Tehe♪ Wolf Arc 2, Chapter 3

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Arc 2, Chapter 3: Guild Card.


We went back to the inn and I got the key for my room from the landlady. When she handed it to me, she said:


“Oh? I have heard about you but you really are a cute guest.” She said giggling.


I ended up smiling too, as I received the key and said thanks. When I turned around she said:


“Oh wow, you have quite the manners too. Anyway, dinner will be done soon, by which I’ll send my daughter to call for you. The dining room is downstairs.”


“Um, excuse me, could I have the dinner served to my room? Also, please bring two servings too.”


“Sure, you can eat in your room too. And two servings you said? I’ll keep that in mind.”


She seemed to have caught on to something, but she didn’t ask anything more.


We entered our room and Firis turned into her human form. She hadn’t changed into the black-haired beauty that she had been when we met for the first time.


“Amelia, isn’t it fine if I go downstairs in this form?”


“It would be, but since you are so beautiful I feel like we might attract some weird people.”


Also, it would probably be hard for her to stay like that since she didn’t have the best memories from being around people.


“If that’d be a problem then isn’t it the same for you? You didn’t feel everyone staring at you when we were walking through the city earlier? You have an unusual hair color so you stand out a lot.”


There were many people in the city that had brown or blonde hair. A few people with red hair and some with blue hair were there too, but I still stood out.


“You think so? My presence detection skill found a lot of glances my way, but I didn’t really feel any hostile ones so it should be okay.”


“Sigh…. Okay, whatever you say. Just take care, Amelia.”


“I knooow.”


I felt that lately Firis had become more and more like Ell. Her way of nagging at me was more like Martha, but the way she got worried in a motherly way was exactly like Russell. And without really meaning it, I had answered indifferently.


Anyway, let’s focus more from now on and let’s check our status!


I took the Guild card out and looked at my status.


Name: Amelia

Age: 11

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Rank: F

Number of hunts: 0

Level: 38

HP: 5800/5800

MP: 9400/9400



Elemental Magic (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)

Light, Darkness, Space-Time, Creation



Appraisal, Infinite Inventory, Telepathy, Presence Sensing, Sneaking, Map, Dismantling, Fencing, Archery, Body Strengthening, Attraction, Strength of Mind, Parallel Thinking, Memory Enhancing, Awareness Interference, Thought Enhancing



Reincarnated One

One loved by the world

Magic circulation demon

She who continues developing

Fenrir’s contractor

Fantasizing mind

Low level monster murderer


It was almost the same as what I had before except for the rank and the number of hunts! I probably learned the Parallel Thinking and Memory Enhancing skills during the times Martha made me study. That was really rough…They are probably of the creation type, I guess?


Attraction is probably what I got when I tried to see what would happen if I tried to pull a monster’s magic stone without having to hunt it since using magic all the time to kill monsters was too much of a hassle. It probably corresponds to Space-Time.


Maybe I can try to teleport next? I should try that the next day somewhere near here.


Firis’ stats had pretty much increased five times compared to what they were when we met.


Maybe even more than that.


Next, I should check how many magic stones I have!


I had separated 20 bags, each bag with 100 low level magic stones, so I had 2000 magic stones in the start. Today I had sold a bag, so now I still have 1900 stones left.


In the stash that I hadn’t separated, I have 530 magic stones the size of a child’s fist, taken from larger monsters like horn boars. Supposedly those were middle-sized. Lastly, I have 4000 stones that were only as big as marbles. So 6430 stones in total!!


That’s so many!


Just when I finished counting I heard knocking on the door. I stored all the magic stones I had spread on the bed and went to open the door.


Firis swiftly turned back into a black wolf’s shape.




When I opened the door I found a girl, around 17 years old with her hair tied behind her back, holding a tray.


“I’ve brought you dinner. Should I leave it on the desk inside?”


“Yes, thank you very much. Sorry for being this selfish.”


“It’s fine. There are people like you who prefer to eat in their own rooms so it doesn’t bother us. So there’s no need to apologize. When you are done eating call me, or if you want, you can take the tray down to the kitchen.”


After she had placed the tray on the desk, she left the room.


Once her presence had faded enough Firis transformed into her human shape again and we both sat to eat.


Tonight’s dinner was a slightly hardened bread with vegetable stew, a saute of some sort of meat, and tea. The meat tasted like chicken. The stew was fine and all, but I felt like something was lacking. Somehow the taste didn’t feel quite complete yet. Maybe it lacked some sort of seasoning.


“I feel like there’s something missing from this soup.”


Firis murmured in a low voice.


It seems she also thought the same thing.


“I wonder what it is. Maybe the taste is too weak.”


“I don’t know how to cook so I wouldn’t be able to tell.”


I only smiled wryly after that.


There had been one time when Firis took up the challenge to cook. The result was a monster that would be offended if it was referred to as food. Firis’ cooking sense was simply lacking, at a devastating level.


But it seems that a cooking sense and the sense of taste aren’t related to each other. She could easily tell when something was tasty.


When we were done eating I didn’t feel like calling that girl so I piled the now empty bowls and plates on the tray and carried it downstairs. It was all wooden tableware so it was easy to carry. The girl complimented me afterwards~ Ehehe~


Before going to bed I casted [Clean] on Firis and me, then turned the lamp off and went to sleep.



kurumi here.

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Stats seem fun so I made some for myself:

Name: kurumi

Race: Human

HP: 50

MP: 10


Elemental Magic (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)


Slacking, Sleeping, Playing


Sloth, Disorganized person, weakling


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