Tehe♪ Wolf Arc 2, Chapter 5

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‘Till the day we depart for eternity

Arc 2: Main registration in the guild. Heading to the Capital.

5: Something is coming.


It had been three days since our trip started, we were now inside the forest.


The day before I had been questioned about my encounter with those weird people, then I got money… And so after doing a lot of things two hours passed and we left later than we wanted. Last night we had to camp in the forest.


For dinner we made skewers fried on a pan I had with the vegetables we bought and the meat of the Rock Boar we ran into as soon as we were out of the city. Innards are best eaten in the same day as the animal was killed!!


First I made a pit in the ground with earth magic, then used wind magic to suspend the Rock Boar upside down and drained all of its blood. Once all the blood was drained and I cleaned all of the innards there was no bad smell left!


Then I made a deeper hole for the blood and buried it after burning it. After that I cut the meat we wouldn’t be able to eat into smaller blocks and stored them in the infinite inventory. For some reason nothing would go bad inside the inventory after all, it was all stored in the same state as it was when it was put inside it. I was very glad it felt like time was stopped inside there.


Martha had given me the pan and the other cooking utensils when I left.


Last night’s meal was really good. Even Firis almost gorged herself with it! Going on a trip os really fun!!


I had been told that it took at least five days to cross through the forest, so counting today, it would take us around four days more. But I was already used to the forest so maybe it’ll take us less!!


“Firis, apparently the next city is a rather big one!”


“I guess so, we were still pretty much in the countryside yesterday, so the next city should be way bigger than that. So what are we going to do there Amelia?”


“Hmm…let’s see… We are heading to the capital, but I’d like to not stand out too much…but my hair is rather bright…”


“How about you find a way to change the color of your hair?”


“Sure! That sounds like a good idea! I was just thinking about making some sort of magic tool. A magic tool to change one’s hair color, doesn’t that sound nice?”


“Can you really make something like that?”


“I won’t know until I try!”


For now I was picturing it as some sort of earrings made of magic crystals, if one imbued those crystals with magic then they would change all the hair in one’s body to another color.


Magic crystals were crystals that stored magic or worked as catalysts for it. There different types like mythril, orichalcum, magic steel, and other magic gems…


I kept thinking how to make that while advancing through the forest when on the lower left corner of the map, around 50 meters behind us a monster signal appeared. It kept blinking orange.


“Firis, something is coming.”


“So you also noticed them.”


“Are those…Hounds? They have the wind attribute so I guess they are Wind Hounds. It seems to be a pack of around 20 of them.”


Wind Hounds were like large stray dogs, and their magic stones and fur could be sold. Though they were not edible so there was no much use for the rest of their bodies.


“It seems like that… They are getting closer. Should I take care of them?”


“Sure. But if it gets too dangerous call me!!”


“Got it. Thanks for worrying.”


Saying that Firis released a lot of killing intent. Feeling that, all the Wind Hounds became stiff and stopped moving. Making use of that, Firis started hunting them down one after another. It didn’t take her longer than 10 seconds to kill the last one.


In the end it was such an one sided fight that I started feeling a bit sorry for the Wind Hounds…


“Good work!”


I received Firis back and washed her blood-drenched body with [Clean].



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