Tehe♪ Wolf Arc 2, Chapter 7

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‘Till the day we depart for eternity

Arc 2: Main registration in the guild. Heading to the Capital.

7, The City of Etel


“Welcome to the city of Etel. Do you have any kind of self identification document? If you don’t then you can pass by paying one silver coin.”


An old man stopped us at the entrance of the city, and let us pass after I showed him my guild card. After I did that I requested the location of the guild in this city. I could put anything I wanted inside my inventory, but I still wanted to sell anything that I could sell. I wouldn’t need to worry about stuff if I had money after all.


Thanking him for giving me the directions, I entered the city.




After walking through the city for a couple of minutes I arrived at the adventurer’s guild. Passing through the front doors, I was greeted with people closely looking at the request board, people getting drunk even though it was still daytime in the indoors pub on the corner. There were all sorts of people here.


I headed straight to the counter where I could sell my stuff.


“Good day, there’s some things I want to sell.”


Since like always, I wasn’t tall enough for the counter, I stood up looking upwards like I had become accustomed to.


‘I really wonder why they had the need to make counters this tall. They didn’t think at all about any sort of young people who might visit them’ I kept needlessly complaining in my head.


“Welcome sweetie. What do you want to sell?”


A kind looking lady peeked over the counter for me.


“I have some wind hound pelts. 23 in total, is it alright if I leave them here?”


As soon as I said that, many adventurers that were near started murmuring between them.


Even the counter lady seemed surprised.

I also felt many people looking at me from a distance. They all looked away as soon as I turned over, but I still felt like I had just blurted something I shouldn’t have.


I constantly felt new glances and mumbling, but they too would look away. Being stared at like that didn’t feel very pleasant.


“Sweetie, did you defeat an entire pack by yourself? Wind wolves have been classified for rank E parties or higher. You didn’t have any adult accompanying you?”


“A pack? And no, there was no adult with me. I killed them together with her.”


I started petting Firis’ back as I said that.


The lady narrowed her eyes as her view shifted to my side and landed on Firis.


“Ohh. Is that a black wolf I see? They normally have rather wild personalities so they hardly get close with humans and have been classified as B rank monsters. How did you manage to make it follow your orders?”


That makes sense, they think of a black fenrir as a black wolf. It seems it had been a good idea to call her a black wolf when I was registering her as a monster.


“I found her wounded when she was small. She lived with me almost like part of my family since then and I even formed a pact with her.”


“I see. I guess they are more obedient if they are picked when they are small. I’m sorry for dragging this on for so long. Come over here, show me what you got.”


I didn’t tell a single lie, I had found her when she was wounded.


I was glad this lady made it so easy for me to explain.


Since she looked just like a wolf, no one would be able to realize Firis was a fenrir unless an expert looked at her.


The lady let me cross through the counter.


“Lay them off here.”


There was a large desk where she had led me.


Pretending I was taking them out of my magic bag, I took the pelts out.


“Are those…”


She knitted her eyebrows and her eyes turned sharp.


I started becoming uneasy. Maybe I hadn’t skinned them correctly? Though I had constantly gone out hunting, and was used to skin monsters so it should be fine, right? Or were they too dirty? But no, that shouldn’t be the case, I remember casting [Clean] on them after I skinned them.


“Sweetie, you are sure this was all done by you, right?”


She was looking at me with doubt in her eyes.


I answered saying I was sure.


“…All of these pelts are in a good state, and the wound marks are minimal. They look to be really well skinned too. I’m sorry but I really find it hard to believe it was you who got these. They were all killed by that black wolf you have, right?”


I was glad she was complimenting me in a way, but I still had mixed feelings…


I felt a bit annoyed she was implying I couldn’t have done it just because I was a child.


“It is true they were killed by her. But I was the one who skinned the pelts. I don’t really care if you don’t believe it. All I want is to sell them after all.”


Even then, I was only coming to this guild out of convenience. There were other guilds in the city too. Like the merchant’s guild that was mostly frequented by peddlers and was a major trading spot.


Acting as if I was putting the pelts back into the magic back, I placed them on my inventory.


But the lady hurried to stop me and told me she’d buy them.


“No no no, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. It’s just that it all seemed like too much of a coincidence. I’ll buy them all, okay? And for a really good price at that. If we get our hands on good products they’ll help a lot with our economy after all.”


“Specifically how much are you willing to pay?”


“Well, how does 20’000J sound for all 23 of them?”


I was really shocked when I heard that price.


The pelts were on the lighter side, so they were used both for defense and as protection from the cold. They were rather resistant too, so there were many rookies who used monster hide as basic armor too.


It was said that the supply could barely keep up with the demand.


They were way better than horn rabbit pelts, but this wasn’t nearly enough. I wanted to get at least 1500J for each piece. She shouldn’t just assume that because I was a child I didn’t know how the market works.


“I tried offering a nice price since they were skinned so nicely, but maybe I should be a bit more generous? How does 23’000J sound then?”


“I’m sorry, but I think I’ll keep the pelts for now after all. But instead, lately I’ve been thinking that my equipment might not be up to par so I was thinking of getting new armor. Since you’ve already been generous, could I maybe sell you some magic stones instead?”


“Ah, I guess it really is easier for you if you supply the raw materials yourself, but make sure to come back to sell what you get after you make some good armor. But anyway, how many magic stones are you thinking of selling?”


“200, I have 200 magic stones I don’t need.”


“Alright. That would give you 50’000J.”


After receiving a bag filled with silver coins, I headed over to the reception desk of the guild.


And well, it was slightly better than before, but I still felt many stares on me… It didn’t feel like enmity, but it still felt weird.


People started mumbling everywhere too after all…


Was it really because of me? But I was acting just like I normally did.




And once again I was looking up on a counter.


“Oh, hello. What do you need?”


A girl wearing glasses and a  short bob cut hair looked at me from over the counter.


“I’m looking for a place to stay, do you know of any inns where I could stay together with her? Also, could you tell me where the church of this city is?”


“If you want to stay together with a monster you have a pact with, I’d recommend the Spring Breeze Alcove. You should be allowed to be together with your monster there. To get there just go straight left after leaving the guild. You’ll find the place if you look for a sign with a pink flower. As for the church, just walk on the main street leading away from the guild, you’ll eventually reach it, it’s a white building.”


“Thank you for your help.”


“My pleasure. Please come again.”



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