Tehe♪ Wolf Arc 2, Chapter 4

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‘Till the day we depart for eternity

Arc 2: Main registration in the guild. Heading to the Capital.

Chapter 4: This is so annoying.


Now that I got some money, I think it’s the perfect time to depart to the next city as we make our way to the capital!

I set my guild card to only display my name, race and gender, hiding everything else. Just by telling it ‘disappear~ disappear~’, everything I didn’t want to show disappeared nicely.

We ate breakfast in the inn, and after returning the key, we were ready to depart!! Before leaving the city, we stopped by a cloth shop and bought a hooded mantle. If it had been a red one it would have looked like Little Red Riding Hood’s.

Firis had insisted since morning to get one, so we bought it. The next city was somewhat far, so we bought vegetables, flour, and spices that would last for two weeks. We bought so much in the end we spent a total of 20,000J.

The vegetables sold here were surprisingly expensive. We bought wheat flour, cabeache that were something like cabbages, carotis that were something like carrots, bayam that was something like spinach, patatas that were something like potatoes, and onions that were literally onions. We also bought many other types of vegetables, and also salt and pepper.

The pepper of this world apparently comes from the fruits of a tree similar to a coconut tree, and has a peculiar way of getting prepared. Salt is just common rock salt. Since I was buying such a large quantity of ingredients the people in the store started to get really surprised with us, but they all calmed down when I said I was using a magic bag.

When we were done shopping we headed to the gates of the city, but then three men started closing in on us from the front. They stopped just ahead of us and blocked our path.

It was then the map indicator turned red; it was a sign of hostility.


“Hey girlie, do you have some minutes to spare?”

The guy standing languidly to the left spoke out.

“I’m sorry but I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

I tried to pass besides the three of them, but the languid guy stopped me.

“Now now now, I’m sure you can wait for a bit, it won’t take you any time at all.”

Aren’t you already taking time away from me by stopping me… Thoughts like that started to flood my mind.


“That bag you’re carrying is a magic bag isn’t it? What do you say, carrying such a large bag must be a lot of trouble, why don’t you exchange it with ours?”

This time it was the guy standing to the right that spoke. He had some incredibly droopy eyes and he also kept swaying while trying to stand up. In his hand he had a dirty and worn out bag. He held it out and rattled it in front of my face.


“No thanks, I really like the bag I already have.”

After that I tried to pass besides them again, but they stopped me this time too.

“Could you please let me pass?”

Firis moved closer to me at my side.


“We’ll let you pass if you exchange your bag with ours.”

This time it was the large, bald guy in the middle.


I sighed unintentionally.

Around us a lot of curious onlookers had started to assemble.


‘Amelia, are you really trying to reason with these weaklings? You could take them down with a single hit. We should just burn them down to ashes.’

She was getting tired of them too. The tone of her voice sounded really fed up when she spoke telepathically. But Firis, burning them down wouldn’t be good either…

‘Well…Firis, I think that burning them down is going a bit too far. I know this is really bothersome, but since they are literally a roadblock no one else is going to be able to pass, right? You can already see a lot of people swarming around us.’

‘Roadblock? All I know is that they are a bother and aren’t letting us pass.’

‘That’s what a roadblock means, something that is blocking people from passing ahead.’

‘I see.’


“Are you even listening kiddo? Just give us that bag already. You have lotsa money, rite? We’ll be the ones using it now, we are asking politely so just hand it over, got it?”

While I was busy talking telepathically with Firis, the bald guy blabbed something, then came over reaching his hand out to my bag. I created a fireball the size of a small marble and threw it at his hand.

“Ow!! That hurt you little!! You think you can just do whatever you want because you’re a kid?! Hey you two, let’s just do it!”

He spouted some nonsense while his spit came out, then the languid guy to his right and the languid guy on the left followed his order, and so the languid… Let’s just call them languid guy A and B, both unsheathed their swords and came to attack.


I took one step backwards and evaded their blades.

They were really slow, Martha was at least ten times faster than them. They continued trying to attack but I kept evading for a while, since none of their attacks hit me, their breath started getting ragged. The bald guy only stood grasping his hand where the fireball had hit him.

And Firis? She only stood aside watching us. And from time to time she’d step in A or B’s path and tire them.


“I’m really getting bored so let’s stop here, okay?”

I murmured in a low voice.


I used earth magic and made some mud, when I was sure their legs were trapped in it, I drained the water out of the mud and rendered them unable to move. They started to make a lot of noise but I ignored them. There were a lot of onlookers so I didn’t want to use anything flashy, I really wanted to finish this without having to spill blood.

Then the crowd started to split into two and a couple of guards arrived and observed the situation the thugs had gotten into. Apparently someone had gone to call them. I asked the guards to take them away, and for that I undid the dirt covering their legs. The ground had gotten all uneven after that so I also took care of returning that to the way it was before.

I pretended not to notice the surprised looks of the guards as they watched me do all that. I didn’t do anything, nothing at all. Nope.


When the guards took those weaklings away, they brought me a bag with money. Inside of it there were 10 silver coins.

From what I heard those three kept making a mess around the city. They extorted people, stole, and did all sorts of things. But they never left any concise evidence so it was hard to capture them. I really couldn’t believe it when I heard that!

What they found hard to believe was that a little girl like me had stopped them. I asked their motives, and the thh three of them told me that apparently they had had a rough life, they were runaway slaves from a mine. So they didn’t have much choice but to fend for themselves with their swords here in the city.


When I was getting past the gate I made sure to greet Vant-san. I showed him my guild card, and he gave me back the money I gave him when I entered the city.

“Take care! And good luck girl!”

“Thank you a lot!”


We hadn’t known each other for long, but he was really kind. Amelia decided to bring a souvenir for him the next time Amelia would see him.

It took a while, but it finally was time,


To head to the next city!!



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  1. “I asked their motives, and the thh three of them…” -> soo, thh should stand for the? Any other idea doesn’t make sense here, should be something like: “and the three of them”(delete the thh) or “and the guards told me about the three of them”(but doesn’t match well with the rest of the line)
    “they had had a rough life” ->”they have had a rough life”/”they had a rough life”(there are too many past tense forms in English).
    Thanks again for the chapter!

    1. “they had had a rough life”->”they have had a rough life”/”they had a rough life””
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