SMGT Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Dream

Chapter 9: Dream
 Receiving the simple and unadorned book from Vice Principal Xu’s hand, Ye Xinghe could not help but feel emotionally moved. He solemnly received the book as if receiving a treasure.

 Seeing Ye Xinghe’s appearance, Vice Principal Xu couldn’t help but smile as he said “This Star Martial God Technique is merely the most basic cultivation technique. Almost every Star Martial Artist will enter the door of cultivation with the Star Martial God Technique, but after reaching the Third Heavenly Layer will renounce it and study a more profound cultivation technique.

 Most basic cultivation technique?
 Ye Xinghe stared blankly. Because of the Azure Feather Family, most people didn’t even have a basic cultivation technique. So he still took the Star Martial God Technique to be a treasure and carefully put it away.

 Seeing Ye Xinghe’s appearance, Liang Yu couldn’t help but sneer at him inside his heart. A country bumpkin who had not seen the world had taken such a trash Star Martial God Technique as a treasure.

 By the side, An Xueyun actually laughed, thinking that this person Ye Xinghe was a pretty simple and pure man. She had never met anyone like him.
 Vice Principal Xu thought for a bit, Ye Xinghe’s birthplace was ordinary, he hadn’t seen much and was very ordinary. It wouldn’t take long for Ye Xinghe to realise that the Star Martial God Technique was a bad cultivation technique. When Ye Xinghe reaches the third Heavenly Layer boundary, he will switch his cultivation technique.

 During the whole day, Ye Xinghe cultivated very seriously. He had not rested once.
 Originally, Vice Principal Xu had thought Ye Xinghe to be a lazy person, but after a day’s worth of time, he had changed his opinion.
 Like An Xueyun and Liang Yu who were hardworking, but while cultivating, they still had to rest for a short period of time to reinstate their physical power to proceed with their cultivation, but Ye Xinghe diligently cultivated and didn’t stop, even Vice Principal Xu could help but admire Ye Xinghe’s exuberant energy. As soon as there was a bit of time Ye Xinghe would be studying the Star Martial God Technique.

 The reason why Ye Xinghe studying the Star Martial God Technique, was because he could feel a steady but thin stream inside his dantian, just how Vice Principal Xu had described it. The qi in his dantian was unceasingly revolving in circles automatically; he could feel his body’s muscles and bones miraculously strengthening.

 So it turns out that cultivating was such a miraculous thing? After stepping past the door, one’s physique would improve by a lot.
 This was merely the first Heavenly Layer and there was such a huge improvement. If it was the boundary then wouldn’t you be able to become strong very quickly?
 What Ye Xinghe didn’t know what that as soon as he started cultivating he wasn’t like any ordinary person.
 Ye Xinghe held up the Star Martial God Technique, he looked at the Star Martial God Technique chant., one by one imprinted each sentence into his mind.
 “The saints are the forgiving, the gods are the saintly and profoundly mysterious.” Ye Xinghe savoured the rich and delicate aftertaste it left inside his mind
 Reading through it the first time he understood a few things, reading through the second time his understanding was much deeper, reading through the third time he felt that it was very obscure and the meanings were infinite.

 Such a profound and mysterious cultivation technique that was only an ordinary basic cultivation technique could only be cultivated to the third Heavenly Layer?
 Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but feel apprehensive but also respect. So the martial way was this boundless and profound. This profound cultivation technique was only a first grade and could only be cultivated to the third Heavenly Layer, in the future he will have to cultivate even more profound cultivation techniques.
 “On the cultivation path, what do you think is the most important?” Vice Principal Xu glanced at Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun and Liang Yu and opened his mount to ask. “Liang Yu, you answer first!”

 “On the cultivation path, the most important thing is naturally “Qi”, Qi traverses through hundreds of veins and arteries with boundless force. Flame Martial Artists can use Qi to manifest bare flames and turn it into their strength. If it is cultivated into the Pure Essence, you can even use the flames to refine steel essence!” Liang Yu said in an obvious manner.

 Vice Principal Xu just smiled but didn’t say a word, looking at Ye Xinghe he asked: “What do you think?”
 Ye Xinghe carefully thought for a bit and said: “I think it is the mental state, for inside and outside to be as one, to focus and be aware of heaven and earth, for one’s consciousness to be clear and calm. In the heart and the Great Dao.”

 Vice Principal Xu stared at Ye Xinghe stumped for words, not moving for a long time.
 “What the hell? What nonsense!” Liang Yu laughed, his words filled with disdain and contempt.
 Vice Principal Xu sucked in a mouthful of air and looked Liang Yu in the eye as he gravely said: “You’re comprehension on the Martial Dao is merely superficial, you shouldn’t show off to avoid making a disgrace of yourself.” Following his words, he looked at Ye Xinghe and nodded lightly, “Xinghe didn’t say anything wrong. As a matter of fact, his summary of the mental state was very profound, regarding to his comprehension of the mental state, he had already forged his own path of understanding.”

 An Xueyun looked at Ye Xinghe in astonishment, she hadn’t thought that Vice Principal Xu would give Ye Xinghe such a high evaluation.

 Liang Yu’s face turned red, he hadn’t expected that he would be reprimanded by Vice Principal Xu, he didn’t know where Ye Xinghe had read those few sentences, to think that Vice Principal had even praised him. Liang Yu was nearly angered to death. It should be known that the care that the teachers show is vital for their future in cultivating.

 That Ye Xinghe should go die!/Damn that Ye Xinghe!
 Ye Xinghe made Liang Yu look unpleasant, he had to find an opportunity to ruthlessly step on Ye Xinghe!

 Vice Principal Xu continued to speak: “From now on you have to pay attention to your mental state when you are cultivating. Since the ancient times, thousands of martial daos have been passed down, Dragon, Flame and Star Martial Artists have become the most well known and widely spread martial daos.

 “…… All over the world, there are Twelve Godly Pagodas. These Twelve Godly Pagodas are so tall that the roof can’t be seen. It is said that in the legend the Twelve Godly Pagodas lead to the path of eternal life. As a result, countless people stubbornly cultivate unceasingly. They unyieldingly walk down the road of an Expert in order to seek the legendary eternal life.”

 “Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun, Liang Yu, what do you three ultimately cultivate for? This goal will determine your mental state and it will influence your final achievement!” Vice Principal Xu firmly looked at Ye Xinghe and the other two.

 Hearing Vice Principal Xu’s words, Liang Yu raised an eyebrow as he proudly said: “ My cultivation of the martial dao, obviously it is to become the Prime Minister and the pillar of the Great Zhou Empire!” Just before he had been reprimanded by Vice Principal, now he naturally wanted to show off.

 “Achieve that goal, it’s not a bad goal.” Vice Principal Xu slightly smiled as he nodded his head. Immediately he asked An Xueyun: “An Xueyun, what about you?”

 An Xueyun thought for a bit, her beautiful face revealed an expression of longing and said: “My cultivation of the martial dao, is for freedom.”

 “Freedom?” Vice Principal Xu stared blankly for a bit

 “Travel between heaven and earth, walk freely through the land under the heavens. Leap through the ocean like a fish would, fly through the skies like a bird!” She didn’t want to be restricted by her family clan, accepting the clan’s choice of marriage for her, in the end becoming someone who supported her husband and educated her children and an ordinary wife. She thirsted for freedom.

 “I understand now, to be like the Goddess Tian Yin? The independent from the Six Heavenly Emperor Countries, not restrained by any worldly fetters?” Vice Principal Xu smiled as he nodded his head, “This is also a good goal!”

 Vice Principal Xu looked at Ye Xinghe as he asked: “Ye Xinghe, what is your goal?”

 “My goal? I don’t have any big goals or anything, I just want my clansman to live happily!” Ye Xinghe thought a bit then spoke, in truth, in Ye Xinghe’s heart he wanted to become a powerful person, to climb to the peak, but right now his only wish was merely for his clansmen to be happy.

 This was someone who hadn’t even solved the problem of food, yet they were talking about their goals, wasn’t this something that was absolutely laughable?

 Hearing Ye Xinghe’s words, Liang Yu sneers. People like Ye Xinghe were destined to be a farming country bumpkin, he really didn’t understand why the heavens give waste such a high innate gift! Either way, even if he manage to make six red soul crystals to react, it still would be very hard to make an above average accomplishment.

Not only, in this world a lot of things are not decided with the level of innate gift!

Cultivation requires an enormous amount of resources, just relying on Ye Xinghe’s family, how many resources can Ye Xinghe’s clan supply?

For a Star Martial Artist breaking through from the first layer to the second layer, he needed to consume at least 5-6 Star Stones. One star stone is equivalent to 10 taels of gold, this was something that an ordinary family could not take out!

“To let your clansmen to live more happily? Vice Principal Xu was uncommunicative for a short period of time. “This can also be counted as a goal!”

Vice Principal Xu looked desolate, in his eyes there was a sliver of pain and faintly sighed. Unexpectedly he did not say anything else. He turned around and walked into the distance. His steps were slow with each step weighing a thousand jin.

Vice Principal Xu’s suddenly movement somewhat terrified Ye Xinghe. Don’t tell me I said something wrong?  

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