Ling Qi


Soul Contract / Ling Qi/灵契:

Ping Zi / 瓶子

Poverty-stricken Yang Jinghua dies in an accident. The moment he wakes up, he seems ten years younger. At first, Yang Jinghua thought he was reborn. However a white-haired, rich and handsome man, named Duanmu Xi, reveals the truth. In order to stay in the world, Yang Jinghua must become Duanmu Xi’s soul image and therefore, creates a soul contract that binds both their souls.

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44 thoughts on “Ling Qi

        1. Hi sorry for the late reply! I thought Turtle was going to get back to you, but she’s been busy. This manhwa is not yaoi, the author says it is not BL either.

          (It’s subtle, but it does have a bit of a shounen ai subplot)

          1. If there are any abnormal feelings
            I really want to read the story but I am afraid that there will be anomalous and nasty scenes like yaoi or shounen ai
            shounen ai is like yaoi !!!

            Originally what the story is talking about
            I do not mind spoiling events

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot to us!
      We’re so excited for the stuff that’s to come, we’re trying our best to get past where the anime left off 🙂
      Luckily there’s quite a bit of difference between even in the manga that the anime didn’t cover!

  1. I am sorry for showing up here, I just would like to ask, why couldn’t I find this novel when I search through novelupdates? It also didn’t show up in your link, fortunately I finally found it by means of accident. Thank you so much for picking this up!!! I hope you will not stop translating this novel, wish you luck ^_^

    1. …it’s probably because I’m bad at technology and I have no idea how to work the mangaupdate or novelupdate site, LOL. So I have no idea how to link people from there to here or let anyone know that we’re working on this series 😀

      Thanks for your support, Spidey and I will work hard to translate this series~

  2. I would like to ask a question, if you please.
    Is this the original story?
    Or was the manga where it orignally came from, and the novel just came out becuase of it.
    And same question as the one above mines.
    I do not see Ling Qi in novelupdates. Why is that? o-o
    I would’ve read it so much sooner if I did. Novelupdates doesn’t get your updates on this chapter

    1. As far as I know, I thought that the manga was the original story.
      Is there a novel that came from it? Could you link it to me?

      I think it may not be on novelupdates because of the fact that it’s a manga


    1. Hi there! Chapter 52 has already been released 🙂
      If you mean Chapter 53, soon! Spidey is working on Chapter 53 as we speak, thanks for following us!


  3. Thank you so much for picking up this project and translating this manhua! <3 Looking forward to your releases! 🙂

  4. Thank you so so so much for picking up this series. I’ve been looking for the translation for ages since the anime!!! Keep up the good work, looking forward to your future releases! How often do you release chapters?

  5. Hi! Is it alright if I share this manhua translation on my account? I’ll be sure to properly credit you.

    But I would understand if you will not permit it. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate you asking us first!
      Just wanted to clarify what you mean by sharing it on your account. If you mean by linking it to us, then that’s fine cuz it keeps our site running 🙂 , but if you mean re-posting it on your account, we don’t feel too comfortable about that since we have already found our translations being shared/reposted other places.

      1. Ahh. Yeah, what I actually meant was I’m gonna repost it on my account and include your link on the post.

        But I understand if you don’t want it. ^_^

        I already shared about your translations to those who are looking for this manhua anyway.

        Thank you for answering. ^_^

  6. Thank you for the translations! You’re the best! <3

    Is it possible to ask you to translate a 230 chapter ? I found it on Twitter, Neeka Hime posted 4 pages, but everything is on Chinese. Post is dated by 14 June, you can find it by #spiritcontract tag easily. Sure, it's the most hot kiss scene between Duanmu and Jinghua during all story <3
    Please, translate it *_____*

    1. Hi! Here’s Spidie and Co.’s reply:

      Hello, apologies, but we currently do not have access to VIP that contains the full chapters as we are only a small fan translation group. We are sorry that we are unable to translate chapter 230 at this time, however, we will eventually reach that chapter as our limited funds only allow us to translate the chapters chronologically. Thank you for understanding!

  7. Hey i just started reading this manhua i think that’s how you say it, i have been trying to find this translated page for a while and finally found it so i was i wondering when are you going to do all the other chapters from 62 to 100+

    1. Hi from Turtle and Spider’s recent post, they announced that there will be irregular amounts of chapters being released per month, but there will be at least one chapter per month.

      If you would like faster releases, please consider supporting Ling Qi (Soul Contract) by either applying as a translator or donating~ Thanks for your comment.

  8. I know that the original story is in Chinese, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Are there physical publications of it, or is its only platform a webcomic? Does anyone know of a link to where the original can be purchased? (Especially if there are translated, physical copies) Many thanks~ love the translation but I also want to support the original creators.

  9. I’m not too familiar with this sort of platform but I’d love to support you guys by reading your content direct from here. Is there a way to be notified when you update your chapters since I am [very] lousy and remembering websites and to check them? Or perhaps if you have a release schedule I could try and program it into my phone.

    1. Hi! Thanks very much for your support! We are happy you asked, yes, there is a way to subscribe to this site. It is on the right sidebar:
      If you scroll down below the tags and the donations, there is a section called “Subscribe to Blog via Email”.
      Or just Control F and search those keywords!

      By inputting your email, you will get notified whenever this site makes a post!

      Thanks for your comment!

  10. Hi, thanks for translating and all but how long does it take to translate each chapter? The raw is way waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the translations and I just wanted to know how long it took to update. Not rushing or anything just wondering. No, no I’m lying, I am rushing, I wish I could help so you guys could go faster but I don’t know Korean, or Chinese, or Japanese or any useful skills to help so all I can do is rush and be obnoxious because I really love this webtoon and I am dying to know what’s going to happen next, so if you guys could like idk, keep doing what you are doing, because it’s not okay to rush you when you have other translations to do, I wis I could. I want to, but I won’t, I know better. Anyway, don’t work too hard (jk work hard, but not hard enough to get sick and not be able to translate and stuff anymore)

  11. English is not even my native language but it s the only way i can read the series i love so im grateful that u bring that up n made us can reach this manhua thank u so much u appreciate your hard working

  12. Thank u very much for translating!!!
    ehm, when will the next chapter (68) be released?
    (I waiting patiently-so just asking 🙂 but desperately want to know what happen next, but I’ll waiting patiently-so no rushing, u must have other jobs too)

    Anyways, thaks for translating! you’re the best!

  13. When will chapter 68+ be available? I really like this. I enjoy reading it ,thanks for all the work so far! I wish I could help but I don’t know any useful skills.

  14. i’m also eagerly waiting for next chapter.
    i like this story very much. Thank you for translating it
    i was so happy after knowing there will be a second season in feb 2018 later

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