ever tried to feel the qi in his dantian.

Seeing that Ye Xinghe hadn’t replied, he proceeded to ask: “Don’t you feel a tiny needle-sized heat in your dantian bubbling up?”

A trace of heat? Tiny needle-sized? Ye Xinghe stared blankly; what he had felt was not a tiny needle-sized heat flow, but rather it was as large as a thumb. How was he suppose to answer Vice Principal’s question?

“Oh, yes it is!” Ye Xinghe hesitated for a moment but nevertheless nodded.

“That’s it!” Vice Principal Xu smiled as he spoke “Direct this heat towards the Fate Door then up to the top of your head, into the God Door then straight down to your dantian. The flow of heat should slowly become steady. One cycle should take around about half an hour. After you have completed 36 cycles I will then teach you the next step.

“Since you were able to sense six Red Soul Crystals then your innate talent should be excellent. If nothing goes wrong you should be able to step into the 1st Heavenly Layer!” Vice Principal Xu smiled as he continued, “If you feel that inside your dantian there is a thin and tiny stream, that is the sign that you have stepped onto the boundary of the 1st Heavenly Layer. The strength of your physical body will be increased exponentially; the qi will have an extraordinary feeling to it.

“Yes.” Ye Xinghe stayed in horse stance and began to cultivate according to Vice Principal Xu’s words.

“This basic technique used by Star Martial Art Cultivators, is called the Star Martial God Technique. Take this for now; wait until you have cultivated to the boundary 1st Heavenly Layer, you can then follow the methods on this book to sense the Power of the Stars. If you have any questions regarding cultivation you can ask me!” Vice Principal Xu reached into his bosom and pulled out a book as he spoke and handed it to Ye Xinghe.

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